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Amidst controversy, casino-style day care center a favourite among Japanese elderly

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Posted on 31 July 2017 by "T".

In Japan where many of the public disapprove of gambling as it promotes addiction and crime, Day Service Las Vegas is one day care center for the elderly that aims to keep its clientele healthy and happy via their slot machines, high-tech mahjong games and a variety of wholesome entertainment.

Most of us would think a day care center for elderly seniors usually looks like a simple venue with facilities (TV, puzzle games, board games, books) designed to make their elderly lives easier. However, nobody would think that the Las Vegas Adachi in Japan, a day care center for the elderly, is actually designed to be a casino!

Las Vegas Adachi combines senior care with casino-style games, and it has proven to be a winning formula. At this casino, the common patron is the elderly.

Las Vegas Adachi CEO Kaoru Mori said his inspiration to set up this unique center came from a trip to an actual casino at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas. Mori, a former salesman, said he was astonished to notice a huge number of elderly patrons in there, "They were placing small bets - only $10 or $15. But they were all dressed up for their day out and clearly having fun."

This experience gave him the motivation to set up a casino-themed day care center back at his home country in 2014, "The ageing of the population is a central problem confronting Japan, where around 6.22 million people need care. When people get old, they stop going out as much. That's why I opened ‘Day Service Las Vegas'. I want to create a place that gives the elderly person a reason to go out."

It seriously is a bold decision at that time in 2014 because gambling in Japan is seen in a negative light. Casinos have been only legalized in 2016.

The clients of this casino are picked up by black limos. The casino staff are sharply dressed and facilities are state of the art, such as their automatically-shuffling mahjong tables. The cost for 1 day in this casino is 8,000 yen ($100), but 90% of that amount is already shouldered by Japan's long-term care insurance system.

Exercise for Incentives
The services and games provided by this casino-themed day care are part of a system designed to encourage the elderly patrons to remain fit mentally and physically.
No real money is actually used in the center. Each day before patrons can start playing, they are required to have their vitals checked (blood pressure and temperature), and must perform stretching exercises to earn 10,000 gaming credits called ‘Vegas'.

Las Vegas Adachi manager Mayu Ichikawa said, "Many elderly people don't like doing exercises, so this is a good way to get them to take part."
The elderly clientele can make use of their ‘Vegas' to play entertaining table games such as poker, blackjack, mahjong and pachinko (jackpot).

Other than that, clients can also avail massage services, watch movies, play with brain-training games, read books, paint, and sing karaoke. These facilities at the center aid in stimulating brain function and improve math skills, situational judgement, and memory.

The games are neatly spread out with 5- to 20-minute exercise routines throughout the day. The center also provides a 45-minute rehab service session to help train their clients' muscles.

The Adachi Las Vegas is just one of the 16 outlets of Day Service Las Vegas serving almost 700 clients across Japan. Even Mr. Mori's own 93-year-old mom is a regular client.

Looming Problems
Despite its success, certain problems are just waiting to rear their ugly heads. One, for instance, is that as long as Japan's long-term care insurance system is paying for 90% of its $100-a-day charges, then many of the seniors can still afford them.

Though no actual money is involved, some worry that such centers might fuel gambling addiction, but Mori remains positive, "I believe that deep down, people want to believe that they are young at heart. So we make sure that they always feel young; be careful not to hurt their pride and help them live longer by making them happy.

Here we don't treat the elderly like children who need care, but as adults who need to be engaged and energized... I believe that people will live longer if they feel happy every day, and we put this principle into practice here."



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15 comments on "Amidst controversy, casino-style day care center a favourite among Japanese elderly"

 Robbo199001/08/2017 03:04:51 GMT
here casinos are like daycare for elderly
 doubletop77701/08/2017 07:33:15 GMT
This sounds like a great idea to me and i can think of a lot of worse ways to spend your days. When i get into my retirement years, they can send me there and i would be a very happy man
 CALICUL01/08/2017 07:35:48 GMT
That's how it works in Japan. So they care for their elders. If such a place exists in most cities It would be a good thing for the elderly who love games in casino. It would still be an extra joy before they to leave this life. 1 Day for 100 $ with 90% paid by the insurance system is an excellent thing for them.
 Odysseus10101/08/2017 12:57:07 GMT
Research has consistently shown that keeping the mind active is very important to stave off dementia, memory loss, and depression in the elderly. But it has to new activity which forces the mind to continue to build new connections. So if an older person picks up some gambling games later in life and starts learning their intricacies, that should help. Many older people traditionally look down on video games, but picking them up and doing puzzle games later in life is very good for them.
You can't do the same old thing, though. That's the important point. Besides, hardcore gamblers probably wouldn't be happy playing all day for "play money".
 Gerimantas01/08/2017 18:05:58 GMT
I like to hear that government pays 90% of day care center charge, thos makes so much easier to use such centers, in our country there is no such systems and many people can only use cheapest centers which are government owners and quality is,noy so good like with private centers
 pajalnick01/08/2017 19:57:51 GMT
I do not quite understand how gambling is connected with drug addicts ??? .... ok with the crime connection I can still trace but here with the drug connection is definitely not .... and for the elderly the casino is a good occupation
 av196601/08/2017 20:35:46 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well there is no better place to de if you are elderly japonese then this placethey take care of the senior citizens and allow then to enjoy there lifes letting then do something they like and that makes them intelectually active Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
If there where a question of choice for me it will be my first and only one Thumbs Up Worship Worship
 Mober01/08/2017 22:38:26 GMT
Casinos has always been an amusement for the elderly people.
And you can say that most of them getting obsessed with the slots Smile

Not a bad thing, if they are not getting addicted to it.
They need variety in their lives with any possible way Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA02/08/2017 00:26:39 GMT
I've been living in Japan for several years but I've never known such an establishment exists until I read this thread today. It looks like a nice retirement place.

Here's a brief inside look at the center.
Casino Day Care for Japan's Elderly | CNA Insider
 damosk02/08/2017 10:15:44 GMT
What a great idea. Turn day care or rest homes into casinos. There would no longer be a social care funding issue in the U.K. Open up the community rooms to locals who can pay to come and play poker or slots with the oldies and that will in turn pay for part of the costs of the care centre. Govt can even tax it all and make even more money for crazy things like..... more casino day care centres.
 pochui02/08/2017 18:13:53 GMT
day care centers are great i guess, assuming they are well managed and you're in a good company with dudes and dudettes who more or less are having nice time hanging out doing stuff, but gambling... not sure this is such a great idea.
 johnnyfry09/08/2017 00:05:35 GMT
Posted by Robbo1990:
here casinos are like daycare for elderly

lol. As here.
 Robbo199009/08/2017 04:53:50 GMT
Posted by johnnyfry:
Posted by Robbo1990:
here casinos are like daycare for elderly

lol. As here.

Ive worked in my local one and retirement villages out of town put on a bus trip once a week for them to come in for lunch Big Smile
Plus when you have a go on the slots or accumulate a point on your VIP card you can get free coffee/tea and so for some of them its a day out
 bowie198415/09/2017 23:13:02 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
I've been living in Japan for several years but I've never known such an establishment exists until I read this thread today. It looks like a nice retirement place.

One would think they could open a popular retirement center only with a couple decks, some pachinko machine and go/mahjong tables...
 Tony_MON7ANA16/09/2017 14:11:15 GMT
A recent study suggests that life expectancy in some developed countries will exceed 90 years in coming decades. That's a significant increase in lifespan. It will be consequently difficult for insurance companies to evaluate longevity risk.

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