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FIFA World Cup 2022: Lionel Messi's Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia - One of the Biggest Upsets in World Cup history

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Posted on 23 November 2022 by "T".

Saudi Arabia has stunned Argentina on Tuesday, November 22, defeating the two-time winners 2-1 in an amazing Group C match, and now it is considered to be one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

The pre-match talk mainly focused on Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest players ever, who is playing in what could likely be his last World Cup.

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina
Those who are familiar with the sport had expected that the South American team, undefeated for three years, ranked third in the world and one among the favorites to win the tournament, to easily sweep aside its opponent, ranked 51st in the FIFA rankings.

Argentina was in fact unbeaten in its last 36 matches - the second longest streak in the history of men's international soccer.

However, goals made by Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dawsari in the first eight minutes of the second-half turned things around following Lionel Messi's lone goal on a penalty kick in the 10th minute and Argentina's first-half dominance.

Inside the Lusail Stadium, thousands of Saudi fans couldn't believe their eyes as they celebrated their unexpected victory.

Historic Win for Saudi Arabia
As much as this was indeed a historic win for Saudi Arabia, it was an utterly humiliating defeat for Argentina who succumbed on the biggest stage.

After the match, Saudi Arabia's coach, Frenchman Herve Renard said the team must not celebrate too much over what he described as a "totally crazy win."
Renard said, "All the stars in the sky were aligned for us. This is football, sometimes totally crazy things can happen. We needed to get this result, it will be one for the [history] books, but as a coach I'm always asking for more from my players, so let's stay humble."

Saudi team players smiled and laughed with reporters as they exited the stadium, a stark contrast to the Argentine squad who walked with their heads down as they hopped onto the team bus. Messi was one of the few who obliged to speak to journalists and even stopped for photos.

Messi, playing in his fifth World Cup, described his team's loss as a very heavy blow, "We didn't expect to start this way. We need to prepare for what is coming. We need to win or win, and that depends on us. We have to return to the foundation of who we are."

A Match of Firsts
It was incredibly a match of firsts: It's the first time Saudi Arabia had beaten Argentina. It's also the first win for a Middle East football team at this World Cup, which is also being held in the Middle East region for the very first time.

There's even more good news for Saudi fans who believe in unprecedented miracles.

The previous three teams to beat Argentina at a World Cup either went on to reach the final (Croatia in 2018), or better yet, ultimately win the competition (Germany in 2014 and France in 2018).

A Saudi fan said after the match, "I'm feeling very proud of my team. This is one of the craziest games I've seen in my whole life. Beating Argentina, one of the best teams in the world, it's like a dream. Playing in the World Cup is good, beating Argentina is something else, it's a different world."

Things are only getting started at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022!
Argentina is set to go against Mexico in its next group match on Saturday, while Saudi Arabia shall face Poland next.

Who's your favorite team to win this year's World Cup?



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26 comments on "FIFA World Cup 2022: Lionel Messi''s Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia - One of the Biggest Upsets in World Cup history"

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» FIFA World Cup 2022: Lionel Messi''s Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia - One of the Biggest Upsets in World Cup history

