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Two Canada Residents win $1M Each from Lottery

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Posted on 22 August 2021 by "T".

Two people from eastern Ontario, Canada have become the latest lottery millionaires!

June 15 Draw
OLG announced Frederick Hubbard, of Barry's Bay, had won the Lotto Max MAXMILLIONS prize of $1 million from the June 15 draw.

The retiree says he bought $10 more worth of tickets than he usually does, "This win came from the first line on the extra money I spent."

Hubbard plans to share his windfall with his children, make some investments and save some money aside for travel in the future.

He said, "I can't describe this experience. It's nice to know my family is taken care of."

June 22 Draw
Diana Hall and Kerry Benford (pictured above) from Kingston had the winning ticket for the Lotto Max MAXMILLIONS prize worth $1 million from the June 22 draw.

Benford was in disbelief after he scanned his tickets and saw the Big Winner screen appear, "I took a photo of the screen and then rushed home to show Diana. My jaw dropped a little more as I matched every number. I didn't believe it could be real."

Hall and Benford plan to travel in the future and will start that by visiting family and friends in Canada, "We'll enjoy our early retirement traveling when it's safe again."

Gambling in Canada
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38 comments on "Two Canada Residents win $1M Each from Lottery"

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» Two Canada Residents win $1M Each from Lottery

 geseco1231/08/2021 03:14:46 GMT
someday we will be lucky enough to win those millionaire prizes, but if it does not happen at least we have tried hahahahahahahah, the chances of winning are very small, but luck is like that, we must be perseverant to achieve it.
 antonis32131/08/2021 04:00:40 GMT
$10 and you get $1M , wow , these are the stories that inspire gamblers allover the world to keep on playing to hit the big win one day . This is money will apparently help them a lot , good for them , hopefulltyn they make good use of this money
 dule-vu31/08/2021 05:09:26 GMT
Small amoun can change everything!now they close loan at bank,buy house,whatever they have!
 geseco1201/09/2021 04:23:52 GMT
lotteries are a lot of fun when you win some of the jackpot, but you always have that feeling that the next winner could be you, but congratulations to this couple for winning a million dollar prize.
 dule-vu01/09/2021 05:18:32 GMT
few bucks on lottery can change your life,as we can see from this example!
 geseco1202/09/2021 06:05:57 GMT
I believe that nothing is overnight, behind that prize there are countless attempts to play and not win, now they will be happy to be able to achieve it, millions of dollars is great to win it in the lottery.
 dule-vu02/09/2021 06:53:08 GMT
how its not overnight?who can know that he will win millions on lottery?
 dule-vu03/09/2021 10:03:55 GMT
no matter how long you play lottery,lotto or games like this,you still cant know when you will win big amount,because its not like you bet of football games and that you know who play and what can you expect!with numbers you must have luck and ofcourse this change your life in one minute!
 geseco1203/09/2021 20:15:23 GMT
What I mean is that behind that there is a huge investment and effort on the part of the bettors, of course we do not know when we are going to get lucky, but you need to be perseverant in betting, even when you know you are losing money by betting and not winning.
 dule-vu03/09/2021 20:22:11 GMT
Sometimes people invest only few dollar and they win big!
 geseco1205/09/2021 02:55:41 GMT
That's right, there are many stories of that, people who are lucky, invest a few dollars and win millions, and there are others who spend their whole life playing the lottery and do not even have a prize, sometimes luck is not with you.
 dule-vu05/09/2021 04:23:29 GMT
Lottery is always story from few dollars!its not like poker or casino!
 geseco1206/09/2021 03:56:19 GMT
the lottery is very different than poker and casino, but that is luck, many have won millions of dollars playing the lottery and others have lost millions as well, so it is a matter of luck, that is why some are aware of that and do not play.
 dule-vu06/09/2021 04:56:11 GMT
On lottery you can just buy ticke or to wait number and thats all!
 antonis32106/09/2021 20:36:42 GMT
That;s the good part with lottery dule-vu , you buy the ticket and wait for the win . No exceptional skill is needed , no hard decisions like in a poker game , no right decisions in every spin or bonus rounds like in (most) slot games . You just buy the ticket , that's all , good luck only you need , everyone can play lottery , no matter his age , very low the cost and the win can be huge Smile
 dule-vu06/09/2021 20:45:03 GMT
Yeah,you dont need any skill like you say,to know when to stop spin or to choose right club if you make bets!on this you need luck and time when to buy tickets!
 Rogerio1007/09/2021 04:22:24 GMT
It's all about lucky yes. But wow when i see those big prizes i think i will start play lottery haha. Instead of drink coffer or 2 less in local pub i will just get the tickets for weekend and if i bink something ok if not whatever it's just a coffe or two. If you are a gambler it's worth trying why not.
 dule-vu07/09/2021 05:24:42 GMT
Ha,ha,try it!for few euros per week,maybe you will get something!good luck!
 RoninHarper07/09/2021 08:41:26 GMT
G'day mates

Well I can say with total complete honesty I wish that I could hit a million dollar lotto win. Big Smile
Let's just say it would make life much much easier to say the least.
I understand however you need to first buy a ticket before you can win them things and since I only buy a lottery ticket about 3 times a year my chances are really slim. Lol

I look at it this was though, I win $10 every week I do not waste any money buy a losing lottery ticket, but I know you can not win if you do not play. Lol

hope you are all doing well
be cool

Ronin Cool
 dule-vu07/09/2021 08:44:42 GMT
but if you dont buy them,you cant win then,right?
 geseco1207/09/2021 15:13:02 GMT
I think it is an unlikely game to win, the more you spend and you don't see results, it is luck that plays an important role, and sometimes it happens, but it is almost impossible.
 CALICUL07/09/2021 15:14:51 GMT
in lottery is much harder to win, it's true
 antonis32107/09/2021 22:53:55 GMT
My aunt used to buy every week many tickets , but she hasn't told me about any major win , or maybe she hid it ,lol , somany years and not wins and keep on trying every week makes no sense , only if one year she won sth in the past . Ofcourse she was a doctor , she could throw some money here and there not caring for this expense of some lottery tickets per week . And Greek state lottery is the worst of the kind imo , thanks god today there are many other options than it used to be in the past (in Greece and generally )
 dule-vu07/09/2021 23:01:15 GMT
I know that we cant all win on lottery,but somebody will have luck!on end you must have at least one winner!
 CALICUL07/09/2021 23:10:00 GMT
there in Romania are many variants and we can play lotteries from the USA, Canada and many countries for Europe ( maybe there are more options but i didn't check). This is very good for passionate players, but i don't play anymore. A few years ago i risked a 6/49 ticket once a week for many months, but i only won a ticket with 4 numbers and i recovered my investment without profit.

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