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The new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community

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Posted on 24 February 2010 by "T".

A new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community has just been passed into law by the government of Norway. The new law will make it illegal for banks in Norway to process transactions to casinos and poker/casino/betting sites outside Norway.

How they will stop people from using Neteller, MoneyBookers and other e-wallets - we will just have to wait and see. The new law will come into effect on 1 June 2010 - the same day as the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) will come into effect. 

Are you afraid that similar laws will be introduced in your country?


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32 comments on "The new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community"

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» The new gambling law which upsets the whole Norwegian poker community

 IslandJack24/02/2010 15:03:52 GMT
Sounds pretty harsh, just wondering about the Neteller etc. thing, is that possible?
In Belgium they are planning some big law changes as well, we don't know what yet exactly... Confused
 Fakiry24/02/2010 15:15:23 GMT
They dont stop people to use online payment systems, but they can stop banks to transfer there, to some of those sites. Those who have agreements with gaming sites, like moneybookers. But you can always open acounts in foreign banks and do your transfers through those banks!
 BryanYork24/02/2010 16:00:41 GMT
It's obviously because poker is full of ridiculous fish that have no idea how to play poker
 raducuul24/02/2010 16:11:11 GMT
it's the shittiest news for the norwegians Smile so, they can;t use any site like netteller or moneybookers for anything? that sucks Smile)

anyway there will always be a way to make those transactions...maybe they will introduce paypal on all poker sites Smile
 phaxaq24/02/2010 16:15:10 GMT
Now in moneybookers is also something about transfering money for gambling. Do you know what happen if you mark "transfer for gambling"? Is it illegal or just we need to pay some tax?
 Hajinnho24/02/2010 16:23:50 GMT
First thing i thought about reading few sentences were "ok, moneybookers will do" Big Smile Than i saw its already mantioned in the article Big Smile

I dont think they can controll it anyway what happens with moneybookers etc. What they would need to do would be forbid the Net in Norway. If they dont it will get harder, never impossible.
 Predobar24/02/2010 16:44:49 GMT
Government is not making poker illegal, just dont want some off shore companies taking money out of its residents pockets. Register casino in Norway and its perfectly legal, from what I read.
 Ergys24/02/2010 16:47:36 GMT
well you can bypass the law with neteller,..., so no problem there, in Belgium they are trying to pass a law to tax poker profits.... thats really f..... up! gready government pigs :s
 shokaku24/02/2010 17:08:29 GMT
The "American desease" has reached europe. Evil

Looks a lot like rules implemented in the US with their anti gambling laws.
 jan4ix24/02/2010 17:11:39 GMT
Well this law will make peoples lives a it more difficult, but there always will be ways to bypass this law. Smile
 mazas24/02/2010 17:24:23 GMT
ohh they kill all poker likers and they must play not real money but just play only for chips and that just kill them all Sad because they start just stop playing and try find some new for relax Smile

hope they cant stop people play poker for real money Smile
 psycokiller24/02/2010 18:28:49 GMT
Online poker/gambling sites are todays version of prohibition of the 30's. These laws are infringing on people's rights and should be fought on that basis.
 Kristan24/02/2010 20:11:05 GMT
Ridiculous Big Smile. As much as I know, most players use Neteller and Moneybookers anyways, and noones going to stop because of that just a little bit uncomfty. What they will achieve with that is desire for very profitable players to move abroad.
 MANUEDO24/02/2010 20:26:33 GMT
Simply ridiculous; it's strange to say it but this time norvegian government approved an umbelieveble law. I live in Italy and thought to have seen all worst possible but this time ....
 911insidejob24/02/2010 20:53:02 GMT
unrea...l they are trying to destroy the gam... yet I wait in line at stores behind people buying several hundred dollars in lotto tickets... government lottery bulls*it
 pmgignac24/02/2010 23:19:34 GMT
its incredible. you can have practily every thing on the net. you can learn to make bombs , you can watch any thing your freak mind wants ... but soon it wont be possible for any one to be a normal citizen would just likes to play poker at home not bodering no one not hurting nobody
 GabeKaplan25/02/2010 01:13:18 GMT
join the club, why do they let Las Vegas even exsist, we cant spend money on poker sites but they let us drive to las vegas to spend it, go figure

 ZmxPowah25/02/2010 01:50:07 GMT
From the time USA made that freaking law.... every country is doing like that :/
In some years Poker will got really big problems to exist... really big :/
 SuperNoob25/02/2010 13:38:08 GMT
well it is really sick that other countries are following same road as usa.
if one european country does it, other might also decide to do something too
why can't these politicians let us live in peace and enjoy our life.........
 doomdy25/02/2010 14:32:00 GMT
Unreal crap Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
 jporp25/02/2010 15:42:36 GMT
Posted by Joe_Average:
Its ridiculous that governments make online poker/gambling bank-transactions illegal. They better find ways to get their share of the profits instead, by taxing the high-profit players in an honest way.

That´s right. A better and profitable solution was taxing the transactions.
 DAGOR25/02/2010 18:11:09 GMT
Hello everybody!
it really sucks to stop people having fun at home quietly. I have that with me also in France the government is preparing a law for the middle of the year.
See you soon for new posts! Sad
 GabeKaplan27/02/2010 17:57:19 GMT
anyone here the california lottery slogan, which I apply to the next country,

 Puuuru27/02/2010 23:34:21 GMT
There was something familiar at Estonia, very crappy..
 paul55601/03/2010 17:14:23 GMT
i dont think they will ever ban poker in england we been gambling for donkeys years long live poker

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