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Coca-Cola Shares Dropped after Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Sodas with Water Bottle

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Posted on 23 June 2021 by "T".

The influence of super celebs can make or break a brand overnight.

It only took one simple gesture from a football superstar to significantly bring down a mega brand's share price, by the billions.

The controversy that sparked over Cristiano Ronaldo removing the Coke bottles at a Euro 2020 press conference and replacing it with water resulted to Coca-Cola's share price dropping to $4 billion.

As the football legend sat at a press conference prior to Portugal's opening match versus Hungary, there were Coke bottles placed in front of him, an attempt to promote the tournament sponsor's product.

Known as a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an enemy of softdrinks, Ronaldo disapprovingly moved the bottles away and held up a bottled water, telling people to "drink water" instead.

After Ronaldo's gesture, it was reported that the Coca-Cola share price dropped 1.6% almost immediately from US$56.10 to $55.22. The soda brand's market value went from $242 billion to $238 billion, a drop of $4 billion.

Ronaldo, now 36, is a sworn advocate of healthy food and has maintained amazing physical condition throughout his career. He once persuaded his son to not take sodas, including Coca-Cola. He said, "Occasionally my son drinks Coca-Cola or Fanta and eats crisps and he knows I don't like that."

It is no mystery that celebrities are a great way to boost a brand's presence, but it can also go south in some unusual or unexpected ways. When a very trusted and respected celebrity gives a product or brand their approval or disdain, it can have a weighty impact.

A lot of people highly praised Ronaldo for his stance on sugary beverages. Even if Coca-Cola is obviously known as one of the major sponsors of UEFA Euro 2020, Ronaldo's actions have ingrained the fact that time is running out for brands that are involved in selling products that are unhealthy.

Of course, people will still drink Coke and other sugared drinks, but the longer-term implications are evident. In time, more and more individuals will raise their voices against brands that are not in line with good health.


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119 comments on "Coca-Cola Shares Dropped after Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Sodas with Water Bottle"

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» Coca-Cola Shares Dropped after Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Sodas with Water Bottle

 CALICUL09/11/2021 02:04:39 GMT
i hate Coca Cola
 Rocio2510/11/2021 03:12:17 GMT
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous players in the world and we know that he leads a healthy life where he avoids taking certain things because he knows that it harms his body and is an example for all of us that we must lead a healthy life
 dule-vu10/11/2021 03:12:57 GMT
You are crazy...
 antonis32113/11/2021 23:38:35 GMT
I believe nowadays people are more awar of the need to take care of their health as well as their fitness . So many besides exercise , they also choose very carefully their diet foods , also what drinks theyare going to have and when . I think many nowadays avoid cocacola and they prefer substitutes , or healthier energy drinks , juices , etc

