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WSOP moves to CBS Sports in New TV Partnership Deal

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Posted on 20 April 2021 by "T".

Out with ESPN, in with CBS Sports

CBS Sports has inked a multi-year rights agreement with PokerGO to become the new TV partner for the World Series of Poker Main Event and various other WSOP Bracelet events.

Starting this 2021, the CBS Sports Network will become the official television home of the WSOP.

The network will broadcast 15 hours of WSOP Main Event and 36 extra hours of 18 different Gold Bracelet poker events.

CBS Sports Executive Vice President of Programming Dan Weinberg said in a press release, "Following our past success with PokerGO, we are excited to expand our relationship with the highest-profile and richest event in competitive tournament poker featuring the best players in the world. This deal fits perfectly in our strategy to combine best-in-class events with our CBS Sports brand."

ESPN has been the longtime TV home of the WSOP, and its expanded coverage that began in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event helped promote the poker boom at the time.

CBS Sports is no stranger when it comes to the poker world. In fact, it was the first network to broadcast the WSOP Main Event on its "CBS Sports Spectacular" program throughout the mid-1970s.

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said, "CBS Sports has long been a pioneer in covering a broad range of championship sports. We couldn't be more excited to see increased television coverage of the WSOP in the coming years and benefit from their growing media platforms."

Further details will be revealed in the future when the full WSOP schedule is released.

Throughout the history of the WSOP, more than $3.29 billion in prize money has been awarded to players. It is also the longest-running prestigious poker tournament in the world, which started in 1970.

Weinberg told CBS Sports, "The WSOP is one of the strongest brands in sports media out there. It's a championship event that has a high-profile roster of participants, which is something that we always look for. It's the biggest and most notable events in poker circles whether it's professional or amateur. The prestige is huge. It's a scene in of itself in the city of Las Vegas."

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23 comments on "WSOP moves to CBS Sports in New TV Partnership Deal"

