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SLS Las Vegas Re-renamed Back to Sahara

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Posted on 30 August 2019 by "T".

On Thursday, August 28, the SLS Las Vegas, which was originally known as the famous Sahara, has been officially re-named back to the Sahara once more.

Owner of the property Alex Meruelo said, "We'll change the floors, the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, the theater the rooms... every detail whether it be small or large will change."

The Sahara Hotel and Casino first opened its doors on October 1952, and it was the sixth resort to open on the Las Vegas Strip. At the time, it was an iconic place in Las Vegas, considered a favorite casino of celebrities and the home base for the ‘Rat Pack' which included legends like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. The Sahara was regarded as the epitome of class during its heyday. Imagine mid-20th century Las Vegas, and that's when the Sahara was at its prime.

However, the Strip eventually became home to even more luxury mega casinos, which led to the Sahara being shoved aside in terms of popularity. After changing ownership multiple times, on March 2011, Sam Nazarian who was the owner at that time announced that the Sahara would close in two months, stating that "the continued operation of the aging Sahara was no longer economically viable."

The hotel and casino finally shut down on May 16, 2011.

Over three years later, the place was re-opened after a renovation worth $415 million was done and it was renamed to SLS Las Vegas. The abbreviation stands for "style, luxury and service".

The Meruelo Group acquired SLS in April 2019.

On June 27, 2019, Meruelo held a celebration to announce they will rebrand the place back to Sahara and the property will be officially called ‘Sahara Las Vegas' beginning August 28.

To commemorate the re-branding, a short ceremony was held for the removal of the 32-foot ‘Sam by Starck' statue last Tuesday evening. Designed by Phillipe Starck, the statue was a tribute made for Sam Nazarian.

The brand new lounge was also renamed back to Casbar Lounge, in honor of the Sahara's old music area. However, the new Sahara shall not revert back to its former Moroccan theme.

The changes are all part of the hotel-casino's $150 million renovation.


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16 comments on "SLS Las Vegas Re-renamed Back to Sahara"

 dule-vu30/08/2019 11:07:45 GMT
they sell this casinos in las vegas and change their names almost every day!as we can see in this news for this sahara casino,it was one name then he was closed,then again open with other name,now they sold him and again change name to just sahara!they love to make things harder!
 CALICUL30/08/2019 11:10:37 GMT
I am a little surprised by these amounts that are allocated for renovation because $ 415 million in 2014 and $150 million now, it means a big lots of money. Anyway, this casino had to be renovated to have a more pleasant look and the money will be recovered.

 pajalnick30/08/2019 12:12:13 GMT
it seems to me that competent re-branding of any organization brings only positive consequences ... but only if it is done Everything is right .... but if there are errors, you can lose money in the end ... apparently everything works correctly if for the third time casinos renamed means it needs someone and bring some profit
 crankmuppet30/08/2019 14:09:00 GMT
What's old is new again.

 Mober31/08/2019 12:28:16 GMT
When you have that kind of money, you can makes changes over and over again.
One renovation after another.
And i bet that the moment the casino will reopen again, it will recover all expenses
in less than a year Smile
And maybe the year that im talking about it too long period Smile
 pajalnick31/08/2019 18:10:40 GMT
repair in any case is very good .... after the repair, the mood improves because you see in front of yourself what you did not see in the previous time and as a result labor productivity improves .... as I understand it, if you make the repair a successful establishment, it becomes even more successful after repair
 CALICUL01/09/2019 12:17:38 GMT
A casino owner had to take good measures to attract customers. You need to do this, if you own such a casino. You can't keep a casino unrenovated and to want many clients. A house, a building, a casino, a hospital, etc... must be renovated and after that it will be better.
 nwa2601/09/2019 12:28:14 GMT
yes it is
 bowie198409/09/2019 15:48:50 GMT
So let me get this one right because I might not read it well for the first time. They renaming/reverting back everything to their old standards but they have no intentions to bring back the old style/decorations to them...
Then what is the purpose?
 CALICUL09/09/2019 18:25:44 GMT
Their purpose is not to bring this building back to the old look... This ,,fashion'' is changing because a casino owner does what he knows. I say this thing it's the best. Time passes and it is not so easy anymore to restore like in the past. Every man does as he wants or as is possible.
 pajalnick10/09/2019 10:03:17 GMT
of course Returning to its original form will not happen as time goes on, preferences change and what was very cool 20-30 years ago Now It’s absolutely uninteresting for most people ... they try to keep up to date and are updated .... it’s right and will bring they are fortunate enough more money than before this super repair
 dule-vu10/09/2019 13:16:35 GMT
wow things is to make something to modern style and one thing is when you change everything,even name!some people love same things in life,like to play on some casino for 20 years,so they dont like changes!we will see how this affect on everything,but probably they know what are doing,when they will invest so much money!
 bowie198410/09/2019 21:30:07 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Their purpose is not to bring this building back to the old look... This ,,fashion'' is changing because a casino owner does what he knows. I say this thing it's the best. Time passes and it is not so easy anymore to restore like in the past. Every man does as he wants or as is possible.

Then it's no reason at all to revert it's name back either. Nobody who recognizes this 'brand' will be interested to try this out without getting the same feeling.
 CALICUL11/09/2019 09:24:42 GMT
Curiosity makes you to try and to play there. I guarantee that this name is not too important. If the owner of this casino, he chose to put a name as Osama Bin Laden, then there would have been a major problem. The man comes in to play wherever he wants. It doesn't matter what was in the past and what it is now, or if they changed something or not. This is it.
 pajalnick11/09/2019 10:42:46 GMT
When big changes take place in a large casino in any case, it will attract players who are interested in what has changed for the better or worse ... Elementary interest will make people come to the casino to see everything with their own eyes ... so rebranding is always attracting old customers and new
 Nightkid12/10/2019 16:08:13 GMT
Well, I think that it is not uncommon for those who have money, they can do and undo things as they please, but I really like the name of Sahara hahaha xd nose that others do not think but I like that more, and hopefully I put that name is more beautiful than it has now but hey we'll see how it ends later as we can only say Cool Cool Cool Worship

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