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partypoker Big Bounty Hunter Tournament - Immense Value Awaits!

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Posted on 06 July 2020 by "T".

At partypoker, there are many exciting games to play at, including Progressive Knockout Tournaments (PKO). They are extremely popular on the site as the play tends to become looser because they reward aggressive play. PKOs are available in a variety of buy-ins and it is possible to win cash without even having to reach the money places of the tournament.

What are Progressive Knockout tournaments?

Progressive Knockout tournaments (PKOs) are action-packed tournaments where the more eliminations you make, the more money you win! For every player you eliminate you get to win a cash prize, while your own bounty increases - leading to a wild finish where every hand can mean big money.

Big Bounty Hunter Key Info

  • Buy-ins from $1.10 to $215
  • No rake charged on the bounty element, making our bounties bigger
  • Lower overall rake
  • Limited re-entries for a purer poker experience
  • Available in NLHE, PLO, and PLO8 formats

Big Bounty Hunter is the name partypoker has given to a huge selection of their PKO tournaments that run throughout the day, daily.

First things first, sign up for an account on partypoker via Bankrollmob.

Check out the partypoker lobby and you will find dozens of Big Bounty Hunters waiting for you to join in and hunt down your opponents for that juicy bounty!

If you have never played a Big Bounty Hunter tourney before, know that these tournaments come with buy-ins starting as little as $1.10 only and increasing all the way up to $215. The prize pool is split in two: half goes to the main prize pool and the other half goes onto the head of each entrant.

The main prize pool is distributed just like in a traditional poker tournament. To win a share of the cash, reach the money places which are determined by the number of player entrants. The first and second placers are almost identical, because the bounty payments grow big as you get to the heads-up match. The one-on-one fight is basically a showdown for the remaining bounties, which are often bigger than the first-place prize!

Big Bounty Hunter - How Bounties Work

How do Big Bounty Hunter bounties work? See an example below.

Joining in on a $22 buy-in Big Bounty Hunter tournament sees $10 go into the main prize pool, $11 into the bounty prize pool, and $1 is retained by the site as the tournament fee. There are two things that separate partypoker's PKO tournaments from its rivals.

First, more of the buy-in from their Big Bounty Hunters goes into the bounty prize pool. Second, they don't charge rake on the bounty element of the buy-in so their overall rake is significantly lower.

Second, the $11 intended for the bounty prize pool goes onto the head of every player who buys in. Bust an opponent and you instantly win 50% of their bounty and the remaining 50% goes onto your own head.

If you bust someone early in a $22 Big Bounty Hunter, you'd instantly win $5.50 and the other $5.50 would go onto your head, making your own bounty $16.50. If someone busted you at this point, they'd instantly win $8.25 and $8.25 would go onto their bounty.

If you manage to survive and take down the tournament, you get your hands on the total value of the bounty on your own head in addition to the cash prize!

So that's just about it - eliminate a handful of opponents and you'd be freerolling your way towards a share of the main prize pool.

When Can You Play a Big Bounty Hunter?

Check out partypoker's Bounty Hunter schedule and you will be taken to their dedicated Bounty Hunter page where you can see all the scheduled tournaments.

Alternatively, just go to the partypoker client and type Big Bounty into the search box to see every scheduled Big Bounty Hunter tournament.

Happy hunting!



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32 comments on "partypoker Big Bounty Hunter Tournament - Immense Value Awaits!"

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» partypoker Big Bounty Hunter Tournament - Immense Value Awaits!

 dule-vu08/07/2020 11:50:14 GMT
I played a lot this kind of tournaments before,because I love this way holdem,where you can earn nice amount when you kick somebody from tournament,so you can earn maybe more then you get get when you come in prize pool!thats why is good to play them,no matter how good you are in poker!
 antonis32109/07/2020 21:02:42 GMT
Low buy ins , so even a micro player can join in , and try these KO games , the bounty hunter and try eliminate players and get their bounty (half of it ) . Really exciting when you see a player with a very big bounty , to lose most of his stack (bad beat or unlucky) , then the opportunity to grab this bounty , even with not good hand if action won't go crazy , but if you have a good hand , some players will also pay your hand trying to get this big bounty or even also yours Smile

