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Online Poker Newbie Ron McMillen wins First WSOP Bracelet and $188K

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Posted on 17 July 2020 by "T".

Many believed that online poker would typically favor the younger demographic of poker players, but this particular 70-year-old absolutely proved that wrong.

On July 9 Thursday, the 2020 WSOP Online Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max attracted 568 players who rebought 368 times.

The 1,026-entry field garnered a $974,700 prize pool, and after 10 hours of action, the winner of the $188,214 first prize and a WSOP gold bracelet was 70-year-old Ron "MacDaddy15" McMillen.

McMillen is a Mid-Stakes Poker Tour (MSPT) regular and has plenty of live poker experience, but this tournament was his first time ever to play online poker. He outlasted a field of other online poker players younger than him, which shows that even a solid live poker player like him can succeed online.

Other known players who were able to cash in on the tournament were:

  • Chris "Robotbob47" Moorman (141st - $1,656.99)
  • Alan "mossadshark" Sternberg (109th - $1,754.46)
  • Daniel "DNegs" Negreanu (96th - $1,851.93)
  • Nick "cashUSklay" Schulman (43rd - $3,703.86)
  • Anthony "heheh" Zinno (22nd - $5,360.25)

Heads-Up Match

The entire tournament has lasted around 10 hours, but the final heads-up match between the remaining two players only took about 15 minutes.

McMillen was against Ryan "Im.Sorry" Torgersen, who held almost a 2:1 chip lead over McMillen.

The heads-up match became a back-and-forth battle until McMillen won a flip holding pocket 10s against Torgensen's A-Q. Not much going on until a 10 popped up giving McMillen a set to win the hand and from there he held a 19:1 chip advantage.

It took only two short hands afterwards when Torgensen got booted to 2nd place after they flopped top-pair holding K-4 only to be flushed out on the turn by McMillen's 10-5 of diamonds.


McMillen then celebrated his victory with friends over a bottle of Dom Pérignon at the ARIA.

2020 WSOP Online Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Max - Final Table Results

Below is a list of the 2020 Online WSOP bracelet winners so far:




Prize Pool




Event #1

$500 NLH Kick-Off



Jonathan "Art.Vandelay" Dokler



Event #2

$1,000 NLH Deepstack 8-Max



Louis "PokeThese" Lynch



Event #3

 $400 NLH



Robert "bustinballs" Kuhn



Event #4

$500 NLH Super Turbo



Matt "Bodeyster" Bode



Event #5

$1,000 NLH Freezeout




Allen "Acnyc718" Chang



Event #6

$600 PLO8 6-Handed



Nathan "surfbum" Gamble



Event #7

$800 NLH Knockout Deepstack



Joon “jykpoker” Kim



Event #8

$500 NLH Freezeout



Alan "GladiusIII" Goehring



Event #9

$1,000 NLH 6-Max



Ron "MacDaddy15" McMillen





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29 comments on "Online Poker Newbie Ron McMillen wins First WSOP Bracelet and $188K"

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» Online Poker Newbie Ron McMillen wins First WSOP Bracelet and $188K