People should start from yaoung ag to take care of their body and health/fitness , or else they will have bad habits for all their life
 dule-vu13/11/2021 23:39:04 GMT
so you believe that coca cola is bad,but corona is lie?right?and if you drink few coca cola in month,you will die?
 antonis32114/11/2021 00:41:24 GMT
dule-vu , I didn't say sth like this . Everyone can drink , smoke , eat , enjoy whatever he wants . Drinking some coca colas per month , especially if you are young , won;t do anything , but if you are older and you drink a lot , don;t forget they put there a lot of sugar , a lot of sugar is not good for health , zero cola is not good as the normal cola . I speak about the tedencies of younger generations , i think nowadays young people tend to look after more themselves , what they eat and drink ...There are healthier drinks than cola .
 dule-vu14/11/2021 00:41:51 GMT
drink pepsi,drink beer,drink whatever you want,but you cant say that you will be dead after you drink it!there are much worse things in life then this,but dont know what we still write about it on gambling forum and just because rocio write in it!
you probably used lot of this drinks when you were young,when you didnt had interenet and all things that they put on tv,but you are still good now,right?this didnt killed you!
but on other side everything about corona is lie as you say and in hospitals are healthy people?
 antonis32115/11/2021 01:29:55 GMT
Nobody said that you would die , at least i did not say such thng .
Maybe others did it . but i insist , these sugar drinks are bad for health , i do not speak for coca cola only , but for all the sugar drinks , if only we could reduce their consumption , that would be good for our health .
Ofcourse , one thing is the theory , another thing is the practice. i might say what I say , but I have drunk 1M coca colas inmy life, I still drink rarely , although I prefer fanta (less impact in my stomach especially whithout carbon if I say it correctly ) .
but I try to introduce juices to my diet , stop drinking these unhealthy drinks . I have some stomach problems , also my father's , aunts' health was affected by these sugar drinks and sufgar foods that they were consuming
Anyway , it's not what I or Calicul or you believe , but what scientifi researches show for excessive sugar consumptuon and suugar drinks , in overal health , the stomach and mouth health and normal conditions
 dule-vu15/11/2021 01:31:41 GMT
if you eat red meat more then normal,it also can be bad for you Blink
 antonis32116/11/2021 02:52:21 GMT
In the past I remember sth that I read , that theoretically any food can be dangerous for your health if you consume a lot , also many foods or ingredients can be poisonous if you consume in one amount a big or very big dose , ofcourse the dose varies for every ingredient . So potentially yes , anything can be dangerous or poisonous for ourselves if we do consume everything without any measure Smile
 dule-vu16/11/2021 02:55:13 GMT
There are much worse things in life then this drink or some food!
 Rocio2516/11/2021 03:09:23 GMT
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous players in the world and we know that he leads a healthy life where he avoids taking certain things because he knows that it harms his body and is an example for all of us that we must lead a healthy life
 dule-vu16/11/2021 03:14:17 GMT
Yes we know...
 Rocio2518/11/2021 22:37:37 GMT
We know that Coca Cola is a sugary drink that is sold worldwide, the truth is a very rich drink but at the same time it damages our body because it contains high levels of sugar so each one is responsible for taking care of their body c
 dule-vu18/11/2021 22:37:45 GMT
its gambling site,not healthy site....
 antonis32118/11/2021 23:26:51 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
its gambling site,not healthy site....

But it's fun to talk about sth else sometimes , besides gambling Smile with exaggerations sometimes , but then again that wouldn't affect many things , either it's for COVID or cocacola . I I say that coca cola is unhealthy I do not think that its market shares will fall and many will lose their jobs , the same applies if I say that it is good , the market prices won't go higher . But ofcourse a famous person like CR7 is another case
 dule-vu18/11/2021 23:27:23 GMT
she post same for months,its boring and she just spam....
 Rocio2519/11/2021 20:50:04 GMT
Drinking water helps your body as it helps you lose weight it avoids certain diseases it keeps you active active now there are many sick people for the reason of consuming water, refrezcos are reasons for diseases that harm the body
 dule-vu19/11/2021 20:50:14 GMT
again and again...
 Rocio2522/11/2021 01:06:44 GMT
Soccer is a team sport where we all get excited to see our favorite team playing and much more if it wins and reaches a World Cup. I think soccer is the sport that people are most passionate about and it makes us vibrate and fills us with feeling. cute
 dule-vu22/11/2021 01:06:49 GMT
So what football have with coca cola?you are again in wrong thread!
 Rocio2507/12/2021 22:12:36 GMT
We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous players and at the same time he is a good player he has shown it in each game and I think we all admire him and at the same time he leads a healthy life that we should also lead
 dule-vu07/12/2021 22:20:34 GMT
whole summer and autumun you talk about this...
 milan_timko07/12/2021 22:22:52 GMT
That man is just a GOAT. Not in particular fan of his personality in some cases. But as a football player Intouchable. Thé dedication is unbelievable. He really gives it always 100 procent. That macht against Atletico Will be remembered also this action at thé WC. When he does something you Will know it!
 dule-vu07/12/2021 22:24:52 GMT
somebody like him,somebody like other players,its up to everybody do decide who they like more!

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