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partypoker Omaha Daily Legends

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Posted on 03 March 2021 by "T".

Omaha action is guaranteed at partypoker!

Check out their Omaha Daily Legends tourneys for big prize pools, every day.

No Limit Hold'em is definitely a favorite classic, but of course partypoker also has got a lot of love for Omaha. That is why they have created the Omaha Daily Legends - online Omaha events with juicy guarantees, held every day at partypoker!

Omaha Daily Legends includes both Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and PLO8, with buy-ins starting from as low as $2.20. Aside from 11 daily events, there are also three Sunday specials with buy-ins ranging from $2.20 to $530.

If you want to get the best bargain entry they have, no problem! You can qualify for these must-play Omaha events through satellites, starting from as little as $0.22. Satellites run every day, so there is always a chance for you to grab a cheap seat!

Head over to the partypoker lobby to see the full schedule, or log in and head to the ‘Daily Legends' tab.



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30 comments on "partypoker Omaha Daily Legends"

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» partypoker Omaha Daily Legends

 CALICUL05/03/2021 10:18:04 GMT
party poker is a very big room for Europe and the rest of the countries where it still operates. In this way they have to offer a wide range of assortments with games. Their customers will appreciate this and will not migrate elsewhere.
 Rogerio1005/03/2021 15:51:21 GMT
Last few weeks i am realy more in to omaha then holdem. And i must say i am fascinated with the game. On first it looks like realy complex becouse of 4 cards and so on, but it's not like that. Don't i will ever play seriously holdem again, i try and game is just so so boring now haha. So yeah i will try few micro tournaments maybe i bink somethin.
 geseco1205/03/2021 17:53:32 GMT
omaha has always been present in this card game such as poker, and I think it has evolved in this game, before they did not play much, but now people are playing more often omaha tournaments and cash, its popularity is evident, and I think that partypoker is giving its space to this, very good.
 CALICUL06/03/2021 10:55:43 GMT
I have no idea how much the omaha people played a few years ago, but the past doesn't matter anymore because now every player who can activate there has this possibility. All you have to do is to register directly, or try satellites, if they exist for all games. Good luck.
 geseco1206/03/2021 18:14:24 GMT
Omaha in the past was very unknown to many, now they are playing it because it gives more action, and also I think that the rooms are giving more facilities so that many players who like this type of game can play it without any problem, I personally I like to play it, although it seems that it is a bit predictable and that luck is greater.
 DinGo!07/03/2021 00:31:26 GMT
This looks like a good promotion for many players. All depends is about how good you can play omaha, because this game is not so easy as it can seems. Few years ago i was trting to play some Omaha cash games and in one moment i just understand, that i need to play it better, because it,s not so easy to win in this kind of game.
 Rogerio1007/03/2021 08:55:45 GMT
Yep it's not easy to transfer from nl holdem to omaha. You must fold allot of low flushes, straights that are not the nuts and even 2nd nuts hands against a nitty player who play straight forward and then pot's it 3 times to you is usualy a fold, becouse you will like 90 percent of the time see he has the nuts.. For me is just more fun game and i love to play it.
 CALICUL07/03/2021 12:46:00 GMT
Nuts can have anyone important is to have a lot of luck with bluffs, because the players pay many times with garbage cards. To accumulate a stack depends on other factors, not only on abilities. Omaha is more difficult i think, because here the cards are with more calculations, but most players know this thing and will probably play in party poker.
 geseco1207/03/2021 18:44:57 GMT
They are very right, omaha luck is more evident, because you play with four cards, and your rival is the same, the probability of winning is less and less, even when more players enter the pot, you have to have the best hand many times to win, because the range of your opponent who pays you on the flop will be very reduced to bluffing, I think it has its advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that there is action all the time, the disadvantage less probability of winning.
 CALICUL08/03/2021 16:10:36 GMT
I recommend you to play this game in Party Poker if u know the game, because the first time when i played this game i can't remember, but i saw a few years ago how Daniel Negreanu won a big tournament. He won over 200,000 dollars in a special game and this thing captivated me. I won an omaha freeroll with exactly 5,000 players maximum numbers... and i also had a 2nd place with same number of players. It was a daily tour.