 antonis32118/07/2020 22:54:01 GMT
He likes as it seems live poker , but due to this corona virus times , the restrictions and the decision to play many live poker tournaments , including WSOP , on online poker roooms , he , like many other live poker players , was forced to play online his favourite games . This was his first time online , his first game if I read correctly ,and yet he won this tourney , showing that if you really have it , if you know how to play poker live , you can also succeed in online fields of players in online tournaments and games Smile
 maragatero19/07/2020 01:09:20 GMT
I make a fast look for another piece of history about this man, but I only found the last WSOP. I would like to find his start point as poker´s player, how many times he did it, which were his triumphs, something to try to see in him my possible own history. So I just have to build it!
 antonis32119/07/2020 20:33:23 GMT
He won almost $200K , the most money of all 9 bracelets that had been played untill the day he won , that's alot of money for his poker career total earnings , he won it in this $1K event , the article doesn't say if he rebought and how many times , but it doesn't matter anyway , he got the first prize , the bigest slice of the cake , the lion's share Smile Congratulations again to him . Smile
 maragatero20/07/2020 01:30:35 GMT
All of us want to make some difference and be known for it. This man does it! Be a champion at the end of the day, and goes to drink good champagne with his friends, has to be a nice feeling. I wait to feel it too. I maybe comfortable with a bit less than him, something like win a Valhalla tournament of Ragnarok Party Poker promotion (+ $ 1.500) and drink a beer in the bar of the corner...
 antonis32120/07/2020 02:18:16 GMT
With $200k he can buy a lot of things , for him or some of his beloved ones . We can see in the video celebrating with some of them , don't know if they are his family or friends of his , but for sure everyone is reaaly happy , as they should be Smile He drunk a little wine with some of his frinds to celebrate it , I guess now it's time to get back on the felt , he can be the same lucky and win more ??? I wish him this to happen to him , more winnings and good luck to him Smile
 CALICUL20/07/2020 06:54:21 GMT
He is going on an extended vacation now because that's what English citizens do in their old age when they have money. I mean, it's important to them because for most people in the United Kingdom, it's ''a tradition'' to visit foreign countries.
 dule-vu20/07/2020 10:38:43 GMT
if he play for long time,he have lot of experience in poker and in this win maybe its not about money and prize that he got,its about first place and title after first tournament on online poker!this will be great story for him to talk with family and friends!I am sure that he will spend this money on good way!
 maragatero21/07/2020 01:41:12 GMT
In your world CALICUL, he could travel to all the countries making a holiday´s life. But in the real world with COVID everywhere maybe he wanted to think it a bit. All is very uncomfortable, and he would have to take two weeks of isolation in most of all his probably destination. I think that he could spend a part of the prize in some project, personal or familiar, and use the rest of it to increase his bankroll
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:28:05 GMT
You are incredible... my friend. At this point if i had these money that this English citizen won in a Wsop tournament ,packed some bags and went on extended vacation. I was trying to adapt with country's restrictions & after that enjoyed of many places.
 dule-vu21/07/2020 11:48:35 GMT
he didnt travel anywhere,he played it online,so he dont have to do anything,he cant spend that money on whatever he want!wsop in online this year,because we will not see live wsop this year and that 99 % sure now!every country is in problem,especially america,so nobody will travle to play poker!
 maragatero22/07/2020 02:41:24 GMT
I don´t understand you dule-vu. Why he couldn´t spend his money in anything he wants? I agree about the way that he won this prize, and had not traveled to did it because is an online tournament (that´s the news), but I was saying to CALICUL that he can´t travel to the world in holidays mode (good project!) because the frontiers are shut down in many countries.
 CALICUL22/07/2020 08:46:13 GMT
I know that, my friend but there are many countries which have open borders. Coronavirus has almost completely disappeared and people can circulate in many parts of the world. A journey to 20-30 different places with same number of nations is adequate for this man.
 dule-vu22/07/2020 13:33:10 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
I don�t understand you dule-vu. Why he couldn�t spend his money in anything he wants? I agree about the way that he won this prize, and had not traveled to did it because is an online tournament (that�s the news), but I was saying to CALICUL that he can�t travel to the world in holidays mode (good project!) because the frontiers are shut down in many countries.

