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Bad Beat Jackpot found to be Rigged, Conspirators Arrested and Charged

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Posted on 21 February 2018 by "T".

In Las Vegas, a bad beat jackpot has been finally paid after seven months. While it was good news for Avinoam Shamir that the NGCB had ruled he is legitimately entitled to his bad beat jackpot reward of $62,126, another bad beat jackpot story emerged a few days after that, and this time, unfortunately it was found to be rigged. The conspirators were then arrested and charged.

At a poker room in a Louisiana casino, a poker dealer and a player allegedly attempted to rig a bad beat jackpot which totals $160,000+.

Cops say the poker dealer Ashley Solomon, age 66, had fixed the deck so it would show a favorable outcome in a cash game that happened at Harvey's Boomtown Casino near New Orleans. He then performed two false shuffles so that others would think and see he was properly shuffling the cards like normal.

The player Dale Foret, age 51, was dealt a bad beat jackpot hand that would result to him being rewarded the largest share of the $166,471 reward split on the table (approx. between $66,000 and $83,000, or between 40% to 50%).

It is a custom/tradition that whenever a bad beat jackpot appears on the table, the casino watches a video surveillance of it to make sure that it is indeed genuine. Since the casino noticed some inconsistencies, they then gave a copy of the video on January 19, 2018 to investigators from the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Gaming Enforcement Division and it was them who discovered the phony shuffles and determined that cheating had transpired.

Warrants for both men were acquired on February 5. They were then arrested and charged on February 9 with conspiracy to commit theft of over $25,000 as well as attempted theft of over $25,000.

There were no other players at the table who were arrested as police believe they have no knowledge of the alleged crime. Also, nobody was paid the bad beat prize, and the money remains in the pot for other players to win, legally.

The suspects were sent at the Jefferson Parrish Correctional Center. It is not known if they have already posted bond or are still in custody.



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9 comments on "Bad Beat Jackpot found to be Rigged, Conspirators Arrested and Charged"

 CALICUL21/02/2018 14:22:02 GMT
is very frustrating for the other players who shared that jackpot. They will be very disappointed if they have to return that money. I'm sitting and wondering how many scams are made every year around the world with casinos. I think we will be amazed. These people always invent something to steal from these casinos.
 Mober21/02/2018 15:26:03 GMT
Some people they will go to such lengths for committing a crime.
They were bot quite old. Why they wanted to pull such a trick.
You know that you are in a casino. The business with most cameras in motion, and yet... Smile
 pajalnick21/02/2018 17:44:31 GMT
Most likely, no one would have known about their crime if the sharper, first, were less suspicious about the distribution, and secondly, at least tried to hide their long-standing friendship. Immediately after the play of the bad beat jackpot, the security service of the casino sensed something amiss and called the police.
 LIKEIT2721/02/2018 22:17:24 GMT
I think there are more soooo called jackpots that dont excist ,...
And just randomly say they have a winner,...
and the sooo called jackpot drops,..soo people can boost the scam site,...
Too give them more profit then they deserve,...
Be aware people,..
always see revieuws first and for real life casino's i dont know how you can catch them,..
i think thats impossible Aww crap!
 godoy22/02/2018 02:10:59 GMT
that fuck that as it may be possible to prepare the pack I always get a little clever about it and I always ask to be played osh in the pack more with all this and a shame for poker because these players are the scum of the sport
 Serpang22/02/2018 07:08:39 GMT
Always there are black and white in this world or life. And some desperate people who no have idea to accept their circumstances , lost common sense and choose bad short cut. Even do crime need brilliant plan, lol.
 doubletop77722/02/2018 08:23:12 GMT
This is a story out of a Hollywood film and shows that things like this do happen. I wonder how many people have tried and got away with this sort of thing over the years?
 CALICUL22/02/2018 14:19:47 GMT
this is hard to find doubletop. These stories can be seen in biographical films if those people who robbed casinos in the past will want to tell their story to film screenwriters. After so many years i think they would not go to prison because the cases are ranked, but that's too hard because people who have robbed in the past do not want this.
 pajalnick22/02/2018 17:47:43 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
This is a story out of a Hollywood film and shows that things like this do happen. I wonder how many people have tried and got away with this sort of thing over the years?

there were certainly a lot of such cases ... but we will never know about it .... why should anyone tell a story for which they can put him in jail ??? .... do not need it properly ..... so we learn about such attempts when scammers catch .... but in this case, in general, amazing people Aww crap!

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