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Win up to Five Daily Prizes in partypoker's New Year Rush Promo

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Posted on 13 January 2021 by "T".

partypoker celebrates the New Year 2021 with a new promotion brimming with value - the New Year Rush promotion - which is all about giving added value to players.

partypoker New Year Rush promo

  • Duration: January 11 to January 31, 2021
  • Mechanics: Earn points by simply playing cash games, fastforward, Sit & Go, SPINS and multi-table tournaments
  • Prizes: SPINS Tickets, Lucky Leaderboard points, or instant cash up to $1,000

New Year Rush starts on January 11 and will run until the end of the month. In this timeframe, players can unlock up to five New Year Rush cards a day, with each card guaranteeing a prize.

Unlocking New Year Rush cards is very simple and you can open your first card after earning a mere 0.4 points. You can earn points any way you wish. Hit the cash games or fastforward tables, play some Sit & Go tournaments or have a go at their exciting SPINS. Even points earned from playing multi-table tournaments all count towards your points tally.

Your first card becomes available after earning 0.40 points and you will have five prize-awarding cards to open if you generate 7.0 points on a single calendar day.

  • Unlock 1 card when you reach only 0.4 points
  • Unlock a 2nd card when you reach only 2.0 points
  • Unlock a 3rd card when you reach only 3.9 points
  • Unlock a 4th card when you reach only 5.5 points
  • Unlock a 5th card when you reach only 7.0 points



New Year Rush - Prizes

Every New Year Rush card awards you with a special prize. It will either be in the form of cash up to a massive $1,000, SPINS tickets worth between $0.25 and $20, giving you the chance to win $1 million, and Leaderboard Points.

The leaderboard pays out the top 1000 points earners. It has a $1,000 cash top prize and 999 other prizes made up of cash and tournament tickets.

What a fantastic way to kick off 2021. It's so easy to join in the New Year Rush promo because unlocking cards are easily achieved even by playing the smallest stakes.

Good luck at the tables and here's to you unlocking some bankroll-boosting prizes!



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23 comments on "Win up to Five Daily Prizes in partypoker''s New Year Rush Promo"

