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Armed robbery at Billings Casino left a patron needing medical attention

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Posted on 18 November 2016 by "T".

In the late hours of November 12, Saturday, an armed robbery incident at a casino has left one patron needing medical attention, according to the Billings Police Department.

Police received a distress call and responded to an armed robbery report at around 12:43 a.m., at Lucky Lil's Casino located at 770 King Park Drive, Billings, Montana. The police stated that there were three men who "entered the business brandishing firearms".

The suspects took money from the casino and they also took the wallets and cash from casino patrons. Then, they fled the scene.

According to the police, "No employees or patrons were hurt during the robbery, but one patron needed medical attention "for a medical condition resulting from the robbery." No other injuries were reported.

The investigation is still ongoing.




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8 comments on "Armed robbery at Billings Casino left a patron needing medical attention"

 bowie198419/11/2016 01:30:10 GMT
Another casino crime report from a rural state in the United States, armed robbery, medics, cops the whole nine yard. One would think that it should be easier to report on just those casinos where theres little to no crime...
 doubletop77719/11/2016 10:13:11 GMT
There seems to be a lot of Casino crimes being reported of late and, for the staff, it must be quite scary reading about it. I am glad that nobody was seriously hurt in this incident
 pochui19/11/2016 21:11:26 GMT
poor casino's and their customers- it seems every day or so we hear about old ladies being torn to shreds and stripped of their winnings in the process, now we hear casino patrons (whoever they are and whatever they are eaten with) needing medical attention... come on, pochui also needs a medical attention- i need some weed to take the stress off, yet i don't go to press and announce about it to the world...
 Mober19/11/2016 21:33:36 GMT
What on earth are they doing over there i wonder. The reports are coming on a daily basis.
Although this story looks familiar with a recent one, that i read here.
Is it really new? or the same events happened again?
 damosk21/11/2016 10:05:00 GMT
Well! It seems to me that the most unsafe places in the world of the glorious world of the United States of Trumpron (which is what it will be called in a few years when there is the realisation that countries also can benefit from private sponsorship) is casinos! Maybe in time the only guaranteed safe casinos will be Trump owned casinos! (Now there conspiracy for you!).
 TheMachineQC22/11/2016 03:44:36 GMT
Hey mobsters,

So these guys have been able to get away with money unarmed with all the security there is inside a casino? They usually get caught inside the casino or close to it afterwards. The article doesn't say how much money they have stolen. Atleast nobody was hurt, some guy probably had a stroke or panic attack of some kind I guess.
 pajalnick22/11/2016 16:34:12 GMT
stupid robbers for some reason never think about surveillance cameras and compulsory registration at the entrance ... it is strange that they have not yet been found, but sooner or later it would happen ... I am absolutely sure, as they always catch
 bowie198423/11/2016 00:34:39 GMT
Dunno if these articles are indeed mirroring the sad state of current us economics (numbers say otherwise) or just simply the crime beat reporters of these local news outlets more violence hungry than many of their other media counterparts. Funny and sad.

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