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Woman becomes Millionaire after Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket

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Posted on 02 June 2021 by "T".

The lucky mistake led a North Carolina woman to win $2 million.

Elizabeth Johnson, a resident of Lucama about 50 miles east of Raleigh, bought her Powerball ticket too late for Wednesday's drawing last week. In her rushed attempt to buy a ticket with Online Play, she just missed the lottery drawing deadline (9:57 cutoff) by a single minute that she herself didn't even realize it, NC Lottery officials said in a statement Friday.

That may be the case, but Lady Luck works in mysterious ways, and so those numbers she had turned out to be the numbers drawn the following Saturday - which is how she learned that she had entered that drawing at all.

Johnson said, "It was definitely a shock! When I got the message saying that I had won I thought, Well, I didn't even play tonight."

She purchased a $3 Power Play ticket and matched the numbers on all five white balls for a $1 million win in the drawing Saturday, a prize that doubled with the 2x multiplier was also drawn. Lottery officials said that the odds of matching all five white balls are 1 in 11.6 million.

Johnson's take-home prize money was $1,415,000 after taxes. She plans to buy a house and take a vacation with her family. She said, "The kids want to go to Disneyland. We've never been, and now we'll get to."



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25 comments on "Woman becomes Millionaire after Buying Wrong Lottery Ticket"

