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partypoker Omaha Daily Legends

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Posted on 03 March 2021 by "T".

Omaha action is guaranteed at partypoker!

Check out their Omaha Daily Legends tourneys for big prize pools, every day.

No Limit Hold'em is definitely a favorite classic, but of course partypoker also has got a lot of love for Omaha. That is why they have created the Omaha Daily Legends - online Omaha events with juicy guarantees, held every day at partypoker!

Omaha Daily Legends includes both Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and PLO8, with buy-ins starting from as low as $2.20. Aside from 11 daily events, there are also three Sunday specials with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $530.

If you want to get the best bargain entry they have, no problem! You can qualify for these must-play Omaha events through satellites, starting from as little as $0.22. Satellites run every day, so there is always a chance for you to grab a cheap seat!

Head over to the partypoker lobby to see the full schedule, or log in and head to the ‘Daily Legends' tab.



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45 comments on "partypoker Omaha Daily Legends"

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» partypoker Omaha Daily Legends

 Cesar1412/03/2021 04:26:13 GMT
I'm just getting into playing online poker and I think that all the types of games are very good, but omaha gives more action and I am really liking its types of characteristics, and I am very happy that the poker rooms are doing tournaments of omaha.
 geseco1213/03/2021 03:11:12 GMT
They are right, the experience you must have in omaha is greater than that of holdem, if it is true, I realized, many try to bluff you to the maximum because they make sense sometimes because of the amount of cards we have, they will always play something and you should Strong hand most of the time to win, but with only faith to play.
 Cesar1414/03/2021 13:47:38 GMT
yesterday I was able to play some omaha games, and I have won some pennies on the dollar, hopefully I can get more experience in these games, and be able to play at high levels, it would be a dream come true, I always liked these games, and only that it gives to study maximum to achieve it.
 Drawacard14/03/2021 18:43:18 GMT
I prefer this PLO to the NLH being honest.
 DinGo!15/03/2021 17:39:29 GMT
Can someone tell me please, i can see this Daily Legends freerolls, that are going on every day on, how to receive a ticket for this freerolls, i need to play some Daily Legend tournaments or what i must to do? If so, what kind of tournaments must be and what buy-in? Maybe missing an opportunity to play this tourney.
 CALICUL15/03/2021 23:21:47 GMT
These games are not free. You must to change in lobby of party poker some things. Omaha option need to be checked, because you probably just have hold'em texas.
I read the thread again and you didn't see that:
Head over to the partypoker lobby to see the full schedule, or log in and head to the ‘Daily Legends’ tab.
Good luck with these satellites.
 Cesar1416/03/2021 23:15:04 GMT
omaha I am liking it by little, I think it will be my favorite game, I was able to earn money playing 5 hours a day, I hope it continues the good streak and does not fall, but in general I liked this type of game that is fun and a lot of action.
 geseco1217/03/2021 04:48:11 GMT
I did not have much luck playing omaha, although it is an exciting game, the loss that I had I think is considerable, so I will return to holdem, in that I am a winner, I believe that everyone has their style to play in each type of game that older feel comfortable.
 CALICUL17/03/2021 09:31:53 GMT
You're out of luck maybe because you sometimes play cards which should be discarded. Your concentration can be better if you watch a few hours of this game on the internet. You did that and your options will change a bit, but in good. After that you can play as much omaha as you want. Good luck.
 geseco1231/03/2021 06:23:30 GMT
Friend you are right, I have put your advice into practice and it has worked for me, my mistake was to open many hands, I thought that since I had four cards, mine would always fall, but it is the opposite, I have learned a lot to play OMAHA, It is not easy, but I am winning.
 CALICUL13/08/2021 19:10:23 GMT
I'm glad for that and you need to study this game in more details, to see how other players do. It is a beautiful game and i was very surprised that won a free game with 5,000 players. It is something that can benefit if you catch certain strategies. Good luck with that, my mobster friend. Cool
 ligador3713/08/2021 19:45:45 GMT
Omaha is a very good variant. Undoubtedly, Texas holdem is the one that most attracts everyone, but omaha also has its own, in its different variants (pot limit, hi-low). I like Pot Limit better than the others.
It's a nice game, but don't go crazy. Like the others, you have to study. If you don't know the game, don't lose money. Practice long before!
 dule-vu13/08/2021 20:00:26 GMT
somebody didnt drink his therapy when he find at least 10 old threads every day just to write few words and to have big number of posts on account!who care about thread which is 5 or 6 monts old!
 ligador3713/08/2021 20:33:56 GMT
If you say it for me @ Dule-vu, I apologize. I had not noticed.
I haven't written for a long time, due to lack of time, and lack of will haha, and I really didn't notice the date the topic was created. When I enter the forum, I read the first articles that are at the beginning, and I notice the last time someone wrote. In this case they had written today, and I just gave my opinion as well. I apologize in advance, if I did it in another thread as well. Greetings
 dule-vu13/08/2021 20:34:07 GMT
ofcourse its not for you,didnt mention you!I know that for you this post was on top!you are normal member Thumbs Up
 CALICUL13/08/2021 20:34:21 GMT
i like omaha too much but only in pokerstars because there are many players
 ligador3713/08/2021 20:36:31 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
ofcourse its not for you,didnt mention you!I know that for you this post was on top!you are normal member Thumbs Up

ok then, thanks man!
 CALICUL13/08/2021 20:37:01 GMT
is very nice to play but i hope to recover my pokerstars account
 Rogerio1014/08/2021 06:05:27 GMT
Omaha is my main game for weeks now too. It's soo much fun specialy if you are an action junky. And players in micros are so bad you can't believe it. Some just go all the way with top pair top kicker, that ' dont mention every flush is the nuts, like they play holde'm. I tihnk i will stay with this game for long time.
 CALICUL14/08/2021 06:17:02 GMT
if you are successful here with omaha, it is good in that way
 CALICUL14/09/2021 10:28:47 GMT
I played an Omaha game a few days ago and it attracts me to try again because it is captivating. Unfortunately, not many people sign up for these games, even if it is a pleasure when we play it. There should be better publicity and some systems in these tournaments to attract customers.
 CALICUL20/10/2021 14:35:40 GMT
I think the time has come for these poker rooms to promote Omaha through certain tournaments with low-buy or free satellite games. When they do that, may have greater support and people will try. The others who know will enjoy with a larger number of players and it will be important for everyone
 CALICUL10/11/2021 20:01:44 GMT
I miss Omaha but I have nowhere to play this game due to lack of players. I can't party because it's a country restriction. Elsewhere, don't let me get my account back. I hope this poker room makes a request and comes back here in my country, to enjoy with their games.
 CALICUL24/11/2021 23:59:36 GMT
I would love to play this game, but unfortunately this Omaha is not so popular to have tournaments more often. Party Poker has a number of players and you can still enjoy it here, but elsewhere this game is almost non-existent. Something needs to change to attract players.
 CALICUL13/12/2021 11:59:14 GMT
not all players know what this game is like and not all amateurs play Omaha. I don't think this game is bad, and unfortunately people don't know it. Good advertising can change a lot, because people want new experiences if they know what the game is about. It should be tried by the Party...

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