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A Documentary about Doyle Brunson's Life is In the Works

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Posted on 09 September 2021 by "T".

The creators of "The Last Dance" are making a documentary about Doyle Brunson's life.

The first player to ever win $1 million in poker tournaments has posted on his Twitter account yesterday that a documentary about his life is currently in the works.

Brunson wrote, "They are making a documentary about my life now. It has been going on for a month and is going to be a lot longer. Same group that did The Last Dance is doing it."

Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson was born in Texas and was part of the All-State Texas basketball team. He was seen to potentially become a professional basketball player as the Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA showed their interest in him, but this was not meant to be because he unfortunately suffered from a knee injury. He still occasionally needs a crutch due to the injury, and said that his broken leg ruined his lifetime dream of becoming an NBA player.

Brunson had already started playing poker even before his injury, mainly five-card draw. He played more frequently after getting injured and his winnings paid for his expenses. After he graduated from college, he was hired as a business machines salesman. On his first day at work, he got invited to play in a seven-card stud game and ended up winning over a month's salary. Soon, he left the company and became a full-fledged professional poker player.

Fast forward today, Doyle Brunson, who has just turned 88 years old on August 10, is known as a 10-time WSOP champ and Poker Hall of fame member and is pretty much considered royalty in the poker world.

As of September 2021, his total live tournament winnings are at $6,176,737. He has won more than $3,000,000 from his 37 cashes at the WSOP.


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82 comments on "A Documentary about Doyle Brunson''s Life is In the Works"

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» A Documentary about Doyle Brunson''s Life is In the Works

 dule-vu03/10/2021 09:25:52 GMT
legend will stay,no matter is he alive or dead,people and generation will talk about him for years!
 geseco1203/10/2021 17:47:04 GMT
We will learn a lot with his documentary, it is not easy to be a professional poker player, as in any discipline there are downfalls and uprisings and we learn from that, this player will have many stories to tell related to the world of poker, great.
 dule-vu03/10/2021 17:49:52 GMT
Hope that he will play at this years wsop!
 antonis32104/10/2021 18:22:57 GMT
I think I read somewhere that he's going to play sth on this WSOP , I am not 100% sure , but there isa possibility . It would be cool to attend in a game , play once more , I know he has some health problems , but he's a tough man , he'.ll endure .
 dule-vu04/10/2021 18:34:04 GMT
If this is right information,that this will be great,to see him again!
 geseco1204/10/2021 21:07:52 GMT
He is a great poker professional, his years of experience have made him better and better, now in the big tournaments we will expect to see him, with the best, his advice will be wise, that documentary will be awesome.
 dule-vu04/10/2021 21:08:16 GMT
His play and that smile,its something unique!
 geseco1206/10/2021 02:37:51 GMT
we all have a reference in the poker world, and I think this player should be the reference of many players who came out lately, there are things to highlight from this player and also learn a lot.
 dule-vu06/10/2021 07:54:15 GMT
From him every player can learn!
 antonis32110/10/2021 16:59:27 GMT
' He really had a special place in all poker players' thoughts , he is considered one of the best , and his books very successfull . It's a good opportunity for the younger generations to learn about him , this documentary will help for this cause .
 dule-vu10/10/2021 17:00:07 GMT
its just question,does young people want to watch this and to learn something?!
 dule-vu11/10/2021 17:21:14 GMT
new generations are just not interested in lot of things that we had as normal few years ago!thats why they want to change football,they make buy in future on slots,we have fast games at poker,because new generation dont want to spend lot of time on anything and they live fast!so its question would they spend time on book or to watch this movie about doyle,but they can learn a lot from him,if they want to play poker!
 dule-vu12/10/2021 18:02:08 GMT
will be interesting to see will he will play on this years wsop which already started and will he play on some small events or he is good to play for day on main event!would be nice to see him on live tables,till he is still alive!
 dule-vu13/10/2021 18:15:22 GMT
how good he is,we can see in other thread,todays news about best poker players and who you will choose!he is on that list and you can read short about him and his roll in this great game!
 dule-vu17/10/2021 11:32:44 GMT
maybe they are bit late with this movie,because they want to see will he play at this years wsop and they want to add that story in this movie also,especailly if he make some bigger success on it!it would be crazy story for sure!
 dule-vu20/10/2021 17:43:27 GMT
as I told few days ago,that maybe this will be his last wsop,I was right,because I found today news about him and that this would be his last!he made this tweet two days ago:
Going to the Rio to play in 2-7 lowball tournament. Probably the last one I'll ever play.
didnt know that he retired from tournament poker after the 2018 World Series of Poker.
 antonis32121/10/2021 01:06:43 GMT
It would be ool if he actually wins this last tourney that he indends to play , not easy , but ..... Anyway , he is too old for this kind of events , I guess he knows better than anyone else his own strenght . Good luck to him .
 dule-vu21/10/2021 01:21:51 GMT
Thats why he want to play this smaller!would be great that he win this!
 antonis32123/10/2021 21:10:13 GMT
He has achieved so many in poker during his lifetime , contribute a lot for the expension of the game worldwide , he is and will be remembered for sure . If he won one more bracelet , why not , that would be good . Ofcourse they could do some documentaries for some other poker legends of the old times , that woild also be good
 dule-vu23/10/2021 21:10:22 GMT
Too bad that he didnt won this last tournament at wsop!
 dule-vu27/10/2021 10:37:31 GMT
now with this play on his probably last tournament,they can finish movie in next months and that people can see what life he had and what he gave to poker!hope that it will not be too long and that he will be still alive to watch it!
 0HighTimes027/10/2021 13:32:56 GMT
i seen doco(or was web site lol) years ago about him, 23 sep 1970 (my birthdat) was Unoffical day WSOP was born
Thats Poker Doc Worship
 CALICUL27/10/2021 13:41:48 GMT
I think will be very nice
 0HighTimes027/10/2021 14:02:54 GMT
they had too say it wasn't, as it was against the law at time, with his m8(sorry cant remember, he liked making bets about most things) but they talking about time in doco about other time shotgun involved with one time game0 not wsop, playing poker, wish i remembered doco name at time i was just learning/getting tooo LOVE poker Spade Club Heart Diamond at time
 CALICUL27/10/2021 14:13:38 GMT
this man has some stories , of course

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