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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Argentina beats Croatia 3-0 to advance to the Final

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Posted on 14 December 2022 by "T".

Argentina now secures the first spot in the World Cup final after dominating Croatia with a 3-0 win on Tuesday in Qatar.

Superstar forward and captain Lionel Messi definitely worked his magic all throughout the match, dazzled with a goal and assist, and now he's one win away from lifting the trophy of his dreams.

He and fellow forward teammate Julián Álvarez were obviously the difference makers in Tuesday night's match, playing a crucial role in all three goals.

Argentina 3 - Croatia 0
First half
In the 34th minute, Álvarez was taken down inside the 18-yard box by goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic. The ref whistled, showed Livakovic a yellow card and awarded Argentina a penalty.

Naturally, it was Messi, playing in his fifth World Cup, who successfully scored the opener from the penalty spot. He kicked the ball with his left foot into the top right corner, giving his side the first lead 1-0.

This became Messi's 11th FIFA World Cup goal and the Argentina captain now owns his country's record for the most scored in the tournament. With five goals scored in Qatar, Messi now stands tied with France's Kylian Mbappé for the Golden Boot Award given to the tournament's top scorer.

Five minutes later, Álvarez scored a superb a second goal for his side. As he raced forward from the opposing end with the ball, he forced his way through the Croatian defense. His initial shot got blocked but he managed to rebound and put the ball into the net to make it 2-0 going into halftime.

Second half
In the second half, Argentina was vying for that third goal to put away Croatia. They delivered once again, this time with Álvarez and Messi working together.

In the 70th minute, Messi didn't want to lose possession, dribbling all the way to the opponents' byline. He spotted Álvarez inside the box and the 22-year-old produced his second goal of the game and his fourth of the tournament.

After the victory, Messi said:
"It's very exciting to see all of this. As we said at the beginning, seeing these people, the family throughout the World Cup, it is something incredible to experience. And well, we are going for the last game, which is what we wanted.
We have been enjoying a lot since we arrived at this World Cup, even though we had a losing start. We were confident in this group, we are going to move forward.
We ask people to trust because we know what we are. This group is crazy and well, we did it. We are going to play one more final. Once again, Argentina is in a World Cup final and well, let's enjoy all this."

Lionel Messi's Records
With his appearance against Croatia, Messi now joins German Lothar Matthäus for the record of most appearances in FIFA men's World Cup history with 25 matches played.

With five goals scored in Qatar, Messi is currently tied with Kylian Mbappé (France) for the Golden Boot Award given to the top scorer of the FIFA World Cup.

Further, Messi assisted on a goal, and now he's the favorite to win the Golden Ball award as tournament MVP.

Up Next
Lionel Messi will then lead his country against the winner of France and Morocco in pursuit of his first ever World Cup title.

Meanwhile, Croatia will play the loser of the other semifinal in the third-place game on Saturday.

Up next, on December 14 (Wednesday), France will face Morocco, the Cinderella team of the tournament, in the second semifinal match.

No matter what happens in the semifinals, this World Cup will be historic!

  • Lionel Messi may win his first World Cup
  • France may be the first team in 60 years to retain the World Cup title
  • Morocco may give Africa its first ever World Cup trophy

Who's your favorite team to win at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?



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25 comments on "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Argentina beats Croatia 3-0 to advance to the Final"