I made mistake maragatero,thanks for this warning Thumbs Up !didnt want to put that T on can,so thats why it was wrong,ofcourse I thought that he can spend money on whatever he want!my mistake!
but he played this online and ofcourse he isnt in america and he will not spend money to play live poker there!
 antonis32122/07/2020 21:33:37 GMT
This WSOP , although it is played online , it awards real WSOP bracelets to the winners . This might be the first bracelet for this old player , so he has to celebrate it a lot , and try to win one more , why not ??? I is a big win , a good example for other old in years players who play live but are afraid or feel impossible to play competitively in online poker , or for old players who don't play live for some reasons (maybe health reasons ) , but from their home , why not their bed , they might be able to play and , why not , win !!! Old in years players can be competitive also in online poker Smile
 maragatero23/07/2020 02:57:32 GMT
I don´t know antonis321, I think that this is not his first big win. The news told that he was a player of medium stakes in live tournaments, maybe he was a champion there. Because of the unknown part of his story, I was looking for it in the net. I thought that I could find some clue there, to may anticipate my own probabilities of a poker´s career. But I don´t find anything
 antonis32123/07/2020 03:07:25 GMT
maragatero , I think it's his first online tournament success , maybe also his first online game ever played (not sure completely about this last thing) . Live for sure , he has been playing for years , he seems to be a guy who goes to the casinos , stay there , play there , a guy who likes grinding and he's able to win $$$$$ . But this online win has it's special meaning and importance , that's for sure , not only for him , but , as we already said , for many players of his age , or even older Smile With good will everything is possible Smile
 CALICUL23/07/2020 09:54:11 GMT
A few years ago a Romanian won Sunday Million in Pokerstars ( he won a prize of over 200,000 dollars ). His account was only a few days old. Several online newspapers wrote about it, but this men did not give an interview. Anything is possible in poker.
 dule-vu23/07/2020 13:35:56 GMT
yes antonis,this was his very first online tournament,so he never played online poker before!so you can imagine that success for him,when you win such a big amount on first tournament!he love to play live,but probably he did it now,because he couldnt play it because of corona situation!
 antonis32123/07/2020 23:47:25 GMT
That proves , dule-vu , that anyone who knows how to play poker live , he can actually do this as well on the online poker rooms , there are not many differences , only some tricks you have to learn , especially vs the donk players and the ATC callers for any kind of flip , lol . Smile
And age won't be such an obstacle , especially if he has some interests to spend time during tournaments , if he gets bored easily , especially if the country he lives at is in a friendly time zone for poker (morning or afternoon to evening Blink) . He can win live , he can also win online .
 CALICUL24/07/2020 10:57:57 GMT
You can play poker very well in a tournament or on more games, but if the software doesn't help, then achievements will not be too much from poker. There are always players who have fantastic luck (which is bizarre) and we who are too disadvantaged by software...
 maragatero24/07/2020 13:54:29 GMT
With all my respect, one simple example doesn´t make a probe of anything. The probes are in the thousands of players who did it in the past. The matter with that is that no ever the better player online is the best player in live poker. The particular situation with McMillen maybe his approach to the poker online and the technology. When poker online start to be popular, he would have around 55 years old. That´s why I want to know more of him.
 antonis32124/07/2020 23:05:07 GMT
This battle HU last very short period of time , only 15 minutes , time enough to declare one of the two last standing men the final winner and the one who got the precious bracelet , one of the bracelets that will be awarded this year for the first time online !! The whole tournament lasted 10 hours , I guess it had a break for Day two , or else 10 hours straight is exhausting , even for young players Smile After 10 hours of battling with the other players , he managed to win . Congratulations to him Smile
 dule-vu25/07/2020 09:37:19 GMT
yes antonis,I think same!somebody who play live poker,can play online poker,but not every online player could play live poker,its just not same thing!so he had good experience with poker,he just didnt play online and ofcourse he need to have some luck to win on his very first online poker tournament!
 maragatero26/07/2020 00:02:18 GMT
The time that you can spend in a heads-up is proportional to the skills and the balanced of the stacks of each one. If the skills and luck are similar, the amount of the stacks is the boss. You can play like a cat with a mouse if you have a bigger enough stack. I love the Heads-up situation finishing a long tournament, including when I lost (a bit less )
 CALICUL09/08/2020 10:25:36 GMT
Any live poker tournament can become a success for each of us, if we know how to play acceptable poker. There is no greater happiness... when an anonymous person comes and wins a tournament with big prizes. Is very nice.

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