 dule-vu20/04/2021 14:25:24 GMT
we dont have anything about money and how much they will pay for this,but probably main reason that wsop change partner is that cbs offered more money then espn!maybe this will not change anything to players and people that love to watch,but still we can see that everything is money,like we have in last two days about football!as new partner they will probably bring something new and different in presentation of poker on tv!
 geseco1220/04/2021 14:34:15 GMT
ESPN has been the television home of the WSOP for a long time, and its expanded coverage that began in 2003, but now they have a new partner which is CBS Sports, we know that this is all about money, but hopefully that change is made for the better. the quality of presentation of the games.
 Cesar1421/04/2021 03:01:53 GMT
Now in the middle of the pandemic everything has changed, the same money is no longer generated as before, so many are looking for where they can earn more money so as not to go bankrupt as is happening today in football, this is the opportunity of the world series of poker to broadcast with a new partner.
 CALICUL21/04/2021 13:14:56 GMT
It doesn't matter too much who owns the television rights, if they will offer them to other televisions from the world, to see what happens with these tournaments. In this way they recover money, will have a better profit and all parties will be satisfied.
 dule-vu21/04/2021 14:52:24 GMT
every tv company have different strategy and work on different way then company before them,so this presentation will be on next level for sure,just depen will people like it or not!so they must do everything to make new things and that more people come to watch live games!in modern world that we live,they will have lot of time to prepare for it!
 geseco1221/04/2021 16:49:05 GMT
Hopefully all the change is to improve the visualization system and elaboration of better poker tournaments that help to be entertaining for users and of course there is money involved, but this poker has to grow year after year.
 Cesar1422/04/2021 04:11:28 GMT
Every year that passes the world changes and that is why like everything in life there must be a renewal, and in this case it is not the exception in the world of poker, as the executive director of the WSOP says of being very happy to do union with CBS sport which is the pioneer of the greatest television coverage in sports.
I hope everything goes excellent for the sake of poker.
 Rogerio1022/04/2021 05:41:12 GMT
Hm interesting who will be the comentators of the show? Rely want to know hot they will produce this shows, becouse i was always use to espn all the years. Maybe that's a good thing, some fresh changes in poker world, but the most important ist that the live games will start again no matter who will be making the videos. Looking forward for that.
 CALICUL22/04/2021 13:55:30 GMT
I don't know English very well and I can't watch CBS but there are translators from the Romanian television station who translate many things and you can learn some of the players' moves. For me, this thing is not good because i gave up at TV for a few years, and only watch on the internet. Anyway , is good for many tv viewers.
 Cesar1423/04/2021 15:01:45 GMT
I think that at first it will be strange to hear other commentators other than those we are used to listening to, I hope this change is to improve the game system and not to submerge it, I am very aware of the new formats that this new one is having partner.
 CALICUL24/04/2021 14:09:28 GMT
I have a few hobbies and I don't have the time or patience to watch too much live poker with professionals. This doesn't affect me too much because I don't care where the WSOP will be moved. It is important to be able to watch when i can on the internet, and there to hear in my language. The rest is their business.
 Cesar1424/04/2021 21:54:19 GMT
Each one has their best hobbies, but what I'm going to is that we will have to adapt to the new changes that will be made, but I always like to see the summaries or the most important moments in the tournaments, neither do I like to spend hours watching everything the tournament, I have other things to do too.
 CALICUL25/04/2021 15:14:51 GMT
Obviously we can't see too much from tournaments there, as long people have jobs and there is no time for that. A summary is indicated but must to show the important things. Players will understand better and after that they will try to deposit for online poker.
 dule-vu25/04/2021 18:41:39 GMT
it will be interesting how everything will be if we will not have again this year wsop and how they will pay for licence if they didnt show anything on tv!this would be very interesting thing to see and how this would affect on their job!but still there are lot of months till then and then will be more and more words about it!
 geseco1226/04/2021 01:39:34 GMT
What you mention is interesting, that is what really matters, but there are also other things to think about as well as this pandemic, we must be radical with that, and we must try from the least to take care of ourselves to get out of this, hopefully it can be improved until then and to be able to witness the WSOP this year.
 CALICUL26/04/2021 15:09:45 GMT
The theme in 2021 is like people to be vaccinated, so they can return to Las Vegas. We will see less concentration with so many vaccinated players. I say it from experience, because some neighbors who made the mistake of getting vaccinated anti covid 19... it's like they've started to become zombies. Anyway, I don't know what to say, but i hope the tables to be full there because is world series of poker and not something smaller and i believe that this partnership will last a long time from now. It deserves a long-term relationship.
 geseco1227/04/2021 03:30:12 GMT
But we must also think that in poker it is difficult to have a tournament with less than the capacity that they are accustomed to, that does not work, because the prizes would not be great, because they are the same players who pay their entry and set up the pot, always it will need to be at 100% of its capacity and now that is difficult due to the pandemic, that is reality.
 CALICUL27/04/2021 15:21:45 GMT
I can't predict if WSOP will have many players this year or not, and i don't know exactly how the prizes are calculated here. I do not remember if all prizes are guaranteed for all tournaments, or are calculated by number of registrations. Some tourneys are based on buy-ins, but this thing is probably for all games. This is normal because is not online. However, if we search or watch on TV, we can find out many details.
 geseco1228/04/2021 03:47:15 GMT
there is the problem and I do not think that the room will mount a great tournament with great prizes knowing that not all the players will arrive due to the restricted measures that each country has put in place for this pandemic, but they would be losing money and that is not in their plans, We'll see what happens.
 CALICUL28/04/2021 15:55:12 GMT
I remember that Americans are among the most TV viewers and the WSOP will definitely have a good rating on CBS. They ''eat the remote control on bread ''. Hold'em poker is something who has interest for millions of Americans and the attraction to watch will be ok.
 antonis32101/05/2021 15:27:00 GMT
So,, after so many years , the CBS network will replace ESPN ?? Hopefully this will be prooved a very good decision , meaning more viewers and more popularity for the more prestigious WSOP poker events , and especially ofcourse the main event . Now that things tend to change as far as it cocerns the virus thing , it's good the WSOP comeback to have the best of support in the media , the best boost in this comeback in itslive poker events . Good luck for this Smile
 CALICUL01/05/2021 18:06:37 GMT
CBS is a sports television. ESPN the same and is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Both of them are based in New York, but if they collaborate on some events it is not bad. Rating matters to them because it brings money. It doesn't matter what rivalries or friendships they have. Transmissions are important.
 dule-vu02/05/2021 16:20:03 GMT
when you live in america,its almost same on what tv you will have sport event or in this case poker event!its almost same way that they will present you this,so they dont care at all who will pay for this,just that they can watch it!in america this doesnt make much sense,as this would be in europe!

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