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Tiger Woods at his Charity Poker Tournament Loses to NBA MVP Russell Westbrook

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Posted on 28 May 2019 by "T".

It seems like Tiger Woods can't even catch a break at his own event as he suffered a harsh bad beat to Russell Westbrook in a poker tournament.

If a poker tournament is named after Tiger Woods, then most would think that everything would go his way, right?

On Saturday (May 25) evening, the Masters champ was seen going against Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook playing a game of Texas Hold'em.

Westbrook was just one of the many celebrities who attended Tiger Wood's 8th annual poker charity tournament, Tiger's Poker Night. It was presented by the World Poker Tour and held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The yearly charity poker tournament was a part of the weekend festivities for Tiger Jam, an event that raises funds for Woods' TGR Foundation.

Phil Hellmuth was present there as the tournament emcee, announcing the poker action after introducing the two as the greatest golfer of all time versus one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

The NBA star found himself on the spotlight with the host himself in one of the final hands. Both he and Woods went all-in even before the dealer got to the flop, with Westbrook holding a Queen pair and Woods holding an Ace of spades and a King of clubs. When the dealer made the flop, the first card revealed an Ace, which made Woods to celebrate early as he got one of the best hands a player can get in Texas Hold'em.

In the video shared below, we can see Woods' dismay when a Queen popped up on the next card, making Westbrook the winner of the showdown.

The tournament concluded when high-stakes reg Dan Shak defeated Vegas grinder Anthony Alberto heads-up for the title.

TGR Foundation was established in 1996 by Tiger Woods and his father, Earl Woods, to create and support community-based programs that improve the health, education, and welfare of underprivileged students in America. Last year's WPT Tiger Jam poker tournament event raised $1 million for the TGR Foundation, and the organizers are hopeful that this year's event has surpassed that record (the numbers are still being calculated).

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Despite the loss at the poker table, Tiger Woods' video over the weekend via Twitter went viral as he was giving some golf instructions.

When a fan asked him what he thought of the guy who bet $85,000 on him to win The Masters, Woods replied, "Fucking great bet."



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7 comments on "Tiger Woods at his Charity Poker Tournament Loses to NBA MVP Russell Westbrook"

 CALICUL28/05/2019 18:42:22 GMT
Tiger Woods will not be too affected by this bet because he has a lot of money. This is a hobby for him. A pleasure, not a serious game. He was very happy at this table and will remain with pleasant memories about this game. It's nice to see some athletes from another game playing poker.
 pajalnick28/05/2019 21:26:52 GMT
Of course, for Tiger Woods, poker. This is just a hobby .... so his loss doesn’t mean anything .... he is a professional in the field of golf and quite recently he wasn’t there equal in strength to the game .... not very strong .... Although I have not seen the game .... maybe He was just unlucky to get some hands .... but the news is interesting
 Mober29/05/2019 10:27:57 GMT
Well what if he couldnt win the game. It was a charity event either way,
one that he organizes after all. And even if it wasnt, does he really need that money?
He must have made a fortune by playing golf alone.
Not to mention all the sponsorships, advertising etc Smile
And again is a plus to see such events taking place.
 dule-vu29/05/2019 12:35:22 GMT
its nice to see people and famous persons who have lot of money,to play this kind of event and that they collect lot of money for this people who really need it!this players want give much,when we know how much they earn,but this will be big for somebody who will get money!
 pajalnick29/05/2019 21:25:16 GMT
I did not read the news attentively and did not understand. In the beginning, it was a charity tournament .... in this case it didn’t matter whether Tiger Woods won or lost Tiger Woods .... the most important thing is that the money went to charity .... this is of course wonderful that athletes who have money organized such actions .... This is great
 bowie198403/06/2019 16:26:23 GMT
Wow. Tiger really looks like an old man here on the picture. I know he is in his mid40's but he is looking like those asian bus drivers/drycleaners you have seen at the movies or on tv. I wonder how much the stress affected his aging, probably a lot.
 CALICUL04/06/2019 07:48:36 GMT
Unfortunately, Tiger Woods is not dressed as a rich man and is not that young anymore. He had so many problems in his life with marriage and that affected him. It's not easy to divorce, but that's the situation. He tries to have fun as he can and it is very good.

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