Bu sometimes bad beats can be seen more , as players tend to call so big range so as to take your bounty , I think this happens especially in the micros Smile
 maragatero10/07/2020 00:18:22 GMT
I made a few blind playing in this format, and I´m sure that is a super attractive format of poker´s game. But I feel (I know) that I don´t know, how I have to play there. The bounty question makes big changes in the range´s decision to make an open raise, 3bet or push, depending on who is in the spot and which is his bounty. I think that you have to takes it as a Head´s UP, in some situations
 CALICUL10/07/2020 09:38:48 GMT
It's something beautiful when players pay very easily their whole stack. Is a important thing to eliminate as many as possible because in the end we all pursue something important. I will try this weekend to find some games acceptable for my pocket.
 dule-vu10/07/2020 14:39:53 GMT
maragatero you just need to play as you play normal tournaments,you dont have to change anything,just depend how much players will you kick from tournament!some money you will take from bounty,something you will maybe take when come to prize pool!but maybe you will earn enough from bounties,that you will not care will you come to prize pool or not!
 maragatero12/07/2020 00:22:55 GMT
Yes, you have the reason dule-vu, but the bounty makes some effect to your decision. As you know, you should be more aggressive when the prize is high. So, when a big bounty seat in your table, you have to makes some loose move, expected to catch it. Is a natural tendency, and is a reasonable measure in the theory of the game. That´s why I think that I haven´t the real understanding of the format
 CALICUL12/07/2020 16:29:07 GMT
For the good organization of our bankroll will have to play something suitable for your style and this big bounty hunter tournament is something to the taste of most poker players. I like it very much and in the future i will try this more often.
 dule-vu12/07/2020 19:03:23 GMT
maybe maragetero you will push more and you will play with lot of hands,because you will try to take chance to kick that players from tournament and to take his bounty,as you will not do on normal tournament!but still this is very good format,where you can take nice amount money without end in prize pool!
 antonis32112/07/2020 20:30:38 GMT
You play NLH , which is my favorite game , but others might want to try PLO , which has crazy action by itself , if it's also KO then I guess craziest action is guaranteed . Reduces rake and many buyins starting from micro limits , that's very nice for players with every bankroll to have a chance to try this format of poker . I really like when they have a series of such games , especially with good sat offers , then it's very tempting and profitable to play them Smile
 maragatero13/07/2020 00:41:03 GMT
I like very much the bounty style, but I don´t be comfortable with it. I feel that some spots are over my understanding, and still I don´t find where I could learn about it. In PLO, I feel in the same way, I like it and think that is very funny, but I don´t know any theory about it. The difference is that are to many sites to learn it, despite I don´t do it yet.
 CALICUL13/07/2020 16:50:23 GMT
I have a bad feeling when i forget to register for a ko tournament and yesterday i did exactly that... but not in party poker because is restricted in my country. Sometimes i'm completely focused on other things/ problems and that is it.
 maragatero14/07/2020 00:44:23 GMT
You are in a worst situation than dule-vu, he couldn´t spin the wheel for the tickets to Ragnarok Promotion, but you can´t play anything in Party Poker! So, if you still are annoying with the 888poker´s software, the only poker´s room where you can play is in PokerStars? In your country don´t allow to run the chinese poker´s room, like GGpoker? What a shame CALICUL
 antonis32114/07/2020 14:56:12 GMT
With KO tournaments , you must be ready for many coinflips , many preflop shoves , a lotof aggressiveness from other playes who will do their best to take your bounty .

It's good on the one hand , cause you can also play the same if you can , try to take advantage of the others' weaknesses , win as many bounties as possible , not even care so much to be ITM places .
But also , you have to know when you will call or shove , the pot odds , be ready for crazy calls just to win your bounty , also don't wait until the last moment to go for the blinds with very very low stack ., cause then everyone calls to take yours , and you might lose with a crazy hand , with many in the pot , your hand gets weaker and weaker .