 dule-vu02/06/2021 13:56:11 GMT
I know that this powerball is popular in usa and we can see how they can win big amount for only 3 $!when you read prize is 3 million,but on end of news you can see how big is tax in usa and that she will "give" to goverment half of money,which is very big amount!thats how thing go in america!
 geseco1202/06/2021 15:38:29 GMT
She won it, luck was for her, but the fact is that the government is very abusive to collect such an amount of taxes, I think the United States is the country with the highest taxes in the world, incredible.
 CALICUL02/06/2021 18:57:24 GMT
The goddess of fortune made this woman to earn a million and over 400,000 dollars. With this money she and her family will fulfill some desires. How beautiful is to be lucky, like this woman. Lotteries are very attractive and peoples play more here.
 dule-vu03/06/2021 14:51:46 GMT
usa had rule before,that if you win some big amount on lottery,you dont have to pay tax on it,if you choose that you get this amount in parts for 20 years and on that way goverment will not get anything!this was good rule and if you win example 20 million,then you get 1 million every year,which is better then to give 10 millions right away on tax!
if this could be case in this,they she should take that offer,instead to give 1,5 million to goverment!
 CALICUL03/06/2021 19:20:06 GMT
is the choice for each winner how they choose to pay fees, if this rule is for all lotteries. I read that rule many years ago, but it was in national lottery, which has huge prizes. a prize of over a billion dollars. A few years ago the grand prize was $ 1 billion and $ 600 million. This woman ''is a child'' compared with others, but his luck is beautiful.
 geseco1203/06/2021 23:13:23 GMT
It would be a huge joy, you get out of control knowing that you have won a prize of that magnitude, we do not imagine these things in life, but sometimes it happens and we cannot explain why, but it is known that this woman will enjoy her luck and have a life a little better, good for her.
 dule-vu04/06/2021 15:53:01 GMT
if somebody is women,that it cant be "his"!
this will change for sure hers life and I am especially glad that she will buy house from this money,so we all know how this will change life for whole family!great that they will go on vacation,no matter where they will go!
 CALICUL04/06/2021 19:15:58 GMT
What really matters here is what i say in the threads, not small mistakes because of my English, that i will not learn in this life. There is a possibility if i move to a country where this language is spoken. If I did that and after that won a grand prize in the lottery, someone from there would cry with crocodile tears. I should do it, because there are good jobs and interesting or special lotteries, where people win excellent or huge prizes. This women she will use some of her money on something like that.
 antonis32105/06/2021 00:16:51 GMT
Well done , a great success story , spend well the money Smile So the tax is 30% ?? Hmmmm , thats better than the 40% or 45% I think they used to have in USA , but still it's more than the 20% that I think we have hefre in reece , and which for me is still a theft from money earned (online that I play) . Still ,.$1.4M is a lot of money , not only vacations but many other dreams can come true now , very lucky woman , She is not single , right ??? lol
 geseco1205/06/2021 04:37:18 GMT
The best thing that can happen to a person is to win that unimaginable amount of money, that is one of the great opportunities that life gives you and you should not miss it and make the most of that great prize that I managed to win.
 CALICUL05/06/2021 20:06:41 GMT
In this world are many people who have very interesting life stories, including those who were very lucky. Others had immense misfortune, and they lost big prizes in various lotteries. I am happy for this woman, because always i liked happy cases.
 dule-vu06/06/2021 18:44:57 GMT
this kind of stories can only come from usa and I am glad that normal people gets this kind of big money!you can see what chances she had to win,1 from 11.6 million and she done it with only 3 $ investment!
even she dont work anything till end of life,she have enough money to enjoy and not to think about anything!
 CALICUL06/06/2021 20:47:13 GMT
that was a real miracle, and the US state stops 30% tax. In my country it is only 25% but some countries differ. A good luck like that it happens once in a lifetime and it is not for everyone. Now this woman must not become a heavy gambler and lose all her money.
 geseco1207/06/2021 05:31:16 GMT
It is clear that the probability of this betting game to win is quite low, but still people believe in their luck and bet, maybe they can be one of the lucky ones to win the jackpot like this person who won it, we do not lose if we try.
 CALICUL07/06/2021 21:42:48 GMT
I played in a few lotteries on internet a few times and sometimes i changed the numbers or countries where i play, I didn't earn anything online with that, but maybe i'll try again in future. Prizes are lower than at street agencies, but a little luck never hurts. I will not be successful like this woman, but an acceptable amount of a few hundred or thousands of dollars would be ok.
 dule-vu08/06/2021 11:09:10 GMT
usa have probably biggest jackpots on lottery in world,especially on this one that you dont have to spend lot of money,but because of big number of people that play them,you have this numbers!this is maybe not big one as they have with 200 million for example,but its big for every normal man or woman!
 geseco1208/06/2021 20:17:10 GMT
A good amount of money, that is due to the large deposits that are set up in the United States, many of them gamble and it is a considerable amount, to enjoy what you win, and to continue playing.
 CALICUL08/06/2021 22:34:01 GMT
this woman will buy tickets to this lottery where she has won in every week from now on, because it's like a gesture of gratitude. More than that she may have chances to various lower earnings. At the grand prize it is very difficult, but she will be satisfied even less if she wins another different prize.
 geseco1211/06/2021 02:54:05 GMT
Luck is like that, you don't expect it and it happens, now, we also know that many participate and many do not win for many years that they try, it is luck and now, we cannot discuss anything else, just to enjoy what we have won.
 dule-vu11/06/2021 10:11:55 GMT
we all know that this kind of jackpot and prizes always come when you dont expect them at all and when you forgot on that you even buy a ticket!when you play and you just wait for jackpot,no matter is it lotto or casino jackpot and you play like mad,then they never come!
wish to some brm member to be in this situation and to get big win like this!
 CALICUL11/06/2021 10:17:11 GMT
some smart mathematicians sometimes win money in the lottery because they calculate the chances of success according to another pattern. A relevant reason is that they managed to win twice or more and that means a big luck, that can be compared with succes of this woman's, but only the way it was won is different.
 antonis32114/06/2021 19:27:24 GMT
You just buy a lottery ticket , and you just win , what simplier than this , and what more easy and beautiful . Shedidn't play many hours of HS poker , or many successfull sessions of casino games or slots , just a lottery ticket , lol , I envy her , lol , wishing every win was so easy like this .

That's a lot of money , beter make a plan of how she'll spend it , never knowing when this might happen again Smile Spend well and have fun Smile
 CALICUL17/06/2021 17:24:56 GMT
if you want to be a lottery player it is not difficult, but it is very hard to win big prizes and you can play a lifetime without winning big prizes. Here you can invest money in every month and that's it, but if luck comes... then it's very good.
 Nelson171227/07/2021 23:04:13 GMT
A woman from North Carolina became a millionaire with a lottery ticket, and it was completely by accident, even if it is by accident that I was injured, I have won something relatively good in my life, the highest winnings in games have been below $ 800 in poker, casino or sports betting. I hope that luck will accompany me one day and win above 5K before I die ... hehehehehe
 Rogerio1028/07/2021 03:16:54 GMT
What an amazing story. I try here and ther with tickets too, but notnig much even win. Maybe in poker i must click by mistake like 530 dollar buy in tourney and i will have luck haha. I hope she will spend it right way not like allot of winner who lost all, i think about 90 percent or somethin in year or two.

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