 CALICUL14/12/2022 15:15:37 GMT
Argentina is playing better and better and has qualified for the final. Unfortunately, Croatia had an unlucky match for them and did not have the strength to score goals. They should have been braver in attack, but they weren't. Today we see who Argentina's opponent is.
 geseco1214/12/2022 15:45:01 GMT
I am very happy because Argentina is once again in the final of the world cup, yesterday they played a great game, they were brave enough to go for the game from the first minute, they were not afraid, they didn't hold anything back and the results were as expected, now we have to wait for the opponent.
 dule-vu14/12/2022 15:49:17 GMT
I am also!
 tomex1114/12/2022 16:34:41 GMT
I am also glad that Argentina advanced to the final of the World Cup because Croatia's game was not captivating and was quite boring and monotonous, thus the final with Argentina will be more interesting to watch. I didn't think it would be such a one-sided match and that it would end with a smooth victory for Argentina. I predicted 2-1 for Argentina. The Croatians did not lose their strength for this match.
 CALICUL14/12/2022 16:36:54 GMT
Croatia could have a good game if they had a real striker or two. Football is football and it is played on goals. Argentina has a nice match and in the final it can have a nightmare match if they play with France.
 juhavex14/12/2022 16:39:13 GMT
This result was expected, but I expected a goal from the Croats.
 CALICUL14/12/2022 16:41:33 GMT
that didn't happen and Argentina won with a big score that, to be honest, i didn't expect. I think it will be a balanced match where the teams will struggle to score, but it wasn't like that except for Croatia.
 Palych8614/12/2022 23:28:56 GMT
And I also assumed that Argentina would be in the final, but I took it and bet on a draw. And my money is gone.
 CALICUL15/12/2022 00:11:52 GMT
this is the situation and i put the same. Good luck in future Smile
 Palych8615/12/2022 07:27:17 GMT
In principle, I also understood that Argentina was stronger than Croatia, but I did not rule out the victory of Croatia. And this would already be a repeat of the 2018 World Cup final in Moscow. Well I had no doubt that France would win.
 dule-vu15/12/2022 07:31:02 GMT
two fast goals changed everything,especially penalty and they were gone after that,couldnt back and game was over!with team like argentina and messi in his best form,you cant do much against them!now in final it will be much harder to score and they will have france on other side!we will see is time for messi to finally win world cup!
 Palych8615/12/2022 07:45:32 GMT
According to the game, there should not have been a penalty, he had already shot on goal, and then collided with the goalkeeper. And the Argentina-France final will be very interesting. They have a score of 2:2 in terms of the number of world champions, and here is the whole intrigue.
 dule-vu15/12/2022 07:48:53 GMT
one side say that should be penalty,other thinks that it wasnt,because goalkeeper stand it with two legs on pitch and player kicked him,so dont know what to think!but ofcourse this change whole game and after it was easier for argentina to win and play as they like!with france it will be different story!
 Palych8615/12/2022 08:36:25 GMT
Yes, of course, the World Cup final will be interesting. And for the bronze victory for Croatia in this I have no doubt. But if Morocco suddenly wins, it will be something with something.
 dule-vu15/12/2022 08:41:52 GMT
for croatia would be better to play with france then with morocco,because bigger teams dont like this games for third place,when they didnt reach in final,but for morocco this is like final and they want to be on third place and to come with victory in their country!this will be great success for them,so croatia will have hard game with them!we know that they already played game in group and that it was 0:0!
 Palych8615/12/2022 12:19:05 GMT
I completely agree with you and the victory will be for CROATIA.
 dule-vu15/12/2022 12:20:56 GMT
But I didnt say that they will win...
 Palych8615/12/2022 12:28:37 GMT
I didn’t say much either, but Croatia will still take bronze, I think so.
 dule-vu15/12/2022 12:32:46 GMT
Morocco will be on fire for sure,so I think that chances are 50/50!
 geseco1215/12/2022 23:50:12 GMT
let's go argentina to win the world cup for south america, for argentina, for MESSI, let's go, we will all be supporting the albiceleste, we will be with you until the end, every effort has its reward and messi deserves it for what he is doing in the world cup.
 CALICUL16/12/2022 00:08:36 GMT
Argentina will have a difficult match, but i hope that Messi will play a big game and Argentina will win
 geseco1217/12/2022 01:53:08 GMT
as long as leo messi is plugged into the game there is hope until the end, the player I love is julian alvarez, a great striker who helps messi a lot, and that started on the bench and his good performances have earned him the starting lineup.
 CALICUL17/12/2022 02:04:46 GMT
I hope Messi will play with courage and to show a very good football . Big Smile
 geseco1218/12/2022 04:31:40 GMT
that's right, during the world cup messi has been showing a lot of courage and being present in the decisive matches, he has a good statistic in the world cup and i hope that tomorrow he will show it once again.
 dule-vu18/12/2022 09:49:49 GMT
now its just final game,last game and everything will finish!even fans are not so much satisfied with this world cup in qatar,about all restrictions,at least we had good games and hope that this final will be also!just that they score lot of goals and that on end we enjoy in great football!good luck all players!

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