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UEFA Euro 2020 Play-Offs: The Teams that made it to Round of 16

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Posted on 24 June 2021 by "T".

Once the group matches are over, the European Championship tournament gets into the knockout stage, starting with the round of 16.

The top two teams from each of the six groups shall be rewarded with a spot in the knockout stages, while the top four third-placed finishers shall also move on to the last 16.

This is the first UEFA European Championship ever to be played at 11 different venues, from Wembley to Baku.

When is the Euro 2020 playoffs / knockout stage?

  • The knockouts start on Saturday June 26 and ends with the final at the Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday July 11.

Euro 2020 groups

  • Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
  • Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
  • Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
  • Group D: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic
  • Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
  • Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands - Johann Cruijff ArenA
  • Baku, Azerbaijan - Olympic Stadium
  • Bucharest, Romania - National Arena
  • Budapest, Hungary - Puskás Aréna
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - Parken Stadium
  • Glasgow, Scotland - Hampden Park
  • London, England - Wembley Stadium
  • Munich, Germany - Fußball Arena München
  • Rome, Italy - Stadio Olimpico
  • Seville, Spain - La Cartuja Stadium
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia - Saint Petersburg Stadium



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44 comments on "UEFA Euro 2020 Play-Offs: The Teams that made it to Round of 16"

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» UEFA Euro 2020 Play-Offs: The Teams that made it to Round of 16

 shokaku02/07/2021 04:46:03 GMT
Both Italy and Belgium were not overly impressive last round. But espacially Belgium had a very strong opponent. It looks like De Bruyne can't play and Eden Hazard is questionable, so i can see why Italy is the favorite at the bookies.
 CALICUL02/07/2021 11:03:29 GMT
to be honest i bet on Belgium, because it has a team that can win the trophy. I will not be sorry if i lose the ticket with my prognosis, even if Italy has many qualities. Spain's odds on betting are too low and Switzerland deserves more, because that team are not so far in value.
 antonis32102/07/2021 21:03:10 GMT
Congratulations to Italy , I watched some of the match first and second half , I liked the fact they won , now against Spain they will have to fight for the ticket to the great final Smile I will watch tomorrow the match Ukraine vs England , maybe the other one earlier as well , good luck to England
 dule-vu03/07/2021 11:15:58 GMT
didnt watch any of yesterdays game,so cant comment how good or bad games were,just know results!had some celebration,to much of drink and everything,so couldnt watch a minute of them!
dont know what to say about results,spain had again luck,italy got everything in 90 minutes,but probably lot of people will miss belgium in next stage!
 CALICUL03/07/2021 11:44:48 GMT
Italy eliminated a Belgian team that has power and very good players, but who does not know what important matches mean. I hope that Spain will lose in the semifinals, because it is not in shape, but it has reached this point.
 shokaku03/07/2021 18:07:21 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
And a strange smell of 1992 starts lingering in the air...