Also , if you have big bounty on your head and a very nice hand preflop or on the flop , shove , many will call , easy money !!! Smile
 CALICUL14/07/2020 20:35:31 GMT
Play a KO tournament in every day and you have a good chance of winning a game or more in future. Impressive is the fact that u can have some joy of eliminating more players. I don't know these details of success, but i will play more often.
 antonis32115/07/2020 17:17:19 GMT
There are PLO KO games in the nano or PLO and NLH games in the micros , to try them and try to become a better player on this format , learn ranges , the looser games , better spots to call or shove . Then you can go and play the higher stakes of these KO games , especially when there is a series of this kind of games with big guarantees , then more opportunities to win big Smile
 maragatero16/07/2020 00:49:19 GMT
Yes, if you study very much, you practice enough and learn to play very well, it is quite possible that you gain a lot of games. How is it called this?: tautology. I was seeing several videos of Zero Poker (a good poker player, not very famous), and he takes especially careful when a big bounty falls in his table. He was trying to isolate oneself with him and to be very aggressive.
 CALICUL16/07/2020 07:04:51 GMT
PLO is good for those who have a lot of patience because this game is valuable for many online players. I prefer Texas Hold'em Poker and KO touraments is great... because gives you the opportunity to calculate a lot in elimination phases.
 antonis32116/07/2020 18:50:36 GMT
Winning the bounties give you cash from the first moments of a tournament , no need or nervousness when the bubble comes , or if it is already bubble time , the phovia to be out of ITM places . You win money for your buy ins , but also extra payment , especially if the bounty is high , very large , then it's really great , if by bad beats or unluckineess or bad game or tilt the big bounty player has also very low stack , some blinds only , 4 , 5 , 7 , 8 , then the big fight begins , then it really woths going after them .
 maragatero17/07/2020 00:56:30 GMT
Yes, bounty seems like a lifebelt but you have to think that this type of tournament has his prizes reduced by this matter. So, you can anticipate some payment but, if you are a good player or that day you have many luck, you have to win the prizes AND the bounties to make a regular prize to the Final Table. And it have a risk for they (good players), not for me obviously hahaha
 CALICUL25/07/2020 12:46:55 GMT
Online poker is good when we win, but generally must to do a very good wager, poker room to reward us with good cards and after that to won adequate amounts of money. When you don't want to lose buy-in, can take advantage of these games.
 antonis32126/07/2020 08:44:27 GMT
On my schedule first I am going to play my spin challenge , with 50 buyins , then I will try sngs micro , see my result , then the micro tournaments on pokerstars. At the same try I will try some bounty tournaments , see how they go and decide accordingly . i will do one after the other , but if I have good results studying poker , I will do it at the same time , all of these challenges . I will only hurry up with the spin challenge , even if I am not ready , don't know for how long these leaderboards will still be there on the lobby Smile

Trying to win the bounty means a lot more hands to see and more aggressively than the other formats of poker tournaments . Also look out for traps and check raises all in , they hunt your bounty like crazy maniacs !! Smile
 maragatero27/07/2020 22:48:14 GMT
And all of those games are participating of the leaderboard antonis321? That seems like a real challenge, something like "Iron PLayer" that have to win across different games. I like very much the sit and go, and little less the bounty tournament, but the spins are a risk for me. I don´t know why, but playing there I drop in four or five games lost in a row, and that´s not good to me
 CALICUL28/07/2020 16:05:58 GMT
You play properly and at the end you see the results. Don't always play with the thought of winning because then the concentration disappears and the results are not too big. The leaderboard is something difficult and it is important to make a profit.
 antonis32129/07/2020 22:39:32 GMT
The spins participate on the leaderboard , as far as I know there is no leaderboard for tournaments , only for spins , cash games , sngs Smile Anyway , the micro/nano very low price tournaments of NLH have gone from Bwin , I guess the same might have happenned on partypoker , maybe I will try the 0.55 for 20 buyins , see how it goes .... But the spins is a priority . I tried once again recently , got disappointed , too many had a;ready many points . I will start ,not from the night , but in the morning , do it all the time until either the leaderboard ends and a new one starts or if I am ITM in a very good position , or if I have spent all mu buy ins , this last is not so possible , lol . First watch some tables a little , then play Smile

As for pokerstars , I won't play the games i wanted , maybe in one two months , not now for sure . Played all my bankroll on their sh** Ali baba casino slot , lost eevrything , all my 250$ , just sh** man , I was on tilt , coudn't stop , First i had some wins , then losses ,then I took back most of the money lost , not I continued playing . Then started the bet and bet and bet again , and raise the stakes and raise the stakes Sad Couldn't stop . It didn't award me free spins , only twice , giving me peanuts . F** Pokerstars , f*** their poker and casino , I will play there almost only freerolls , I have deposited , but no , only freerolls . And from now on I have a bankroll limit for casino games , if reachd , i will stop playing , even if it seems to me the winnings are now or again starting now , nope , I wil just stop . And this Ali baba slot , I am addicted to it , lol , maybe I will play only 1-3 cent , 10 cent bet only if I go well , b*** , second time I lose my bankroll to this game , sh** man ....
 CALICUL08/08/2020 09:54:08 GMT
Hunt down tournaments that are best for you, because where we can recover money from type of games (without getting into the money) is a very appropriate thing. I don't understand why people don't play more like this. Is very good.

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