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Coca-Cola Shares Dropped after Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Sodas with Water Bottle

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Posted on 23 June 2021 by "T".

The influence of super celebs can make or break a brand overnight.

It only took one simple gesture from a football superstar to significantly bring down a mega brand's share price, by the billions.

The controversy that sparked over Cristiano Ronaldo removing the Coke bottles at a Euro 2020 press conference and replacing it with water resulted to Coca-Cola's share price dropping to $4 billion.

As the football legend sat at a press conference prior to Portugal's opening match versus Hungary, there were Coke bottles placed in front of him, an attempt to promote the tournament sponsor's product.

Known as a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an enemy of softdrinks, Ronaldo disapprovingly moved the bottles away and held up a bottled water, telling people to "drink water" instead.

After Ronaldo's gesture, it was reported that the Coca-Cola share price dropped 1.6% almost immediately from US$56.10 to $55.22. The soda brand's market value went from $242 billion to $238 billion, a drop of $4 billion.

Ronaldo, now 36, is a sworn advocate of healthy food and has maintained amazing physical condition throughout his career. He once persuaded his son to not take sodas, including Coca-Cola. He said, "Occasionally my son drinks Coca-Cola or Fanta and eats crisps and he knows I don't like that."

It is no mystery that celebrities are a great way to boost a brand's presence, but it can also go south in some unusual or unexpected ways. When a very trusted and respected celebrity gives a product or brand their approval or disdain, it can have a weighty impact.

A lot of people highly praised Ronaldo for his stance on sugary beverages. Even if Coca-Cola is obviously known as one of the major sponsors of UEFA Euro 2020, Ronaldo's actions have ingrained the fact that time is running out for brands that are involved in selling products that are unhealthy.

Of course, people will still drink Coke and other sugared drinks, but the longer-term implications are evident. In time, more and more individuals will raise their voices against brands that are not in line with good health.


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21 comments on "Coca-Cola Shares Dropped after Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Sodas with Water Bottle"

