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UK Bookies Allowed to Open Except Arcades, Causes Fury

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Posted on 27 November 2020 by "T".

Gambling machines at betting shops in the UK can now operate even under the strict Tier 3 lockdown, but arcades still cannot open.

This move has caused considerable fury among operators of family entertainment centers (FECs) and arcades who feel that they have been unfairly treated as there's an un-level playing field.

The trade association BACTA, the BGC covering the bookmakers, and the Bingo Association had arranged conference talks with government officials over the measures to allow their venues to open, even under the strict Tier 3 lockdown.

In England, only the bookmakers' shops are allowed to open, causing fury among their high street rivals who are still forced to close.

Apparently the bookmakers agreed to have an 8pm curfew and would only allow 15 minutes of dwell time in the venue, and no more than two visits a day. Also, two machines have to be switched off and no races can be screened on shop monitors.

While the arcades and FECs association, BACTA, had offered further concessions on capacity but not dwell time - so did casinos and bingo halls - it could not countenance going to limits on how long players could be on the premises and decided that 15 minutes would not be commercially viable.

Meanwhile in neighboring Scotland, there is a similar situation with bookies allowed to open while arcades and adult gaming centers must be closed.

Wales has already had its own two-week lockdown and closed its border with England. Now, machines in pubs and arcades are back in action, until the evening curfew.



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9 comments on "UK Bookies Allowed to Open Except Arcades, Causes Fury"

 dule-vu27/11/2020 15:51:33 GMT
in UK they have strange rules,especially in corona time!they will allow some people to work and some people to come in their shops,but on other hand you will close other casinos or arcade shops and you will not allow people to go there!whats difference?like corona know where to go and where she will hit some person!if some place where people can gamble is closed,how some other can be open!
 geseco1228/11/2020 04:33:42 GMT
Of course, it is unequal, they should treat equally, also all games are important for their operators, they should not close it, they are laws in England that should improve for the good of the game, and their players, it is wrong. They should be aware of it and always try to do things right so as not to have problems in the future.
 dule-vu28/11/2020 17:26:51 GMT
its same like from today in my country,they closed restaurants,cafes,bars,betting shops and so on,they are closed till 21.12.,but you markets,malls and things like thats are open!so if you close something,close almost everything and not that somebody can buy jacket or shirt,but you can drink coffee!
its same in england,you can make bets on one place,but on other place you cant spend money!silly!
 geseco1229/11/2020 04:52:37 GMT
UK should change their style and rules so that the game grows and does not unite, since they are the pioneers in the games, many professional players go to the UK because it is easier to move around the globe for all poker tournaments, they should set an example for the other players.
 dule-vu29/11/2020 18:19:00 GMT
we all know that british people love to gamble,no matter is in on footbal games,horses,poker,casino games,so on one side is strange when goverment do things like this,because they take so much money from taxes and all other things arround gambling!so you cant give some people option to gamble and others not!
 CALICUL30/11/2020 22:04:00 GMT
Here it is judged in favor of some bookmakers and against other people. I know situation,because in Romania citizens are allowed in supermarkets, but we restricted in halls... where the peasants were selling healthy goods.
 antonis32101/12/2020 22:05:05 GMT
These measures are crasy and very strict ,I hope things to improve , this is the only thing I can do or anyone can do when a government decides a lockdown in national level , even with tiers . Allowing some shops with some privileges some other not , some shops open , someothers not ... whatever . In my country I think in the holidays shops will open , then they ill close again , I guess COVID-19 will also taka a break due and during these Holidays ,it's absolutely rational ,at least leave all shops open , not some and with crazy restrictions (for Greece speaking Blink)
 dule-vu02/12/2020 22:39:12 GMT
after made decision to go out from EU,they made rules in life that is hard to understand,not just for gambling,generaly in life,which is crazy!now like they do everything to be different from every other country and they will be so closed for all people from other countries!after 1.1.2021.,they will have more different rules,when they live EU for good!
 CALICUL03/12/2020 00:53:07 GMT
These things happen in a semi dictatorship way, if you think of police and gendarmes who are on the side of politicians and not on the side of the people as should be normal. Something tells me that the world's population will accept these horrible measures because it is too light to fight. The same goes for the gaming industry where they decide who plays, how much money they play, which operators are allowed to offer games or providers etc...

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