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$14 no-deposit bonus at for everyone!!

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Posted on 26 September 2011 by "A".


BankrollMob is proud to offer a new and exciting type of No Deposit Bonus to you. has taken the old penny auctions and pushed them in to a new level. For those of us who are not familiar with the old auctions, it's hard to understand the new - so let's see:

Penny auctions have gained more recognition in the past few years, and this is partly because the concept is simple enough. Old style penny auctions offer a high end item, such as a computer or smart phone, on auction at greatly reduced retail prices (usually the price starts at $0.01).  Players then purchase bid packages containing a set number of bids.  Bids usually cost less than a $1, thus the name “penny auction”.  Players spend these bids in the auction. Each bid moves the price goes up (as in a typical eBay auction), but each bid also extends the closing auction time. The player who made the last bid when the timer runs out wins the auction and can purchase the product for a price much lower than retail value. You basically bid on the right to purchase the product at a reduced price, so you also need to factor in the cost of each bid that you spent to win the auction. Even so, the typical final winning bid results in extremely reduced prices for popular and pricey items. These types of penny auctions mainly appeal to people who like to shop and are keen on sales.  While it requires a certain skill to win an iPad for a few dollars instead of hundreds, users must want to own the item they are bidding on, and also be prepared to pay for shipping. have pushed penny auctions to a new level
No longer do players need to wait for an item to go on auction that they want or need, nor do players need to bid on items they don’t want. Since you are bidding on cash amounts, cash penny auction players can focus more on their ability to play the game better than their competitors.

So, how does it work?
Users purchase bids and then use them to place bids on cash auctions ranging from $10 to $250. When a user places a bid, the auction timer will go up by 15 seconds. When the timer goes below 15 seconds, the auction will never go above 15 seconds no matter how many bids are placed afterwards. The winner of the auction is the last bidder to place a bid on the auction when the auction reaches 0 and closes.
As you place bids you can earn Coloritas. These can then be used to win more bids (which cost $0.70 a piece) or even cash amounts (up to $1,000!) by playing the Reward Games or Lowest Unique Game.

Reward Games:
Every day there is a new Reward Game. You can convert your Coloritas to cash or bids. Each Reward Level has a starting level. When the auctions go live and bids are being placed, the amount you can convert will increase. When someone converts a Reward Game on a certain level, that level resets to the original starting point. At the end of the day when the auctions close, all levels are reset and new Colorita amounts will be needed to convert each level.

Lowest Unique Games:
In the Lowest Unique Game, you can use your Coloritas to place a bid on the grid. The squares where you have enough Coloritas to bid will turn bold. When you place a bid, a check mark will appear on the square where you placed a bid. You can only place one bid per square. The square with the least amount of bids that is more than zero will be the winner. If there is more than one square with the lowest unique bid, then the prize will be split between the winners.

What about the exclusive No Deposit Bonus for BankrollMob members?
Let's save the best for last, if you sign up at via BankrollMob you will get a $14 No Deposit Bonus. This free bonus will give you 20 bids to use and give you a good start to make your fortune!



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