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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has Sportsbooks scrambling to Attract Customers

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Posted on 14 September 2022 by "T".

The world's biggest soccer competition for sports fans and bettors is getting closer.

As the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching, sports gambling operators are offering new and better experiences to their customers.

The NFL always signifies big money for sportsbooks, but the sport is mostly celebrated in the US and other select markets.

Soccer, on the other hand, draws great attention all over the world. Sports platforms have been finding new ways to reach out to new users in the wake of the betting craze. Right now, many punters have the possibility of wagering on all kinds of situations that arise during the match.

The soccer event, which millions of fans worldwide are anticipating, means sports betting shall prominently dominate this November and December. It could be the perfect opportunity for sportsbooks to get the upper hand over the competition.

In the last World Cup held in Russia, FIFA reported that when it comes to global turnover, bettors wagered around €136 billion (US$137.8 billion). Per game, the average was €2.1 billion (US$2.12 billion).

Premium Experiences in Betting
Now, many operators are focusing more on retention campaigns rather than attracting new customers. This way, they can make sure their customers don't start searching for alternatives.

Many sports betting operators are creating "premium" experiences, however, their definitions may vary. Some could offer better prices and cash-out options. For the latter, one thing that's becoming increasingly frequent is the possibility for punters to withdraw their winnings any time they wish.

It's highly likely there will also be guaranteed promotions offered daily during the World Cup. In competitive markets, improved odds, free bets and fair payments on offer to obtain and retain users will be made available.

Of course, regulators shall be paying more attention to sports betting as well. It has become obvious that watchdogs everywhere are more interested in the implementation of responsible gambling than ever. As such, operators can expect their every move to be under close observation.

Picking the Best Team to Win
For now, Brazil, France and England are leading in the list of top contenders for the prestigious title.

Who do you think will win the 2022 World Cup?
Will it be Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Netherlands or Spain? or any other country team you have in mind?


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Image: FIFA World Cup - Twitter


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60 comments on "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has Sportsbooks scrambling to Attract Customers"

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» FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has Sportsbooks scrambling to Attract Customers

 CALICUL29/09/2022 03:14:47 GMT
I think i will change my betting style because i bet on 5 matches per ticket with odds over 1.80. I have lost many tickets like this and i will guide myself on lower odds and on greater concentration. Possibly to choose matches with scored goals.
 antonis32130/09/2022 00:31:42 GMT
I like many times to bet on scores , not that I win a lot to justify this choice , but it is more thrilling to know the hard target , the big win on case of win . Some times I input very big scores , I have a special like for 3-2 lol . I will try to watch some matches games before the world cup starts , I will also try watch all games in the first stages , to have a clear opinion about the teams , their dynamics . If you have a bet ongoing , it is more fun to watch a sport event . Even if it is 1$or even 10c , you are more thrilled to watch the event , choose one side , enjoy it more
 CALICUL30/09/2022 00:47:40 GMT
with scores it's very hard
 geseco1230/09/2022 03:44:47 GMT
I always bet on the combined, and if I have had good results, there are players who have their own methods and it works very well, that's why to do it you must have a thorough study of the game and what method you want to use.
 dule-vu30/09/2022 05:26:07 GMT
So many games will be in that days,so you can make lot of different combos!
 geseco1201/10/2022 04:17:47 GMT
it will be a nice party the world cup, also you can get a lot of profitability in the bets that we will do in the world cup matches, when a person bets and sees the game is huge, the emotions go to a thousand times h
 CALICUL01/10/2022 08:31:30 GMT
it is a very interesting world cup and let's see who will be the winner. Italy is not playing and many believe that England is the favorite because France does not really play football. Brazil is also a favorite
 geseco1202/10/2022 04:41:37 GMT
every time there are few days left to watch this great event like the world cup, besides having fun with our friends watching the games we can also bet, this time I will bet on the world champion, I will bet on brazil, I think they have a great team, and will not disappoint.
 dule-vu02/10/2022 07:01:24 GMT
But somehow everything is different about this world cup!
 geseco1203/10/2022 15:49:55 GMT
we know that in soccer anything can happen, there is always a percentage of probability that it does not go as we want, but it is part of this beautiful sport, what we have to do is always think well before betting on a team, a deep study is important, the world cup is at the doors. how exciting!
 CALICUL03/10/2022 15:53:27 GMT
it is far too wrong to win these days in football if you put 5-6 matches per ticket. Before we were winning 6 matches per ticket, now it's much harder, that's why i have to bet less because i don't have time to watch too much football for better documentation.
 geseco1204/10/2022 16:41:33 GMT
we must be very selective when choosing the matches to bet on in the World Cup, sometimes we get carried away by the formation of the teams, but we do not see at what level the players arrive, there are many things that have to be evaluated to have a safe bet.
 CALICUL04/10/2022 16:43:37 GMT
in the groups there will be small odds and some better ones for the strong matches, but i hope that the small teams will be taken into account more, because they often produce surprises and sometimes bigger surprises, when they beat strong teams...
 geseco1205/10/2022 16:55:47 GMT
always in big competitions such as the championships and the world cup there are many surprises that give you many times the matches, that's why you need a previous deep study to minimize losses in these cases, always with responsibility.
 CALICUL05/10/2022 16:59:43 GMT
I can't wait to see matches and bet here even on possible surprises that can be quite often these days. I'm tired of betting on many favourites, I have to change something to have more luck because there are enough surprises
 jazam06/10/2022 06:58:57 GMT
I also expect a lot of surprises in this World Cup. Many of the football players, of the outsiders in the groups, play in the top European championships. The power is fairly even, but there will always be good betting opportunities.
 dule-vu06/10/2022 07:13:42 GMT
They will come from leagues and champions league and this will be hard for all players!
 geseco1206/10/2022 19:06:51 GMT
it is not long to see the world cup, a great party for all sports lovers, besides having fun in that month we can also go betting to earn money, there are very good quotas, not to be missed. but always with responsibility.
 CALICUL06/10/2022 19:09:03 GMT
there are countries that have good teams but lost the qualification because they were not too focused in the games with small teams. However, there are enough teams here that we can bet with pleasure and see their beautiful football.
 geseco1207/10/2022 22:35:08 GMT
there are soccer teams that are very serious candidates to win the world cup, I say this because of the squad they have, we have france, brazil, argentina, but we also know that anything can happen, always bet responsibly and enjoy these great games that is not every day, and also their last world cup of messi and cristiano.
 dule-vu07/10/2022 22:35:12 GMT
Lot of good teams!
 geseco1208/10/2022 23:51:32 GMT
there are three teams that are playing very well and are putting together the best squads to play the world cup and win it, this world cup I will bet on a South American team to win the world cup, I am very convinced that it will happen this way.
 CALICUL08/10/2022 23:57:53 GMT
there are still a few weeks and we will enjoy beautiful matches, if we are football lovers. I still think that what the USA is doing is not good at all, Thet want a world war and then we might not see football anymore. Something is wrong with these Americans, who are actually Jews... The USA is run by Jews...
 geseco1210/10/2022 02:35:26 GMT
It would be a great pity that they ruin the World Cup because of the war they have among themselves, I think that in the 21st century this should not be happening, we know that wars always bring negative consequences.
 dule-vu10/10/2022 02:49:40 GMT
Just that we dont have lot of injuries on this world cup!

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