 geseco1208/03/2021 19:41:36 GMT
very good friend, I think I was referring to omaha in cash game, I think omaha in tournaments is easier I think, but anyway I'm going to try in tournaments, I think that remembering I have played some of them and I hope it has been good please try again.
 geseco1209/03/2021 20:06:24 GMT
If you see, it's going great friend, I tried it and I'm slowly recovering that energy and that strategy to play poker omaha, I think I have a lot of fun playing, hopefully I can get long-term profits with omaha, good luck to you to all who play that type of game for several years.
 CALICUL11/03/2021 18:33:42 GMT
You have many good things here, because the prizes are good, games are enough every week and the satellites as well. You can participate directly or through qualifications. Party poker has something juicy here, and qualifying for a $ 530 tournament is a good thing, if you finish in the main tournament prizes.
 geseco1211/03/2021 21:40:34 GMT
I am getting used to playing for a long time in omaha, I think the variance is more noticeable, but I think it is a matter of being able to adapt to these games quite competently, you need to be concentrated to the maximum to be able to perform each hand well, you feel with adrenaline to dull all the time with omaha, good luck.
 DinGo!11/03/2021 22:08:27 GMT
Omaha is a bit different then holdem. You need to have lots of poker experience in it to be able to play good and not to loose money to other players, who have this and can play this game really well. Anyway this room have lots of good promotions and if you like omaha for sure you can try it, anyway i think there will be lots of good players in that tourneys.
 Cesar1412/03/2021 04:26:13 GMT
I'm just getting into playing online poker and I think that all the types of games are very good, but omaha gives more action and I am really liking its types of characteristics, and I am very happy that the poker rooms are doing tournaments of omaha.
 geseco1213/03/2021 03:11:12 GMT
They are right, the experience you must have in omaha is greater than that of holdem, if it is true, I realized, many try to bluff you to the maximum because they make sense sometimes because of the amount of cards we have, they will always play something and you should Strong hand most of the time to win, but with only faith to play.
 Cesar1414/03/2021 13:47:38 GMT
yesterday I was able to play some omaha games, and I have won some pennies on the dollar, hopefully I can get more experience in these games, and be able to play at high levels, it would be a dream come true, I always liked these games, and only that it gives to study maximum to achieve it.
 Drawacard14/03/2021 18:43:18 GMT
I prefer this PLO to the NLH being honest.
 DinGo!15/03/2021 17:39:29 GMT
Can someone tell me please, i can see this Daily Legends freerolls, that are going on every day on, how to receive a ticket for this freerolls, i need to play some Daily Legend tournaments or what i must to do? If so, what kind of tournaments must be and what buy-in? Maybe missing an opportunity to play this tourney.
 CALICUL15/03/2021 23:21:47 GMT
These games are not free. You must to change in lobby of party poker some things. Omaha option need to be checked, because you probably just have hold'em texas.
I read the thread again and you didn't see that:
Head over to the partypoker lobby to see the full schedule, or log in and head to the ‘Daily Legends’ tab.
Good luck with these satellites.
 Cesar1416/03/2021 23:15:04 GMT
omaha I am liking it by little, I think it will be my favorite game, I was able to earn money playing 5 hours a day, I hope it continues the good streak and does not fall, but in general I liked this type of game that is fun and a lot of action.
 geseco1217/03/2021 04:48:11 GMT
I did not have much luck playing omaha, although it is an exciting game, the loss that I had I think is considerable, so I will return to holdem, in that I am a winner, I believe that everyone has their style to play in each type of game that older feel comfortable.
 CALICUL17/03/2021 09:31:53 GMT
You're out of luck maybe because you sometimes play cards which should be discarded. Your concentration can be better if you watch a few hours of this game on the internet. You did that and your options will change a bit, but in good. After that you can play as much omaha as you want. Good luck.
 geseco1231/03/2021 06:23:30 GMT
Friend you are right, I have put your advice into practice and it has worked for me, my mistake was to open many hands, I thought that since I had four cards, mine would always fall, but it is the opposite, I have learned a lot to play OMAHA, It is not easy, but I am winning.

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