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partypoker Coin Flip Promo Gives SPINS More Value

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Posted on 30 March 2021 by "T".

partypoker is adding even more fun to SPINS by giving it more value!

partypoker Coin Flip promo

  • Promo period: March 29 to April 18, 2021
  • Play SPINS games
  • Win instant prizes worth up to $500!
Starting March 29, you will have daily chances to toss a coin in their Coin Flip game that could land you up to $500 instantly!


Simply play 5 or more SPINS games of the same buy-in to earn a Flip!

There are four different tiers, each offering you the chance to win freeroll and SPINS tickets, deposit offers, and instant cash!

  • Bronze = $3 buy-ins
  • Silver = $5 buy-ins
  • Gold = $10 buy-ins
  • Platinum = $20 buy-ins

So, to earn a bronze flip, you'll need to play 5 or more $3 SPINS games!

And to get you started, we're giving you a free daily flip on the house! Simply head to the $3 Coin Flip game in the promo section of the client.

Any player who joins in five SPINS games within one of the four tier levels on any given day earns a flip, which they use by heading to the promo section of their partypoker account. Players can click on their dedicated Coin Flip tier, to play a coin flip game for prizes; you can join as many tiers as they like.

Coin Flip will be available to players for three weeks. All players will have the chance to enjoy the benefits of Coin Flip, as all players are given one free flip each day in the bronze tier throughout the promotion to get them started. What makes these prizes unique is that they can be received by any player instantly, and players will not have to win them through a leaderboard or by waiting for a leaderboard to play out.

There are more potential prizes on offer on top of the cash wins, including poker SPINS tickets, casino free spins and special freerolls. These special freerolls include:

  • Double Barrel, where players will have the option to re-enter the tournament with additional tickets;
  • Winner Takes All, with the winning player being the only one to cash; and
  • Everyone Wins, which will allow all players to cash with no late registration.

Full List of Prizes


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38 comments on "partypoker Coin Flip Promo Gives SPINS More Value"

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» partypoker Coin Flip Promo Gives SPINS More Value

