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Man steals $125,000 worth of chips from Melbourne’s Crown Casino

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Posted on 04 August 2017 by "T".

Surely if you have aspirations to become a police officer someday, then snatching away $125,000 worth of casino chips in full view of CCTV cameras isn't exactly the best way to get closer to your goals.

Gunaway Akay was caught via security footage seizing a handful of chips from a baccarat table (much to the surprise and bewilderment of the dealer) at Melbourne's Crown Casino before sprinting off.

The 39-year-old has pleaded guilty to stealing a total of 25 chips, each valued at $5,000, before he hailed a taxi as his escape route.

As a reason for his display of brazen behavior on December 23, 2016 at the exclusive, members-only Maple Room at Crown Casino, Akay blamed a pile of debts and his girlfriend being served an eviction notice due to late rent payments.

Akay's attorney Kristian Kothrakis told Melbourne County Court that this unrefined crime is always bound to fail.

She said, "How this could have ever worked is beyond comprehension."

Akay said before the court that he lost most of the chips while he escaped, none of which have been retrieved back. Kothrakis said, "When he got home he saw he had only had three chips left. He got home and felt absolutely sick about what he'd done, and the next day he threw them away."

However, Judge Claire Quin doubts the claims and said, "Twenty-two chips, of $5000 chips, and I understand they're reasonably large in size and they just disappeared."

A month prior to the theft, Akay was offered by staff to enlist as a Crown Gold Rewards member, awarding him vouchers and free parking, to which he accepted.

On the day of the theft, he fought with his girlfriend regarding the money which was supposed to be payment for rent but he gambled them away instead. He saw an opportunity to take a row of casino chips to solve his problems. His attorney said, "He just grabbed a handful and ran. Mr Akay was ashamed and had not gambled since the day of the crime. It's a situation he regretted since the moment it happened."

Prosecutor Adrian Trotman said that the offender was brazen and there had been no attempts made to compensate the casino.

The court heard that Mr. Akay arrived in Australia in 1997 after leaving a small Indonesian village where he grew up poor. He spent years living with different families, where he would perform chores in exchange for lodging.

He had been sentenced on July 26, Wednesday and will be assessed for a Community Correction Order.



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16 comments on "Man steals $125,000 worth of chips from Melbourne’s Crown Casino"

 Robbo199004/08/2017 23:37:54 GMT
the guy had balls, thats for sure. the way he did it, he could of easily droped some to which a few lucky people would have a nice little suprise of finding $5000!

was definitely a brain snap as it would be very hard to convert these chips into cash
 doubletop77705/08/2017 06:23:15 GMT
How this guy could possibly think he got get away with this is mind boggling. He must have been so desperate at the time, he would have absolutely tried anything to get money
 Odysseus10105/08/2017 14:09:39 GMT
I don't know how one would cash in these chips, just walk up to the cashier with them? You'd think that the high value chips like these would have a microchip inside them to identify them. I haven't played in casino with high value chips before. Are these chips themselves marked or chipped or tracable?
Yea, I don't believe that he "lost" 19 of them. He sold them. He knew he'd get caught anyway, so might as well.
 Gerimantas05/08/2017 16:34:04 GMT
What a stupid thing to do this is a crime that ruins his life and is no chance to be successful, wow what is this guy thinking just take the chips from casino and run? Security cameras in all corners and his passport was showes when entered casino, so stupid
 Mober05/08/2017 18:50:15 GMT
What exactly he was thinking? That there was a chance of not being caught?
With so many cameras?
He could have returned that ones he got left, instead of throwing them away Smile
They must have reviewed the footage tons of times to see if anyone had picked
the chips he dropped inside the casino Smile
 perattin05/08/2017 20:24:11 GMT
As a first measure, theft is not justified from any kind of view, it is a totally sinister action of any human being that should be condemned by justice. Now, this robbery occurred in a casino that beyond the act itself, who would you think of robbing a casino with the extreme security they have? It seems crazy to me, knowing that if you commit the illicit you are caught ten meters from having started the escape of the place!
 Robbo199006/08/2017 07:15:39 GMT
another interesting thing from this footage is that they dont have a cover over the chips. here in the casinos if noone is playing at the table the chips are covered to prevent this happening even if a dealer is present at the table they are still to be covered
 pochui06/08/2017 09:15:26 GMT
yeah fcukin awesome crime mr gunaway akay has committed, I kinda think this was just an act of compete desperation, it actually is even too lame to be called a crime, maybe just an act of complete silliness. biggest winners of this are the ones who found the lost chips...
 pajalnick06/08/2017 11:04:27 GMT
Another crazy criminal ... probably such people do not understand anything at all in crimes .... or this person was not quite sober .... now the cameras are everywhere ... and in the casino especially ... and everyone knows this except this Insane criminal
 Gerimantas06/08/2017 18:05:05 GMT
Yes this is another strange thing I think about this crime, he runs from police and loses almostall of the chips he steal, only has 3 chips to take from him and say that he lost all else when running, maybe he just say so maybe he hide them somewhere and his girlfriend take them later?
 Mober06/08/2017 19:04:38 GMT
The ones that have found the chips,will be able to cash them in?
It wont be that easy, since they are 5000$ each.
Especially when you are a small player.
Going to the cashier with a chip that size, will make them look you at least twice Smile
 pajalnick07/08/2017 13:40:37 GMT
Of course get in the casino money for chips 500 probably is not very simple .... if you play small bets and suddenly come with such chips there will be questions where did you get them ... all the winnings are big as it seems to me track
 pochui07/08/2017 17:09:21 GMT
well that is a good point actually, those who "found" the "lost" chips or those who just really are lucky son of the b1tches and found the $5000 worth chips lying on the pavement will be able to cash them i guess, but they will have to come up with a strategy to make it look natural.
 Tony_MON7ANA08/08/2017 09:27:28 GMT
Snatching $125k worth of casino chips? Audacious!
Wow! Gunaway Akay looks like young John Cusack! I bet no one in the casino expected Gunaway would do such a thing. He must have been high on something to pull off stuff like this.
 dule-vu08/08/2017 09:46:22 GMT
ha ha,what to say on this video!just cant believe that he walked in casino and just took chips in front of dealer,ha ha!and as I see security didnt even try to stop him,even we see on video that this women hitting table!
 johnnyfry08/08/2017 23:47:39 GMT
Crime never pays, especially crime done in such a careless manner with little chance of success.

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