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Check out the New Pot-Limit Omaha Daily Legends at partypoker

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Posted on 05 February 2021 by "T".

There are already some awesome Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments running daily at partypoker, but now PLO fans have even more choice with the launch of the new PLO Daily Legends.

Thanks to the way they're set up, Daily Legends continue to be incredibly popular. The specially-devised blind structure allows the tournaments to end at a reasonable hour for those players who need to get up the next morning for, i.e. for work. The considerate structure does this without compromising the average stack size.

Then there is the vastly reduced late registration and limited re-entry in the Daily Legends tournaments, which absolutely levels the playing field for everyone. Until recently, the Daily Legend tournaments were all played in No-Limit Hold'em format. However, now that partypoker has thrown some PLO into the mix, players will definitely love the Daily Legends even more!


New PLO Daily Legends - Schedule

The PLO Daily Legends listed below run every day Monday through Sunday. That's 11 brand new Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments with buy-ins between $2.20 and $55 for you to enjoy each day of the week.

Also, there are three new Sunday PLO Daily Legends with higher buy-ins.

Mark your calendar every Sunday for the $530 The Great Game, the $125 The Steel Wheel, and the $215 The Fortress, and end the week in style!

The new PLO Daily Legends can be found in the partypoker lobby right now.

Who knows, you could experience just like what happened to Lavertos, who built his bankroll from scratch thanks to partypoker's Daily Legends!



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13 comments on "Check out the New Pot-Limit Omaha Daily Legends at partypoker"

 dule-vu05/02/2021 16:31:19 GMT
another promotion from party poker and something new for pot limit omaha players who already spend time on playing this kind of poker games!daily legends was played only in no limit holdem,but now they will offer different type for players and they just suprise players with new offers!
lot of different buy in-s and something for every player!
 CALICUL05/02/2021 19:59:56 GMT
I saw that this game has some success but it is not promoted so much. Most of gamblers play holdem, but omaha is very beautiful. It should be publicized more to attract customers. Party poker cand do that very well. It's a nice game.
 geseco1206/02/2021 07:08:48 GMT
What a good initiative on the part of partypoker, to help players of this type of game such as omaha, I think that although it is not popular, partypoker is giving more importance, also to its players who will make a tournament with blinds that are reasonable in time so they can get up early the next day so they can go to work. Excellent.
 dule-vu06/02/2021 18:28:28 GMT
on this way party poker give chance to player who love omaha,to play it and earn extra money and not to fight with lot of players on tables or leaderboards,because we all know that more players are on no limit holdem tables then on omaha,so this will chance for them to take money on easier way,but ofcourse prizes are not so big as for holdem poker!
 CALICUL06/02/2021 21:06:11 GMT
geseco12, omaha is a popular game not at low stakes, but for those who play at higher levels. I read that many gamblers run nice sums for this game. More than that is appreciated by these professionals. We rarely have tournaments like this, because we are at low stakes and here it is not popular.
 geseco1207/02/2021 13:34:25 GMT
you are right CALICUL, omaha is a popular game for high rollers online, but not low stakes, but now they are also taking a lot of importance to omaha, since it is a very good game too, you could take advantage of the fact that it is a game that few enter a tournament and win money.
 antonis32107/02/2021 17:39:15 GMT
Very nice news for the ones who play PLO tournaments , they're going to love it . Ofcourse the majority of the players play NLH , and that's what most Daily legends tourneys are about , but also now the PLO fans have one more reason to play on PartyPoker . Good luck to PLO lovers , and may they have successes on these new Daily legends PLO tourneys .
 dule-vu07/02/2021 18:42:55 GMT
its good how they think on every player and how party poker make different things for every part of poker,no matter what type you like!on this way they will have chance for players to get something extra and maybe to have even popular game for other players,when they see what kind of leaderboards they have!
 geseco1208/02/2021 14:41:39 GMT
also the game of omaha is growing, I think it is very good, but sometimes players do not play it for the reason that there is a high probability of variance, with four cards it is almost impossible that you can win, but it takes a lot of preparation to try be a winner.
 dule-vu08/02/2021 19:05:20 GMT
even when I played poker every day and was in that much more 10 years ago,I didnt play much omaha games (cant say that I understand it),because texas holdem is something that I love and its best thing for me!but with years we have more and more players who love to play it and its normal to have leaderboards like this!
 CALICUL08/02/2021 22:45:42 GMT
6-7 years ago in some rooms were different games at horse, omaha or others. They were not so famous and probably some of them came out from the lobby of the rooms where they were. Connoisseurs prefer to buy-in mostly with over 90% of them.
 geseco1209/02/2021 15:03:28 GMT
I think everyone has different tastes, I think today's popularity is holdem, but omaha is always there, I think it is a game that is growing, hopefully it will be more important doing tournaments like these, poker in general is very fun, play different types.
 CALICUL10/02/2021 00:55:15 GMT
I watched a professional omaha game several years ago. A tournament with good money, online and which was won by Daniel Negreanu. A large sum of money went into his account then. The entrance was 10,300 dollars if i'm not mistaken.

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