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Euro 2020 Postponed until Summer 2021; Domestic Leagues to be Completed by June 30

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Posted on 19 March 2020 by "T".

An emergency meeting of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) involving its major stakeholders on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of the Euro 2020 still taking place albeit on a later date due to the scary coronavirus outbreak has a clearer answer now - it will be postponed until summer 2021.

Scheduled on June 12 to July 12 this summer, the flagship tournament has now been moved to June 11 to July 11 next year.

The postponement gives European leagues, that have been suspended, a chance to be completed. Since the European Championship will be moved, UEFA now clashes with the Women's European Championship which will be held in England in 2021, starting on July 7. Also, the Nations League and the European Under-21 Championships will take place next summer.

UEFA said all three events shall be "rescheduled accordingly", but details are unknown if that involves large-scale postponements or just minor tweaks to the dates.

UEFA said it would like to avoid "placing any unnecessary pressure on national public services" of its 12 host countries and to ensure domestic competitions will be finished, therefore it decided to delay Euro 2020.

UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin said, "We are at the helm of a sport that vast numbers of people live and breathe that has been laid low by this invisible and fast-moving opponent. It is at times like these, that the football community needs to show responsibility, unity, solidarity and altruism. The health of fans, staff and players has to be our number one priority and in that spirit, UEFA tabled a range of options so that competitions can finish this season safely and I am proud of the response of my colleagues across European football. There was a real spirit of co-operation, with everyone recognizing that they had to sacrifice something in order to achieve the best result."

Ceferin continued, "It was important that, as the governing body of European football, UEFA led the process and made the biggest sacrifice. Moving EURO 2020 comes at a huge cost for UEFA but we will do our best to ensure that the vital funding for grassroots, women's football and the development of the game in our 55 countries is not affected. Purpose over profit has been our guiding principle in taking this decision for the good of European football as a whole."

Football is an uplifting and powerful force in society. The thought of celebrating a pan-European festival of football in empty stadia, with deserted fan zones while the continent sits at home in isolation, is a joyless one and one we could not accept to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the competition.

I would like to thank the European Club Association, the European Leagues and FIFPro Europe for their great work today and for their cooperation. I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart the 55 national associations, their presidents and general secretaries, and my colleagues from the Executive Committee for their support and wise decisions. The fine detail will be worked out in the coming weeks but the basic principles have been agreed and that is a major step forward. We have all shown that we are responsible leaders. We have demonstrated solidarity and unity. Purpose over profit. We've achieved this today.

I would also like to thank Alejandro Domínguez and CONMEBOL, who have agreed to move CONMEBOL's 2020 Copa America in order to follow the recommendations issued by the international public health organisations to enact extreme measures and as a result of EURO 2020 being postponed. This means that clubs and leagues in Europe will have as little disruption as possible in the availability of their players. These joint efforts and especially this coordinated and responsible decision, are deeply appreciated by the whole European football community.

I would like to thank FIFA and its President, Gianni Infantino, who has indicated it will do whatever is required to make this new calendar work. In the face of this crisis, football has shown its best side with openness, solidarity and tolerance."

UEFA Euro 2020 will now be held on its new dates, June 11 to July 11, 2021. In case existing ticket buyers and hospitality clients cannot attend the tournament in 2021, UEFA reassures them that the face value of their tickets and packages will be refunded in full.

For other UEFA competitions, whether club or national team for men or women, the decisions on dates will be taken and announced soon.