 dule-vu13/01/2021 15:47:56 GMT
for 20 days party poker will give lot of prizes and on every player is to earn few points with normal play and maybe will have luck to hit something good from this list!ofcourse its hard to expect 1000 $,but some normal money prize maybe will come!with this collecting points,you will be able to part of other loyalty program,so you are on profit on both sides!
 geseco1213/01/2021 16:00:04 GMT
partypoker is very nice this year, imagine, that what you are reading is true, that while you play poker you have the possibility to earn points and exchange them for cards that come with very nice prizes, this is very good also the more you play you have the Chance to be on the leaderboard and win $ 500 if you come in first place, good prizes worth playing.
 Rogerio1013/01/2021 17:06:22 GMT
Literally everyone can participate in this promotion. Even on micros you get those 7 points daily, or least enough points for one or two card and who now, maybe you catch the big prize one time. Or catch some big multiplier with free spin ticket you get from cards. With how my luck starts this year i must try this haha.
 CALICUL14/01/2021 09:59:51 GMT
888 poker has a different strategy than most poker rooms and cannot be compared with his rivals. Their software is made in a such way, so that the turn and river does not eliminate too often. Aces is a great power here. Free money earned here can bring nice profit.
 geseco1214/01/2021 16:21:26 GMT
It is very interesting that while you play, you can earn points, where you can exchange it for tickets to tournaments or qualification points, and win cash, I think that gives you a plus to play all day, because you know the more you play, the more possibilities to earn more money, good luck with it, and always win.
 Rogerio1015/01/2021 07:08:13 GMT
Yes you can"exchange it" for tickets etc. if you called it that way. But regular points you don't exchange for nothing, they heve their own vip rakeback system which gives you weekly rewards starts from 5$ for 25 points a.k.a. 20 percent rakeback. Those cards you get for open are just on top of that.
 CALICUL15/01/2021 11:26:32 GMT
Play for prizes offered by party poker and when you win something try to make a profit, because we can't just sit and nibble. They have gifts, and a nice wager implicit commissions for this room is good. After that good earnings can come.
 geseco1215/01/2021 18:15:23 GMT
good promotion of partypoker, because besides that you play to win, you also have another possibility of winning more money with the great prizes that there are, the more you play, the more chances of winning more, the time and the limit is up to you and I think this time if many are going to play it.
 dule-vu16/01/2021 10:38:34 GMT
this kind of promotions I like more,where you collect and earn something and when you play even more you get more tickets!after that maybe you will get something,maybe bigger money,but at least you will have sure reward!you dont have to play like crazy,to lose lot of money just to be on top of some leaderboard!
 CALICUL16/01/2021 12:20:20 GMT
Basically we are invited to make money because is easy when we win something. Number of winners are big, prizes can be easily won... but for serious money we will need a lot of hard work. The important thing is insistence with which we play for profit. ''These wars'' are very beautiful.
 kartax1216/01/2021 13:54:02 GMT
For spin players, micro stacks are very good because reaching 7 points is not very difficult, so the daily goal is easily reached.
 geseco1216/01/2021 19:01:30 GMT
Partypoker promotions are very good, I think it would be much more profitable to play and know that you can have more points and win prizes, I think that is important, but you will not play like crazy to win the jackpot, otherwise you would be losing by being focused on that and not in your strategies, but everyone has to have a head to grow their bankroll.
 dule-vu17/01/2021 11:53:16 GMT
its good that they have two promotions in one and that you can make profit every day with free cards,but also if you get most of points on end,then they also will give prize!this points are normal loyalty program at party poker,so this doesnt change anything,you just need to play your normal and regular games every day and maybe you will be on top!
 CALICUL17/01/2021 12:54:24 GMT
How many prizes have you won here in each day? did manage to take something, or is it not time to play more and overcome this challenge? that promotion offer good gifts but of course it's not easy for many customers.
 geseco1217/01/2021 19:54:24 GMT
partypoker is a very famous room, I think its growth in recent years is abysmal, and this year comes with everything, I believe that now the world of poker is more competitive, and it is good to play together with two great objectives to win while you play, and also having the possibility of winning great prizes for accumulating points, I think that is very good, since you can balance the variance when having bad days, but you also have to take into account that you have to play normal, not like crazy just to have points, luck at the tables.
 CALICUL18/01/2021 15:21:36 GMT
Here you can earn money at cash tables at a much faster rate because rush poker is something for connoisseurs who are always running after dollars, euro or other currencies. The first time when i played something like that, was fascinated.
 geseco1218/01/2021 19:59:54 GMT
partypoker is in competition, I think the rooms are in a confrontation of promotions, so that their players are hooked on it, I think that partypoker knows that well, which always does not stop surprising us with these types of promotions, I think it is very Good to always play and also know that you can win more if you play more, that is very important, that other sals can also do the same.
 Rogerio1019/01/2021 15:31:18 GMT
Yep and they are doing prety good job in my opinion with their new and new promotions. Players from every type of game and limit can participate and there is chance for everyone to win big. 7 points for tihs promotion to complete all the cards it's really not that hard even on micros.
 antonis32119/01/2021 17:33:12 GMT
Nice promotion by PartyPoker , one more among many others , this is not a surprise . Nice the way you accumulate points very easily and you can participate in a leaderboard for some prizes , ofcourse the Rush cards are very nice ,and the first card is almost a gift Smile good luck everyone , it says it runs until 31/1 players have time to earn $$$ from this promo
 CALICUL19/01/2021 18:44:19 GMT
I could suggest something if you are active players in too many poker rooms. Choose a maximum of 4 of them that you like the most and concentrate there. Try to make some dollars. It is not difficult. After withdrawal make a deposit at party, because here you have a chance to make good money.
 DinGo!22/01/2021 22:42:58 GMT
To be honest i think this is not the best their promotion and this is not my opinion, but if you read what people are saying on the forums, they are really disappointed so much. Mostly time you see only points in this cards and a really rare Spin tickets or cash prizes. Maybe for players, who play usually on PartyPoker for many hours a day this can be as an extra rakeback, but i think for the most players, who want to have something for free this is not the best opportunity. I remember in past they had better promotions.
 dule-vu23/01/2021 14:44:25 GMT
yeah,this can be problem with this big promotion,where you for small number of points get fast rewards and lot of them are there,so you can imagine how many of them they give to players and thats why biggest prizes are not rare!but if you read lot of posts,then probably its truth!would be great that they at least get something else,then this points!
 CALICUL23/01/2021 20:04:40 GMT
This promotion is good for some players and it is normal that not all customers like it. Sometimes you try to accept these things because it's very good, but but another time hate the ideas of marketing directors when choosing these options.

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