The smell intensifies. Good first half from Denmark. Poor start to the second half. Then the wave of substitutions derailed the run of play completely, and the game came to a standstill with all teamplay lost.
 antonis32104/07/2021 08:18:24 GMT
Ukraine surrendered to England's superiority in the second half , 4-0 , great score , it could be higher for England , Ukraine had its chances but didn't succeed to turn them into goals , England was a sure bet for this match . Now this match is history , Engand will have to win the title in front of its fans .
 CALICUL04/07/2021 09:14:56 GMT
I would like to see a Euro final between Italy and England, because Spain and Denmark showed a not very good game in this tournament. One of them passed the group with two draws and a victory with a weak team and the other with two matches where he lost, and a victory with Russia. We'll see next week.
 dule-vu04/07/2021 11:36:46 GMT
again didnt had time to watch minute of any game,so know only for results and something that I read on news today!just can comment who is in next round and see that denmark had another great game and england had very easy game for them!didnt expect that result will be so high for them!
 CALICUL04/07/2021 14:10:38 GMT
this time i will bet on Italy and England, both with victories in regular time. I hope that Denmark does not produce any surprise like last year, when she beat her rival in the semifinals right at UK home. Spain should not produce any more surprises and everything will be fine.
 CALICUL06/07/2021 09:27:00 GMT
Today and tomorrow will be two very attractive semifinals. Players will fight to play with Euro trophy on the table. This was supposed to be a year ago, but it didn't happen because of Covid 19. Anyway, i hope you make the right bets and we'll see the show this week with the lasts matches of Euro 2020.
 Rogerio1006/07/2021 10:16:05 GMT
Cant wait for today evening game Italy vs. Spain. I hope or better say i know it will be a great game. I am cheering for Italy couse i like the style of their playing and we are neighbours of course. So i hope for great game and win for Italy. Forza Italy Thumbs Up
 dule-vu06/07/2021 10:29:09 GMT
for me its same who will win and who will go in final,just want to watch great games,especially after I couldnt watch on friday and saturday!it wont be easy for any team to win,maybe only england have better chances then denmark,because they play at home and have better team,but we will see what will happen!
italy play better then spain,but still spain maybe will again play on penalties!
 CALICUL07/07/2021 09:38:59 GMT
I bet on Italy but Morata's goal in the 80th minute made me to lose. It is interesting that England cannot beat today in the regular minutes or even to lose. Denmark had a disastrous start in the first two matches but now can make history today.
 dule-vu07/07/2021 12:58:56 GMT
didnt come on start of game,it was arround 40. minute,but after it was solid game and lot of minutes to enjoy till penalties!didnt expect that spain will score this late goal,but now morata is even bigger tragedian,no matter that he scored that goal in second half!when you miss penalty,you can imagine what message he will get now!
tonight probably england will win,but we will see!
 antonis32107/07/2021 16:28:57 GMT
Congratulations to Italy for gaining the ticket to the final of this Euro , now she'll have to wait for tonight's game , between England and Denmark . I thought England was a favourite to win , but I saw the odds to bet , also your comments here , doesn't seem like the sure favourite , mmm , maybe I will not bet today , I will see the match and see what I ll do with the final . Good luck to England today Smile
 CALICUL08/07/2021 10:19:54 GMT
This Euro 2020 that took place in 2021 has a final with two teams that have not lost at all in groups. I would prefer Italy to win this match, but England will play at home and can have a serious advantage. Mancini's team must have a good day and will win the trophy.
 dule-vu08/07/2021 13:23:57 GMT
even I have some freebet on unibet on england that will win euro,hope now that they will lose,because of this penalty that they had yesterday!I cant believe that even with var and everything somebody decide to give this kind of penalty and not even to say him to see this situation on tv and to change his decision!they even had two balls in this situation on pitch,after that sterling just waited how to fall and now they are happy with it!
just can imagine what kind of newspapers we would have today,if this was case with denmark,what kind of bad words they would write!
what a scam!
 antonis32108/07/2021 15:59:45 GMT
Both teams deserved the victory , England was more lucky I believe in the details , such as in the penalty they won vs Denmark , ofcourse now this match is history , they are in the final , thay will have to win the trophy in front of their fans , that's a big advantage they have , let's see how the final will end .
 dule-vu08/07/2021 16:12:25 GMT
Sorry,but england didnt deserved it!
 CALICUL09/07/2021 11:38:11 GMT
Italy won euro trophy just once in 1968, and England never. Positive thinking and a good match could bring the first trophy for them, but football is played on goals and fate can be bad. However, this match has a major importance and the Italians are almost always strong.
 antonis32109/07/2021 20:03:23 GMT
Well dule vu , my humble opinion is that both deserved the ticket , but England was lucky , now it could have been Denmark instead of England for sure . This penalty , i saw it twice , I am not 100% if it was clear penalty or if the english player won it by falling more theatrically on the foe's leg , lol , anyway , history is history , at least now they have VAR , not that this always works , lol Lets hope in the final we'' ll have a clear winner , and I would like no penalties if possible , lol
 CALICUL10/07/2021 12:54:18 GMT
Unfortunately, the elimination of Denmark from Euro 2020 caused a wave of revolt among the fans, but i understand them, because justice is on their side. At this level there is no need for a team to be favored, but God Save the Queen...
 Rocio2508/08/2021 05:22:44 GMT
I think that Belgium is more likely to win, it is a team or the fight to the end, their fans would bet on that team and if they lose they would continue to bet on them because in football it is like that there are good and bad days, the other teams are also good but they lack a bit, however everyone has to fight until the end when you want to win true
 dule-vu08/08/2021 06:09:53 GMT
you know that euro is over almost month ago and that belgium wasnt even near of final?please dont write in such a old threads,especially when everything is over!

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