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29 comments on "Euro 2020 Postponed until Summer 2021; Domestic Leagues to be Completed by June 30

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» Euro 2020 Postponed until Summer 2021; Domestic Leagues to be Completed by June 30

 CALICUL20/03/2020 01:57:43 GMT
The worst news about Euro 2020 and a coronavirus that is not so powerful. I read a news story with some official figures from Worldometer and there he said that between January 1, 2020 and March 10 were 3310 coronavirus deaths and 85,925 died of seasonal flu. It's a big lie and governments to do something else...
 maragatero20/03/2020 02:45:25 GMT
antonis321, maybe that is extreme. If you don´t have the comorbidities, like:respiratory failure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc, And you have less than 60 years, the more likely it is that you are within 80% of the infected that are replenished. I understand that scare you a little the fact that, between February 26 and yesterday, the curve of contagion has grown from 1 to over 100. But if your government shut down the frontiers, dictate the mandatory quarantine of the population, has reagents for analysis of massive, has a good amount of artificial respirators, had a good number of beds in intensive therapy, and you have a little bit of luck, you should not give you by dead...yet!
 dule-vu20/03/2020 11:57:06 GMT
not a single word about football and what people and players will miss with this change and how this will affect clubs,players and all sponsors who give money for this championship!you could write at least in this thread something normal,not how many dead people we have and other things!in 5 ofr 6 threads we have same posts about corona and its about nothing!
 MarkWest20/03/2020 15:51:55 GMT
Feels very strange now without any sportevents like football , hockey etc. Usually read all news about those and look live from tv but now there isn't any.
Maybe must found some games what played before.... to try feel like normal Smile
 maragatero21/03/2020 03:12:00 GMT
Yes MarkWest, this is the time of YouTube! I like football more or less, only the World Championship. But I like to see rugby and box, and there are a lot of games and fight that are historical, and is a pleasure to see those. And in my country, I think that it maybe occur everywhere, the editorials of books and films are liberating his lists or part of them, and offer free his productions while the quarantine lasts.
 CALICUL21/03/2020 10:47:02 GMT
Unfortunately, those who rule the world have turned people's programs over their heads. Last night i made 3 football tickets on sport betting and i chose some friendly matches masculine and feminin but also from Angola or Burundi. It's very sad and a shame. Who lead USA is guilty. This is it. We will see Euro 2020 in 2021.
 dule-vu21/03/2020 12:12:03 GMT
I miss football and other sport so much,its very strange when you dont have anyting to watch on tv!especially I am sorry that I cant go in belgrade to watch my Red Star,no matter is it football,basketball or whatever sport!I dont regret so much about euro 2020 and games at this summer,I regret much more what will with champions league qualifications,because we spend every summer to watch Red Star games in whole europe,when they travel,so if this continue,we will miss this a lot!
 MarkWest21/03/2020 15:44:18 GMT
Football , formula 1 , many others and hockey of course just almost finished regular season of our national league and it was time to start playoffs but all stopped like all others league around world.
It's time for YouTube etc. like maragatero write before , maybe found something what almost forget
Smile Smile
 Mober21/03/2020 19:22:29 GMT
No surprise here. Many things will change from now on.
Some of the regular bettors are alreadu getting crazy having nothing to bet on. Smile
I know a couple that have started playing poker online in order to substitute
their habit Smile Not going well there Smile
 maragatero22/03/2020 05:05:33 GMT
Yes Mober, you have the reason. Is very strange what I find difficult to adapt to this situation. I argue with my 17-year-old daughter, so that she understands that she cannot leave home, and yet, I find myself thinking how to take advantage of my departure to buy food, so that I can play the lottery ... without remembering that it is closed!
 CALICUL22/03/2020 11:20:40 GMT
UEFA said there will be losses of hundreds of millions of euros after Euro 2020 was postponed to 2021. This is very bad for they and the losses in all world will be huge for humanity. What a shame beause to a lie, great manipulation of coronavirus...
 dule-vu22/03/2020 12:53:10 GMT
yesterday was news about euro,how president of uefa and other people,wouldnt change anything about name of championship,even it would be on 2021.,because this would cost too much and everything is already on sign with 2020.,so it would be strange situation to see next year 2020.,even it will be summer of 2021.!
 maragatero23/03/2020 06:00:20 GMT
All the world is suspended holding his breath and hoping that he won't get infected, or at least that he won't die. Luckily in my country, adequate and early measures are being taken. The consequences of stopping the economy are even being considered, and there are already plans to assist all those affected. We are lucky!...and the football can wait!
 CALICUL23/03/2020 11:31:23 GMT
Everything will be very nice
Evil Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 dule-vu23/03/2020 14:02:33 GMT
every day we get news that more and more players have problems with corona virus!ofcourse in spain and italy,but more of them come from england now!even today we have news that one players from 4th league got corona,so this would affect on everybody if they didnt move euro for next year!
 Mober23/03/2020 19:22:03 GMT
You hear everything.
here the president of Olympiakos, they said he got the virus.
They had to test the whole team to see what is going on.
And if im not wrong it was yesterday that i read somewhere,
that half of the turkish soccer team fener, got the virus also.
And we are gonna hear more unfortunately, that is for sure.
 dule-vu24/03/2020 14:31:49 GMT
today we have news that owner of olympiakos is good and he is cured from corona virus,so we can see that everything can be good if you follow instructions!he isnt young,but he is sport,so we can expect that every player will be good after days of isolation!but ofcourse this will not change anything about playing football in next month or two!
 CALICUL24/03/2020 14:48:19 GMT
I don't understand a thing. Why are some people diagnosed with coronavirus ? when in many countries, there are not even tests for this virus? In Romania they want to buy a larger quantity ( at least 200,000 tests), but we have hundreds of cases of illnesses and 8 dead. How they found this with no tests? Execrable manipulation, of course...
 maragatero24/03/2020 16:46:57 GMT
CALICUL, you have to leave the gamble for a while and read (and understand) the news. The OMS (world organization of the health) gaves to my country, and I think that every countries, 3000 reactives unit at the start of the pandemic. The countries which has less growth in the number of contagions and deaths (Corea and Germany) are making massives controlls, that´s why your country are buying that reactive...
 dule-vu24/03/2020 18:04:28 GMT
This is thread about football and sports,so both of you stop spaming in this thread as you are doing in every thread justo to collecting points!not a single word about football or anything in every post!
 antonis32124/03/2020 19:43:28 GMT
Why this event can't be run without spectarors , I don't undrstand . Ofcourse it's 1000% better with spectators , fans from every country to cheer for their favorite teams , this applies to every football , basketball , any sport match ,always it was like this . But now these are times of crisis , according to governaments . An exclusion could be made , not only for this event but also for many other , sports or culture events . Organise them without people in the stadiums/fields , only the abaolutuly necessary number of athletes , referees and personnel .

