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Todays Betting Pick - Europa League qualification

Tags: Betting Tip.
Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016 by "H".

Yesterdays tennis match has been dealyed so we don't know if it will be a winner before posting this betting pick. This pick is from Europa League qualification which starts today and we are going for the absolute latest match of the day. Valur Reykjavik vs Brøndby IF.

We have absolutely no understanding of this odds. The players of Valur Reykjavik are part-time football players, meaning that they have to have a job next to football to secure a high enough income. All the players are new to Europe and have never played a European match before, Brøndby on the other hand has played plenty of matches in Europe before, and their players are full time professionals.


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Even though Iceland are doing well in the Euro 2016 right now, there football teams in Iceland shouldn't be too big of a problem. There's a big difference on Icelands nr. 5 and Denmarks nr. 4 and without their topscorer Patrick Pedersen, we expect Brøndby to win easy.

Bet on Brøndby -1.0 AH. Odds 2.075 at bet365. 

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6 comments for "Todays Betting Pick - Europa League qualification"

 bowie19847/1/2016 12:02:26 AM GMT
Iceland doing well in the Euro's by not giving playtime to players who are still playing in the icelandic soccer championships. That's their big secret IMO. Not without a reason.
Icelandic soccer games only good for overs bettingwise, quite funny that Brondby had odds likes this for SW against a small team...
 doubletop7777/1/2016 8:32:45 AM GMT
A very good tip and thank you again. It looked very doubtful at half time that this was going to be successful but, an amazing second half performance by Brondby, landed this bet very comfortably
 pajalnick7/1/2016 10:57:45 AM GMT
Iceland is probably luck ever end? or not yet? probably on the theory of probability in the near future it is necessary to Bela bet against Iceland ... but in football can happen anywhere ... some skeptics say that everything everywhere is known in advance, but I still believe in fair play
 LIKEIT277/1/2016 4:25:21 PM GMT
Soooo whats it gonna be tonight,...Belgium,..
Missing a good player,..because he injured himself yesterday,...
Sooo one good player less,....
Only a dozen over Big Smile
 dule-vu7/1/2016 5:17:02 PM GMT
its great to see how iceland have three teams in europa league qualification!small country,with not so many football players,to have so much teams,its great!they will not pass many rounds,but who cares!and ofcourse lot of players are on euro,so this should use all of their club opponents!
 qwertolog7/1/2016 9:07:19 PM GMT
How its started and Iceland will pass to semi-finals and the final match and I expect Wells vs Island Aww crap!
Proof that money is not everything and that football still plays with the heart we saw tonight. What grit, any game, a phenomenal football from outsiders who are created from nothing too strong team.

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