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Todays Betting Pick - France will follow Spain!

Tags: Betting Tip.
Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2016 by "H".

What up! - Spain did a great job beating Lietchenstein with nothing less than 8-0 and since we had them to win with just 5 goals, we had a WIN! - Today we try with another handicap but this time it's much smaller as Belarus is hosting France.

France did go all the way to the Euro 2016 Final in Paris, but they managed to lose to Portugal. France does have a very strong team though, and they should be able to beat Belarus. In fact they should be able to beat them quite easy without a hassle and that's why we don't understand the odds from the bookmakers.


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The handicap is only -1.5 and we actually expected it to be around -2.5. Which is a 3 goal win to France. A two goal win should surely be possible for the French team against Belarus, and that's why we go with France to win with a little handicap.

Bet on France. -1.5 AH Handicap. Odds 1.95 at bet365.

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4 comments for "Todays Betting Pick - France will follow Spain!"

 pochui9/6/2016 4:57:54 PM GMT
well the fact itself that you do not understand the odds of the bookmakers is a serious warning signal, because bookmakers do not set he odds based on the intergalactic planet movements, they actually base them on something more serious, say some inside info on how the match is supposed to end, who will score and when... so i think we might be in for a surprise score here, say a draw? or a win for france by a single goal?
 pinotte9/6/2016 5:26:31 PM GMT
According to what i read on other sites you are right on with your prediction. And the odds are pretty good.

So a small bet on your pick seems reasonable and i hope that France will play their A game and beat the Belarus by more than that. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 pajalnick9/7/2016 2:00:26 PM GMT

Belarus fought out on all the forces and all still able to get 1 point in a piggy bank points ..... and the French played too relaxed and were confident of victory .... and here is the result, 0-0
 damosk9/8/2016 8:12:20 PM GMT
I am entirely impressed by the psychic powers on ManPochui in predicting the score between the mighty Belarus and the underwhelming France in a World Cup qualifier that sorted the men from the bouys. Indeed, France were left all at sea with a zero zero and no opportunity for a penalty shoot out to keep the Americans happy.

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