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New Gift Offers from BankrollMob - PKR & Chili Poker

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Posted on 11 November 2011 by "M".

giftoffersBankrollMob is happy to present two new exclusive gift offers that are available for you to claim on our new Free Gifts page - here!

PKR Free Gift 2,500 Mob Points ($25)
This gift offer will give you 1,500 PKR Points as soon as you deposit a minimum of $10. Once you have earned another 1,500 PKR Points,  you will be credited with 2,500 Mob Points ($25) that will be available for you to cashout:

How to claim:
1. Go to the PKR Gift Offer here! (to view all Gift Offers visit our Free Gifts page).
2. Deposit just $10 (or more, if you want).
3. Earn 1,500 PKR points (total 3,000 PKR points).
4. Request your free gift from BankrollMob: 2500 MobPoints ($25), which you can easily cashout, to sites such as NETELLER.

How to earn PKR Points:
Tournaments - you get 100 PKR Points for every $1 you spend in entry fees. The entry fee for a tournament is the additional charge made by PKR for hosting the event. In most cases this fee is equivalent to ten per cent of the buy-in.
Real Money Tables - PKR Points are awarded on raked hands played on real money tables. They are calculated against the amount that you’ve put into the pot divided between the other players at the table. That means the bigger the pot, the more PKR Points everyone gets. Your points are also based on the amount that you put into the pot – so the more you contribute yourself, the more PKR Points you’ll earn in the hand.
The maximum number of PKR Points that can be earned in any hand is capped at 300, in the same way as maximum rake.

Chili Poker Free Gift of 5,000 Mob Points ($50)
This great iPoker room is offering a $50 Gift Offer for Mob members. In order to claim the Gift you do have to make a minimum deposit of $20 and earn 400 FPP (Frequent Player Points).

How to claim:
1. Go to the Chili Poker Gift Offer here! (to view all Gift Offers visit our Free Gifts page).   
2. Make a deposit at Chilipoker of just $20 (or more, if you want), using bonus code BRMGIFT.
3. Earn 400 FPP at Chilipoker.
4. Request your free gift from BankrollMob: 5000 MobPoints ($50), which you can easily cashout to sites such as NETELLER.

How to earn FPPs at Chili Poker:
You earn FPPs as soon as you start playing at Chilipoker, whether you play tournaments or ring games.
Tournaments - for the lowest level of loyalty players (White Card), you will earn 15 FPPs per $1 spent in tournament fees. The higher you climb on the Chili Poker loyalty scheme, the more FPPs you will earn per $1.
Ring Games - you receive FPPs as soon as you invest at least $0.01 in the pot, no matter how much you contribute. To earn 1 FPP, you need to rake $0.25-$0.5 as a White Card player.


NETELLER - Fast, Safe and Secure

Tags: bankrollmob, bonus, money, neteller
Posted on 07 November 2011 by "A".

NETELLER has provided fast, safe and secure online transactions since 1999.  With billions of dollars processed in transactions every year in more than 180 countries, NETELLER is one of the largest independent money transfer businesses today. NETELLER is authorized by the Financial Services Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money.

First off, NETELLER is an approved and recognized payment and withdrawal method by thousands of top gaming sites around the globe. BankrollMob is therefore very proud to offer NETELLER as a recommended payment/withdrawal method to its members - sign up for a free account here!

NETELLER provides a very fast purchase. Most of the time, a deposit made by NETELLER is processed immediately to your gaming account (this may vary from site to site depending on their procedures but most gaming sites handles deposit from NETELLER accounts very quickly).
Online gaming enthusiast around the world knows how hard it sometimes can be to make your deposits and receive your withdrawals if you are using your credit/debit card. Your bank might not approve of the transaction, the merchant might not approve of your bank and your current location might not be in-sync with the issuing bank branch etc. To put it simple, NETELLER offers a payment/withdrawal tool that are hassle free.

If you become a NETELLER customer, you will be able to choose between several different products that NETELLER offer:

The NETELLER eWallet is an online stored-value account that millions of consumers in more than 180 countries have used to add, withdraw and transfer funds to and from NETELLER merchants and other NETELLER customers.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard
With the NETELLER eWallet, customers also get access to one of the most successful prepaid card programs on the market. Our Net+ card program allows consumers to spend safely online and in person at millions of MasterCard® point-of-sale locations, as well as at ATMs worldwide.

Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard
The Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is a secure and innovative new way to pay for online purchases using uniquely-generated, single-use card numbers that let you pay with the funds available in your NETELLER eWallet.

Money Transfer
NETELLER Money Transfer is a fast, simple and secure way to instantly send money online. Available through your free NETELLER eWallet payment account, NETELLER Money Transfer is a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of sending money.

Rewards Program
NETELLER also offers an generous rewards program where you can be the lucky winner of 30 daily prizes of 500 EUR, three weekly prizes of 5,000 EUR and one 20,000 EUR grand prize. You will earn entries to the contests by:
- 10 entries for every 500 EUR deposited to another website
- 10 entries for every 100 EUR deposited into your eWallet
- One entry for applying for a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®
- One entry for every time you use your Net+ card
- One entry for every money transfer completed

Foreign Currency Exchange Fee
If you sign up with NETELLER to use it to fund your gaming account, make sure that you create your NETELLER account in the same currency as your gaming account. A foreign exchange fee applies to all transactions made in a currency different from your NETELLER account or Net+ card. The NETELLER FX fee is 2.5% and the Net+ FX fee is 2.95%.


The new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community

Tags: casino, gambling law, moneybookers, neteller, norway, poker, UIGEA
Posted on 24 February 2010 by "T".

A new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community has just been passed into law by the government of Norway. The new law will make it illegal for banks in Norway to process transactions to casinos and poker/casino/betting sites outside Norway.

How they will stop people from using Neteller, MoneyBookers and other e-wallets - we will just have to wait and see. The new law will come into effect on 1 June 2010 - the same day as the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) will come into effect. 

Are you afraid that similar laws will be introduced in your country?


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