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Two suspects arrested for brutal attack and robbery of elderly casino winner in Fremont

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Posted on 16 November 2016 by "T".

Barry Heisner & Darlene Marquis (Fremont Police Department) A man and his girlfriend from Port Costa were charged with attempted murder and robbery of a 55-year-old woman after allegedly attacking her at her Fremont home upon returning from a San Jose casino. The authorities said the cooperation of the casino and video surveillance helped in solving the case.

The victim went home at 1 a.m. after gambling at the casino. One of the suspects struck her in the back of her head several times with a flashlight, authorities said. The robbers were arrested within 24 hours after the incident and are now booked in Alameda County Jail on charges of robbery and attempted murder.

What started as a fun night for the elderly woman resulted in her head being bashed by the suspects that early morning as she got to her front door. When the victim began wailing, a man with dark clothing approached her and ran off with her purse which contained cash, credit cards, and her identification.

The husband of the victim heard the commotion and briefly chased the assailant, who fled on foot, got into a waiting car and drove off, police said.

Police and paramedics who responded to the scene had the victim transported to a trauma center for medical aid. Upon learning that the victim had just returned from a casino, the investigators contacted establishment and looked at the surveillance footage.

The recordings showed a male who was identified by security officers as Barry Heisner, age 44, as he watched the victim closely and tailing her throughout the casino floor, authorities said. As she left the casino and headed towards the car park, the suspect, Heisner, also went out to follow her.

In a surveillance video obtained from the victim's neighbor, a car had followed the victim to her home and parked several houses away, police said. In the video was the male suspect wearing dark clothing. The man is seen exiting the front passenger seat and walking up towards the victim's driveway. Moments later, the same man is seen fleeing back to the car and then speeded off down Fremont Boulevard.

The investigators narrowed down Heisner's girlfriend, Darlene Marquis, age 45, who owns a 1999 tan-colored Toyota Camry, a car that exactly matches the description of the one being involved in the attack.
Swat officers were able to arrest the couple that night as they were on their way to Pittsburg using their suspected getaway vehicle.

When officers searched Marquis' home in Port Costa, they found a copper Maglite Flashlight which is the weapon believed to have been used in the attack. Also found were the victim's wallet, credit card, and identification card.

Police are now looking if the suspects were involved in similar robberies.



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9 comments on "Two suspects arrested for brutal attack and robbery of elderly casino winner in Fremont"

 pochui16/11/2016 21:52:29 GMT
what a horrible thing to do is to strike your victim on the back of his/her head with a flashlight and not just once but several times. i can only think of only one even more brutal and traumatic way to attack your victim is to hit the back of his/her head with a fleshlight.
 pinotte16/11/2016 22:09:48 GMT
If i remember well we had a few news of this kind lately and it is the first time that the casino camera surveillance was used to find that this guy was following the women and they could arrested him in a very short time.

I just don't understand why in the other one the same casino camera was no help or not used to find the robbers. Question Question
 doubletop77717/11/2016 10:03:33 GMT
This is truly a shocking story and i am glad that these two have been caught and they should go to jail for a very very long time. I hope this woman can get over her attack and not be too traumatised
 dule-vu17/11/2016 11:36:50 GMT
well for this should get many years of jale!I dont have problem when somebody rob casino without consequence,but when you watch people and attack them except you take money form that,then hope that will get lot of years of jale!
 pajalnick17/11/2016 15:49:50 GMT
ordinary idiots were caught and it's very good ... I would like to see similar news extensively covered in the media so that burglars will not be tempted to commit a crime .. but people are not very smart and aggressive enough to completely stop such crimes
 Mober17/11/2016 19:45:28 GMT
Good thing they got them this time and really soon.
Casino once more. Easy target for the robbers.
When i saw though "elderly", i was expecting to see an age much older than 55 Smile
At 55 you are not that old Smile
 bowie198418/11/2016 01:27:21 GMT
I just finding incredibely odd that throughout all summer every casino related news article had a positive mood and it was mainly business related or was about promotional/jackpot ad type thing - but ever since the fall/winter period started every casino article is about failed robberies and other kind of atrocities.
Deeply ironic and sad at the same time.
 Tony_MON7ANA18/11/2016 10:46:05 GMT
So, the couple followed and attacked the elderly woman with a flashlight just to steal her purse? What a despicable and cowardly act.
Fremont police did a good job apprehending the suspects within 24 hours after the incident.
 bowie198419/11/2016 01:24:40 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
So, the couple followed and attacked the elderly woman with a flashlight just to steal her purse? What a despicable and cowardly act.

Elderly citzens are easy targets most of the time - especially for tweakers and drug addicts who are just aiming for their next fix - since they themselves arent hundred percent fit and strong at all anyway...

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