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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Qualified Teams in Round of 16

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Posted on 05 December 2022 by "T".

The match between Netherlands and USA started the Round of 16 at the Khalifa International Stadium.

This year's chaotic group stage at the 2022 World Cup saw tournament regulars Belgium, Germany and Mexico eliminated. Japan had shaken Group E by finishing first. Lionel Messi's Argentina redeemed themselves after an opening loss to Saudi Arabia.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has now entered its knockout stage.

The biggest soccer tournament in the world started with a total of 32 teams, divided across eight different groups (A-H), with four teams in each group.

The teams who made top two in each group have advanced to the next stage, making it a battle between 16 teams for the coveted World Cup trophy.

The schedule of the Round of 16, also called knockout stage, has already begun on Saturday, December 3.

Check out which teams are facing off at the ongoing mega soccer event in Qatar.

Teams Qualified for the Knockout Stage

Netherlands vs USA

  • Date: December 3 (Sat)
  • Venue: Khalifa International Stadium

Argentina vs Australia

  • Date: December 4 (Sun)
  • Venue: Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

France vs Poland

  • Date: December 4 (Sun)
  • Venue: Al Thumama Stadium

England vs Senegal

  • Date: December 5 (Mon)
  • Venue: Al Bayt Stadium

Japan vs Croatia

  • Date: December 5 (Mon)
  • Venue: Al Janoub Stadium

Brazil vs South Korea

  • Date: December 6 (Tue)
  • Venue: Stadium 974

Morocco vs Spain

  • Date: December 6 (Tue)
  • Venue: Education City Stadium

Portugal vs Switzerland

  • Date: December 7 (Wed)
  • Venue: Lusail Stadium


Knockout Stage / Round of 16 - The Results so far:

Date: December 3 (Sat)
Netherlands 3 - United States 1
Argentina 2 - Australia 1

Date: December 4 (Sun)
France 3 - Poland 1
England 3 - Senegal 0

Who's your favorite team to win at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?




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25 comments on "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Qualified Teams in Round of 16"

 CALICUL05/12/2022 13:33:54 GMT
after the group stage there were no surprises, but 4 matches in this stage remained and it can happen
 geseco1205/12/2022 15:54:19 GMT
in the round of 16 there are no surprises, the teams that were going to win have won, now there are 4 more matches left, we can see surprises like Japan that is beating Croatia right now, 1-0 in the first half.
 dule-vu05/12/2022 16:33:58 GMT
Maybe we will have in next days some suprise!
 shokaku06/12/2022 10:47:15 GMT
Only real potential for a surprise in this round would be between Morocco and Spain. Portugal vs Switzerland is a game between teams of similar caliber, and a lot of the earlier games were predictably one sided. Japan vs Croatia was obviously close, but Croatias performance can be all over the place at times.
 dule-vu06/12/2022 10:56:39 GMT
japan had everything in their hands,but you cant miss 3 penalties!
you are right about morocco!
 shokaku06/12/2022 11:10:24 GMT
You can't miss three penalties? Just ask the English team. Blink
If you made wise substitutions, that is surely possible.
 dule-vu06/12/2022 11:30:42 GMT
I mean in this kind of game you cant miss three of them,especially when its such important game!
 shokaku06/12/2022 17:51:26 GMT
Quite obvious a team can miss three penalties in such critical matches. At least Japan managed to score one. Congratulations to Morocco.

And for Spain. Karma is a b*tch.
 CALICUL06/12/2022 17:54:44 GMT
yeah. Good luck in future. Big Smile
 geseco1207/12/2022 02:10:46 GMT
argentina is going from less to more, they started losing the first game of the world cup against saudi arabia, now they are in the quarter finals and face the netherlands, a tremendous game is coming, i hope argentina wins.
 CALICUL07/12/2022 02:26:36 GMT
it is possible to win, if he knows how to block the Dutch players
 shokaku07/12/2022 06:19:38 GMT
The Dutch already spottet a weak spot in the Argentinean team, Messi. Sounds strange, but it is a fact that he does nothing defensively, and that can hurt his teams. One reason Barcelona got such drubbings from Bayern in the last years. The defense was just overwhelmed
 dule-vu07/12/2022 08:31:43 GMT
we saw how spain can lose from morocco,so who know what can happen with argentina,especially if they come to penalties!
 shokaku07/12/2022 10:10:36 GMT
If it comes down to penalties, the Dutch are doomed.They are notoriously bad at those shootouts, while Argentina is at least decent. Last game between those two at a World Cup, semifinal in 2014, was decided on penalties. Argentina made it to the final.
 dule-vu07/12/2022 10:12:18 GMT
but when you see what kind of games we had on this world cup,who can be sure that argentina will win on penalties?same as to say that we cant know how far morocco can go!
 geseco1208/12/2022 02:31:18 GMT
i think that if argentina plays like in the previous match they will beat the netherlands, we know that the netherlands also have good players, it will be a great match, very hard fought from the first minute.
 dule-vu08/12/2022 06:12:07 GMT
If they continue with this kind of play they can expect a lot,but you never know how good holland will play!maybe they will have best game on world cup just now!
If argentina will attack from start,they will have everything in their hands!
 shokaku09/12/2022 22:01:16 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
If it comes down to penalties, the Dutch are doomed.

 CALICUL09/12/2022 22:31:07 GMT
I got the prediction at the end of the Croatia - Brazil match, but not the score. I put an x with 2 - 2. Normally, it's very difficult and we can't get such results very often, but at least i didn't bet on Brazil's victory, to lose...
 geseco1210/12/2022 00:09:28 GMT
i would like messi and argentina to be world champions, what leo needs is to win the world cup and this is his last world cup, it would be unfair for him to retire without winning it, but let's keep giving everything, there is still the semifinals.
 CALICUL10/12/2022 00:13:12 GMT
it would be cool to have an Argentina-Portugal final. Someone between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will regret it a lot.
 ERNESTORO10/12/2022 07:57:26 GMT
At this point, the fall of a team like Brazil should not be surprising because the rival Croatia also plays and presents the game well, Argentina also goes to penalties but knows how to solve better and is now two games from the final.
 dule-vu10/12/2022 09:30:52 GMT
Brasil had everything in their hands,that was sad story in first 90 min,then they played good in extra time,had many chances and you get goals like that!sad story of this world cup!
 geseco1211/12/2022 00:53:32 GMT
it hurts me a lot that brazil has been left out of the world cup, but i can't explain until now why they don't go out with hunger for goals if they have a great team to put pressure and goals from the first minute, they trust a lot, they play relaxed and that's what you pay dearly in the world cup.
 CALICUL11/12/2022 00:58:57 GMT
Brazil has bad days and let's not forget, that also lost to Cameroon in the groups. Croatia is stronger than Cameroon in my opinion.

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