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Tiger Woods rejects $700-$800 Million Offer from Saudi-backed LIV Golf series

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Posted on 05 August 2022 by "T".

Golf icon and potential LIV Golf ‘needle-mover' Tiger Woods rejects a whopping nine-figure dollar contract coming from the controversial Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund.

According to the tour's CEO Greg Norman, Tiger Woods turned down a sum worth around $700 to $800 million to join the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Norman said the offer was made before the Australian was named chief of the controversial series, which is bankrolled by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

Norman said in an interview that aired Monday night: "That number was out there before I became CEO. So that number has been out there, yes. Look, Tiger is a needle mover, right? So, of course you're got to look at the best of the best. They had originally approached Tiger before I became CEO. That number is somewhere in that ($700-800 million) neighborhood."

LIV Golf has signed many marquee players for the series, including the likes of Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson, but 15-times major champion Tiger Woods has stayed committed to the PGA Tour.

The LIV Golf series is backed by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) - a sovereign wealth fund chaired by Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia - and has pledged to award $250 million in total prize money.

However, it has led to criticism from many players, including Rory McIlroy and Woods, that players have abandoned golf's traditional set up and accepted money from a country with a dismal human rights record.

Woods said before last month's British Open that he did not agree with the other players' decision to join the LIV Series and compared the circuit, which features huge guaranteed contracts and a 54-hole format, to the senior Champions Tour.

Woods said: "I think that what they've done is they've turned their back on what has allowed them to get to this position.

Some of these players may not ever get a chance to play in major championships. That is a possibility. We don't know that for sure yet. It's up to all the major championship bodies to make that determination. But that is a possibility, that some players will never, ever get a chance to play in a major championship, never get a chance to experience this right here, walk down the fairways at Augusta National.

But what these players are doing for guaranteed money, what is the incentive to practice? What is the incentive to go out there and earn it in the dirt? You're just getting paid a lot of money up front and playing a few events and playing 54 holes. They're playing blaring music and have all these atmospheres that are different.

I just don't see how that move is positive in the long term for a lot of these players, especially if the LIV organization doesn't get world-ranking points and the major championships change their criteria for entering the events.

It would be sad to see some of these young kids never get a chance to experience it and experience what we've got a chance to experience and walk these hallowed grounds and play in these championships."

Woods even went as far to criticize Norman himself for his role in the splinter tour, saying "Greg has done some things that I don't think is in the best interest of our game, and we're coming back to probably the most historic and traditional place in our sport."

On Sunday, Henrik Stenson won the third event of LIV Golf's debut season at Bedminster, New Jersey.

Almost two weeks after he was stripped of his Ryder Cup captaincy as a consequence for joining the series, the 46-year-old Swede shot 11-under par at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster to win $4 million.

He accepted the trophy alongside former US President Donald Trump, who was present throughout the three-day competition and who owns the course.



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15 comments on "Tiger Woods rejects $700-$800 Million Offer from Saudi-backed LIV Golf series"

 dule-vu05/08/2022 12:08:49 GMT
Seems that this is only chance for him to take bigger money after all his problems!
 geseco1206/08/2022 01:40:45 GMT
it is unbelievable that he has rejected such money that has been proposed to participate, but it is his decision, he knows why he does it, but surely we would not reject such a proposal, unbelievable.
 CALICUL06/08/2022 08:22:01 GMT
Tiger Woods can do what he wants because he is a man who knows what is happening in this world and if something does not seem right to him, it is normal to refuse any request or contract for a lot or a little money. He can say more things about it.
 geseco1207/08/2022 02:31:09 GMT
that's why, it's his decision, no one can force him to be able to do it, he will know why he rejected that incredible offer, no matter the money involved, there are things that many times are not money first.
 dule-vu07/08/2022 07:54:15 GMT
He will know what to do!
 geseco1208/08/2022 03:03:15 GMT
that's right my friend, he will know why and under what circumstances he did it, we will never know, but what we will remember is that he rejected that tremendous offer that any player like him would have rejected, but that's how it is.
 CALICUL08/08/2022 08:23:33 GMT
some people care about their image because Tiger Woods had a scandal with his ex-wife and his relationships with other women when he was addicted to sex, that's why he doesn't want to get into another scandal if this happens. I think that is not the case, but he knows more things
 geseco1209/08/2022 03:40:02 GMT
I didn't know about that, but he knows why he rejected that amount of money that was proposed to him, he is a great player and he should take care of his image so that he is remembered for his good actions on the field and not off it.
 CALICUL09/08/2022 08:51:03 GMT
There is also the possibility that Tiger Woods made a mistake and made an incorrect decision when he refused them. It remains to be seen how this golf series will be and how successful it will be. Normally, it's about sports...
 geseco1210/08/2022 04:01:37 GMT
I believe that he has not made a mistake, he is aware of what he has done and must have his reasons for not accepting such an offer, hopefully his decision will not affect his emotional state and that of his family.
 CALICUL10/08/2022 08:55:59 GMT
he could do this just out of his own frustration, or maybe he's right because he knows a lot of things that happen in the world. He socializes with people who belong to another category and they know more things...
 T3ddyKGB10/08/2022 17:20:24 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
it is unbelievable that he has rejected such money that has been proposed to participate,

short version: the pga blacklists all players that participate at liv golf. guess he gets more at pga tour.
 CALICUL10/08/2022 17:38:58 GMT
there is something curious and strange but it may be okay Smile
 antonis32114/08/2022 16:46:34 GMT
Turn down this offer ?? 700-800M$ ????That's crazy. I guess he has far too much money to be able to reject such a proposal . So , Saudi Arabia offers somuch to get one only player ?? Wow , ai wonder how many billions they earn annually to be able to throw so much , oil princes lol
 CALICUL14/08/2022 19:19:15 GMT
it's his choice

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