 dule-vu23/11/2022 16:38:12 GMT
yeah,probably one of bigest suprises in wordl cup history and something that all fans will remember,especially after 1:0 for argentina and 3 goals that var didnt allow ( all fair decisions),so who would expect that in second half they will score 2 goals in just 5 minutes!argentina will regret for this lost for many years!
 geseco1224/11/2022 18:33:31 GMT
soccer is like that, it never ceases to give us surprises, that is why it is considered the best sport in the world, argentina came with 36 games undefeated, with a great streak and with a great confidence, but we do not know what happened in the match with saudi arabia, it was very strange to see them play like that to argentina.
 CALICUL24/11/2022 18:38:30 GMT
things like this happen if you are careless and think you are playing with a weak opponent. I wish for other surprises because that's nice and they don't always have to beat the favorites. Football must also be surprising
 bowie198424/11/2022 21:34:01 GMT
Oddly I enjoy when big teams suffer defeats on these tournaments but the real suprise results are used to come on the third round of the groupstage when teams are sometimes rest key players for the next stage where the tournament gets real.
 CALICUL24/11/2022 21:52:15 GMT
i like surprises because is good for football
 antonis32124/11/2022 22:00:55 GMT
Crazy result for sure . I couldn't predict this , I wonder if anyone has predicted it , it's completely crazy to me , to lose to Saudi Arabia . Of course of small teams can win the famous very good teams that's good advertisement for football, for the sport. I watched some reactions of Saudi people , they went crazy watching their country winning , it was unexpected .
 CALICUL24/11/2022 22:09:05 GMT
we have to be realistic, because there at world cup have always been surprises in the last decades...
 Haymore27725/11/2022 09:01:24 GMT
This is the biggest upset in world cup since 2006 if I'm not mistaken
 dule-vu25/11/2022 09:08:46 GMT
Still lot of days in group stage to see even bigger one!
 geseco1226/11/2022 02:36:13 GMT
tomorrow argentina will define its pass or elimination from the world cup, it is obliged to beat mexico, i hope they unite as a group and show that they have the team to win, we know that it is hard to beat mexico, but we must always keep them focused on scoring.
 CALICUL26/11/2022 02:36:20 GMT
Argentina has a very difficult match with Mexico
 Rogerio1026/11/2022 10:21:27 GMT
Damn this is just crazy what happened in this world cup. But i hope that win Argentina or Portugal. Love to see that at least one of those special players at time they ending heir awesome careers, het the world cup to. Even if you don't like them you must respect their gratenes in fotball. This will be just cherry in the pie for them.
 dule-vu26/11/2022 10:22:33 GMT
Hope to see better game from agrentina!first one was very bad!
 bowie198426/11/2022 23:37:52 GMT
Posted by Haymore277:
This is the biggest upset in world cup since 2006 if I'm not mistaken

Italy - Costa Rica 0:1 on the 2014 World Cup groupstage had a similar feel to be honest, but of course Costa Rica did not have 22x odds to win that match pre-game.
 CALICUL27/11/2022 00:33:30 GMT
there will always be surprises and the sports betting houses are the most advantaged of this. They enjoy the most because they earn more money from these surprises. It is interesting what will happen next
 geseco1227/11/2022 03:55:32 GMT
now argentina recovered by beating mexico, now the table is in favor of the albiceleste, now we must not lose the will and keep on competing until the last minute, i have faith that argentina will qualify to the round of 16 of the world cup.
 dule-vu27/11/2022 09:20:55 GMT
They played good game and well deserved win last night!
 Rogerio1028/11/2022 08:13:57 GMT
They deserve it for sure, Argentina play poorly. But now i think they will get out of the group. The one of the biggest suprises was 20 years ago if someone even remember Senegal vs. France. France was last euro and world cup winners. I think Papa Buba Diop score. And suprise was too to get south Korea to semi finals. But we all who watch know hor the get there.
 dule-vu28/11/2022 08:54:20 GMT
we can see every day that almsot every team can beat anybody,except qatar!argentina will have third game and probably they will play even better!
 geseco1228/11/2022 14:02:12 GMT
all the matches are well fought, the teams are well formed, there are groups that go to the third date almost tied in points and that makes the end even more exciting, you don't know who will qualify, that's the most beautiful thing about this sport.
 dule-vu28/11/2022 15:59:37 GMT
Seems that messi play better and better every game!
 bowie198428/11/2022 23:36:31 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
all the matches are well fought, the teams are well formed, there are groups that go to the third date almost tied in points and that makes the end even more exciting, you don't know who will qualify, that's the most beautiful thing about this sport.

Yeah, only Brazil, France and Portugal are getting through for sure so far so that makes gameday 3 matches way more exciting.
 dule-vu28/11/2022 23:47:20 GMT
Dont what to say on this results anymore!at least brasil play for sure games!
 geseco1229/11/2022 17:34:12 GMT
brazil is the most solid team in this world cup and the only team that will stand up for our continent, i hope i don't get a surprise, this world cup is very strange, anything can happen in a soccer field.
 CALICUL29/11/2022 20:06:53 GMT
I didn't see how Brazil plays, but I saw their goals. I don't like Spain, which is a team with many strong players who can win this world cup. France is also strong, but Brazil is not my favorite.

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