 dule-vu03/04/2021 20:29:50 GMT
as I see its not easy to get prize on this coin flip free offer every day!on last four days I got only one time prize and in others it was not good pick,so probably its matter on time when you will open,same as on ever promotion that party poker give on poker site or casino site!I change sides,but getting message that it was wrong choice!
 DinGo!04/04/2021 22:55:26 GMT
If you get the ticket for $500 tournament, then this is at least something, because right now i have only no win spins and a couple of cheap tickets for $50 tournaments, where the winner takes all, and this is hard to believe, that they make a promo like this. Even if there will be a smaller prizes with couple of places, this will be better then one prize of $50.
 paulik8905/04/2021 00:36:42 GMT
 geseco1206/04/2021 03:23:48 GMT
paulik89 good day, you should put a comment on this news and not just say hello, I think you are old on the site, and you should be informed, well, the important thing about this is that you have to try, although it is not easy, but of Sure you can get a prize.
 DinGo!07/04/2021 08:29:42 GMT
I saw couple of screenshots. when people won $5 spin tickets, and that,s at least something. I also saw, that some of them got tickets to $250 freeerolls, where you also can win some prizes and at least finish in the money. Already tryed about 7 times in this promo and had 4 no wins and 3 useless tickets for a cheap freeroll with only 1 winner. Just hard to understand, why they offer promos like that.
 CALICUL07/04/2021 16:00:20 GMT
Play if you can win something here. I can't play here because of the restrictions in my country but in another room I had an interesting period, that brought me a nice bankroll and two satellite tickets for $ 1,050 if i qualify . I will try my luck but there sharks will execute me quickly. This is my opinion, but you have a chance here and you must not miss it. Good luck with that.
 dule-vu08/04/2021 08:02:47 GMT
even topic is about coin flip on party poker,we must read how somebody have tickets for some other tournament on some other poker site!every day in every party poker topic same words,how he cant play from his country on this site!spammer!
I got 3 tickets till yesterday and two of them were for 500 $ freeroll,but third one was for 100 $ where winner take whole amount!so you can have 1000 players maybe to fight,but only winner take money!
 CALICUL08/04/2021 18:06:48 GMT
Bonuses, freerolls or promotions are offered by poker sites and can be of several types: for registration, deposit or for their activity. Are useful for bankroll of poker players. Any chance is good here in party poker or in another place, but nobody forces you to play, if you don't like it. Players of all kinds play all possible promotions, and rooms are satisfied many times. Party Poker the same.
 DinGo!10/04/2021 05:54:50 GMT
As i can see right now, they offer more money in this freerolls. Winner takes all is a $100 cash, but to be honest still too much players are playing and a bit hard to win . Another freeroll is better, $500 Double Barrel Bronze. But as it seems right now lots of poeple have the tickets for this, but anyway good chances to finish in the money.
 CALICUL10/04/2021 20:31:52 GMT
This thing with Winner takes all is good in some situations, and very inappropriate in others. Here it depends on the format of the party poker. Anyway, they decide and customers have nothing to do. They will have to try their luck.
 dule-vu11/04/2021 09:22:37 GMT
today I got another ticket for 500 $ freeroll,but its very hard to get any prize on this coin flip promotion!probably its about time when you use this flip,not just about side that you will choose!
this 100 $ its ofcourse hard freeroll,because you need to spend lot of time and beat more then 1000 players to earn this money!you can finish on second place without anything just because one wrong call!
on this 500 $ tournament at least lot of players get some amount,no matter is that 0,40 $ or 5 $!
 dule-vu12/04/2021 10:48:08 GMT
few minutes I used my free pick for today and got this ticket for 100 $ winners take all freeroll,where you need to be first to get this prize!as I said before its very hard to play for long time,even blinds are for 3 minutes and to beat over 1000 players to get money!you need to have luck to come till end!
 DinGo!12/04/2021 12:26:24 GMT
Already 2 days without any single win. Still can,t finish in the prize zone in the tournaments. Had a good chip count few days ago but can,t finish in the money. Saw couple of screenshots on different forums, looks like some people still can have some $5 Spins and some free cash.
 dule-vu13/04/2021 11:22:46 GMT
today my pick was on tail and it was good pick,because I got again this ticket for double barrel freerolls,which have 500 $ prize pool!dont know can you get something different then this tickets for two freerolls,500$ and 100$,but all prizes that I got were on this tournaments!we will see what he will give in next days!
 DinGo!14/04/2021 14:53:57 GMT
Already about 4 days without any single win. I can,t get even the cheap ticket for the freeroll from them. Lost lots of money on their casino , just hard to understand, why their soft can,t give some cool prizes.
 dule-vu15/04/2021 12:02:01 GMT
have lot of tickets on my account and would be nice that I can give to somebody this tickets,like you can send money to some player on same poker site!will not play on lot of them and would be bad that they just expire,especially this 100 $ where only winner get prize,this will expire for sure at my account!
today I got again this ticket for 500 $ freeroll!
 Rogerio1015/04/2021 19:17:55 GMT
I too dont even play this tourneys when only winner gets all. I mean if would be a little bit higher prize pool like 1000$ maybe i would givit a try, but i asume that there would be more players there too. So if you dont play you cant do nothing with those tickets, they will just expire.
 dule-vu16/04/2021 12:06:10 GMT
I also dont play this tournaments,because you can spend lot of time on it and to finish close to first place without any prize!its looks good when you think that winner will get 100 $,but to play with over 1000 players and to think how you will win tournament,I just skip it right away!
thats why I said that would be good that I can send somebody tickets who wants to try it,because they will expire on my account!
 DinGo!16/04/2021 18:53:15 GMT
If you have this tickets, i think you can play it. You also can rebuy with this tickets. For example, if you was unlucky in this tourney you still can rebuy with this tickets, at least until late registration is open. This is good, but anyway you need to play good to win this money.
 dule-vu17/04/2021 13:11:41 GMT
I know that I can use them and even to rebuy,but I dont want to waste my time on it,to spend hour or more on something that only winner take it!would spend that time to play casino games for my own money!
today I got again ticket for this 500 $ tournament!now have 4 of them on account and few of this 100 $ where winner take it all!
 DinGo!20/04/2021 22:26:02 GMT
Someone still have this promo in his account? Looks like i didn,t see this promo in offers. Saw again, how lots of people got cool prizes, like $5 Spin tickets , some cash and so on. Some of them had tickets even a few times. The best that i saw was freespins, from which hard to win anything.
 CALICUL22/04/2021 14:06:52 GMT
The promotions of this poker room can be searched in their lobby, or by logging via internet. I knew that in the past, but i don't know how it works in every country. Any thing offered by party poker has a time limit and there you will see if Coin Flip still running or not.
 dule-vu22/04/2021 15:34:00 GMT
this promotion is over few days ago and this thread can be closed now!I had lot of tickets,but they are all expired now,because I didnt played them,its just lot of players for this kind of freerolls and didnt had time to spend on something like this!maybe they will give in next months something like this again!
 DinGo!23/04/2021 03:28:00 GMT
Just a little bit strange, that they are no more freerolls in the PP lobby. In past i remember, that they gave a people, who still have tickets a couple of chances to play it. And right now there are no tourneys in the lobby, but some people still have tickets.
 dule-vu23/04/2021 15:45:03 GMT
dont know how it works with freerolls on party poker,I didnt even use this tickets that I got for free,but maybe they dont give freerolls as they did before and maybe thats why they give this kind of promotions where you can get tickets and then to use,instead that they put freerolls with password and that is open for everybody!

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