Most people are at their homes , they try to have some fun , it would be awesome for men if they could watch euro 2020 this summer to forget this craziness , other events as well if they can control the max number of players and people in a stadium . I believe this could be done also with the Olympics .

I hope they put an end to these cancelations , not good for our mood and psychology these days .
 dule-vu25/03/2020 14:26:45 GMT
everything is about money antonis321,so many sponsors,so many beer and everything arround it!what some country would have to make organisation and not to earn anything?ofcourse nobody would like to watch this match that you can hear every word that players talk on pitch and when they hit ball!its just bad!so better to have on next year,then this!
 antonis32126/03/2020 01:09:43 GMT
And without spectators it is true , the show wouldn't be so big and good to see , so sponsors would be fewer , money earned less , the interest smaller , so even if the danger to be infected in such an event wasn't big , they wouldn't run this event for these reasons . Unfortunately there are many TV viewers who would love to watch sport events , too many due to isolation ,they want to have some fun in their home . Especially if you have wife , no ''mood'' for sex Blink , and many kids , LOL Smile
 crankmuppet26/03/2020 10:52:25 GMT
It can't be run without spectators because then all players, coaches, refs and support staff risk infecting one another.

Have you not seen in the news how many footballers are infected?
 dule-vu26/03/2020 14:58:18 GMT
you can see number of players that have problems with corona,especially in spain,so nothing is secure!its enough to have 22 players on same filed and you can have problems!
but most important you can imagine countries that have new stadiums just for this european championship and now not to have fans and no to earn anything?who would like that!

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