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Italian Poker Pro Committed Suicide After Losing $600,000

Tags: Alessandro Bastianoni, italy, rest in peace, suicide
Posted on 05 August 2013 by "T".

Alessandro Bastianoni, 48, a relatively well known poker player in Italy, was found dead inside a luxury apartment in Miraflores, Peru on July 17th. According to local newspapers, authorities found a glass container with waste water mixed with poison gas next to his body and a briefcase containing $140,000 and a letter requesting that the money would be used to cremate his remains. His girlfriend, Colobian Yeinni Ospina, told the police that she last spoke to him on July 6.

"He told me he'd lost a lot of money and I could hear a profound sadness in his voice. I tried to cheer him up but it was useless," she said.

According to local newspaper 'The Republic', Bastianoni had competed in two live tournament series and racked up $600,000 in gambling debts shortly before his death. Medical examiners believe he died 10 days before he was found. In other words, he most probably committed suicide shorlty after calling his girlfriend.

Rest in Peace!  



Poker Pro Commits Suicide - Father Blames Black Friday

Tags: alaska, las vegas, Matthew Anthony Roth, poker pro, Rest in Peace, rip
Posted on 01 May 2013 by "T".

Matthew Anthony Roth, of Fairbanks, Alaska, made a living from playing online poker since he was 18 and had a very bright future ahead of him, but his life (and many others) changed drastically on April 15, 2011 when online poker was shut down in the U.S. by FBI (Poker's Black Friday). Roth (in the middle of the picture) spent months reclaiming his funds, which were spread around several poker sites. Although he recovered most of his money and graduated in 2012 with a degree in finance - his life never became what it once was.

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Poker player dead in fire accident

Tags: rest in peace, rip, sweden poker
Posted on 27 December 2011 by "T".

According to a Swedish poker news site, a young Swedish poker player died just a few days before Christmas Eve in a fire at a hotel in Bali, Asia. The news site writes that it most probably was an accident and that the young Swede was the only one in room that caught fire.

The man, whose name we have decided not to write here, is from the North of Sweden and he was in Asia on a longer holiday. He has been playing in quite a few major tournaments but has no cashes, according to different live tournament tracking sites, however, he was a very talented cash game player and a very respected person among many professional poker players.

Rest in peace.


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