 dule-vu23/06/2021 23:35:29 GMT
we talked about this situation few days ago here on forum and this made big problem to coca cola and later to heineken when pogba did same thing!same as they have sponsor outside of club,uefa have their sponsors and they pay big amounts to them,same as national teams will share this money when euro finish,so he must know that he need to respect rules of uefa!
we all know big influence he have on new generation and probably lot of them will follow him with this coca cola thing!
 CALICUL24/06/2021 13:42:45 GMT
Coca Cola is a mess of juice, and Fanta, Sprite or any other carbonated juice of this company the same. Something like that destroys health because there are people who drink quite often
and that's not right. These companies should disappear and replaced with something else, that offers higher quality juices.
 dule-vu25/06/2021 09:29:04 GMT
after this problems with ronaldo,pogba and even italian player locatelli,uefa made reaction and they made statement that players cant do this and that somebody payed big money for this!no matter what you think,you cant do this and its not about your name,because its not your conference,its national team and uefa competition!
if you dont want to drink something like this,its up to you!
 CALICUL25/06/2021 13:52:42 GMT
I don't know exactly what impact will have coca cola actions, which dropped by $ 4 billion because people forget quickly and this is a big disadvantage. I like that the players will not be punished with fines.The american company it would be better not to open lawsuits.
 dule-vu26/06/2021 10:46:47 GMT
we will see who will be next player to do something like this or maybe same players will try again this kind of things!they know what uefa said to all teams and players,so they should stop know do it,but who know what ronaldo will do in next conference!we all know that big money is in game!
 CALICUL26/06/2021 14:25:40 GMT
Hungarian fans are very racist, aggressive and do not have common sense. Cristiano Ronaldo was hit with bottles of Coca-Cola. The match against France was full of events. Ronaldo scored twice but did not have easy moments at the stadium in Budapest. However, UEFA has already opened an investigation into the racism and homophobia manifestations of Hungarian fans during the Hungary-Portugal match. It is grotesque and somewhat similar with what make a member of BRM with me...
 damosk27/06/2021 09:46:13 GMT
It is rather disappointing that players and coaches get threatened with punishment and huge fines if they move bottles of sponsor drinks from the view of the camera, when little is done in the support of discrimination (particularly racism) by the governing bodies who pay lip service to the occasional request for support. What I mean is they say they support having respect, but won’t allow Germany to light up the Alliance Arena in the colours of the rainbow as it is politically motivated. Come on! Actions speak louder than words. Have some balls.
 dule-vu27/06/2021 14:46:32 GMT
but all of this things have nothing with this move from ronaldo,pogba and locatelli,because they must respect rules and sponsort from uefa and nobody ask them what they think!on end money that this teams will share,especially winner,will come from this sponsors,so you cant move coca cola and beer and then to take prize which you get!
its same like ronaldo have rules when he have contract with nike,you must do by they rules and you cant have adidas on you!
 CALICUL27/06/2021 16:32:14 GMT
Mankind is directed for an imposed dictatorship. Politicians have expanded it into the world of sports and other fields. This is not normal and people must to make major decisions. The leadership of European Union no longer leads well and this is very bad. Coca Cola or another company should accept what Ronaldo and other players did.
 antonis32128/06/2021 22:31:38 GMT
Maybe it was a little too much to do sth like this , now , in a Euro 2020 press conference, for Coca Cola , which is one of the major sponsors of this Euro , and pays far too much money for the organisation , or else they would not be able to go and play the matches . Also, I do not know , do football players form the various nations that participate in this Euro , get paid for this participation , with money paid by sponsors or not ?? If yes , then it's even worse for Ronaldo . He could pick another moment to show his disapproval for Coke .
 magatt96629/06/2021 13:44:25 GMT
What about CocaCOla share prices now that Cristiano Ronaldo is comfortably sitting on his sofa? Cool Cool
 dule-vu29/06/2021 18:14:07 GMT
he,he,now both of players are out,ronaldo with portugal and pogba with france,so coca cola and heineken can relax now after their games Big Smile !you can imagine what would happen if they would do in their clubs something like this,they would get good penalty for it!
but few days ago it was picture on some site,where ronaldo had advertisment for coca cola,arround 15 years ago!its funny from that side!
 CALICUL29/06/2021 18:37:00 GMT
if i were you, i would be Cristiano Ronaldo's ally, because this company sells something harmful for human health and it does not deserve appreciation, even if it is a sponsor of Euro 2020. This thing is equal to zero. People should meditate seriously and they must to start cleaning product supermarkets that hurt...
 geseco1216/07/2021 01:23:26 GMT
Actually, what Christian did is fine, with that message it helps many not to consume this harmful drink for our body, but I think it is not the time to do it because they are the ones who pay to make all this drink come true, but anyway
 pokkerimees16/07/2021 05:20:11 GMT
I dont like sodas or sweetened water or even botteled water, to be honest. Sodas are bad for your health and botteled water is waste of plastic. And i dont like CC company.
But what Ronaldo did, was wrong. And the fact, that sodas are bad , does not make hes actions right.
You cannot take the money (well, not he, but UEFA) from company and then trash same companys product.
And you can not earn money from UEFA ruled football and not follow the rules. You want to express your opinion, you can do that after you retire.
 antonis32116/07/2021 12:43:39 GMT
coca cola is bad for health , although I remember a professor gastroenterologist , ass doctor drinking all the time , bad example for students and the others lol . If sb pays you to do sth you respect that , you don't manifest your empathy and hate at the first chance , this was so theatrical , for the cameras , as if there were no other ways to demonstrate his disaproval for this drink . Many do not like it , for healthy reasons , for some things some scientistsor doctors have said , for common sense , but everything on its appropriate time , not anytime anyplace any bu**s**t .....
 dule-vu16/07/2021 13:12:45 GMT
you can find also 100 other things that are bad for people,but they sitll use it!if you drink coca cola from time to time,you will not die from it!
in this case thing isnt in what ronaldo think,its about who is sponsor and that he cant do something like this in their club,because they pay them with big amounts,so he know what would happne if he will remove some sponsor in juve!
but also every club got money from that uefa for every players that was on euro and it money from every sponsor,so you cant do something like this,no matter what you think about it!
 Rogerio1016/07/2021 14:08:47 GMT
I can agree with both sides. If they had the contract to sponsor them and he declined it he is doing wrong. But in the other way, he promotes all his career healty life style and that's just who Cristiano Ronaldo is. I think he would not have to much financial problems becouse they cancel this contract haha.
 dule-vu16/07/2021 14:54:15 GMT
You cant do thing like this,same as nobody do this in champions league,where rules are even strict!they pay for exclusive right and you can even promote sponsor on chairs on stadium,but everu club get big money for it and ofcourse players later from club!why he didnt do sometning like that before?in club he cant even think to do something like this!
Juventus got money from uefa for every day that he was witn national team!what you think from which money this was?from coca cola,heineken and others!
Best thing is that he was on coca cola commercials 15 years ago!you have pictures on internet!
 antonis32116/07/2021 20:56:05 GMT
Yeah , in Champions League , to go and criticise one of the sponsors , the major ones , who pay tens of millions of $$$ for sponsorship , this behavior would not be tolerated by all means . Now I am thinking of old good F1 , I think today also they advertise ciggarettes , don't they ?? Just imagine a driver to demonstrate his disaproval , and who is going to pay your team's salary and the worldwide races' expences ??

 dule-vu17/07/2021 13:45:41 GMT
made one mistake in last post,I didnt put t on can,so it should be cant even promote sponsor on chairs!
everybody gets money from uefa,for every player,every club,so for example dragovic,who play for austrian national team,but he sign it for red star one month before euro,for his games on euro red star got 93000 e!depend ofcourse how much you were with tema before euro,then how many games you did played and so on!
so you can imagine how much money did clubs got for england and italian players and all of this money come from coca cola,tik tok,booking,heineken,gazprom and others,so you must respect all sponsors!
same as you must drive audi if you play for real and this kind of things!

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