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Macau Casinos report July as Best Month since Covid with $2.1B Revenue

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Posted on 04 August 2023 by "T".

It's all thanks to a high number of tourists this summer vacation

Based from a report by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), the gross gaming revenue (GGR) of casinos in Macau have increased by more than 4,000% in July from the previous year to MOP16.7 billion ($2.1 billion).

July's total result was also up 9.6% compared to the GGR posted in June, which stood at MOP15.207 billion ($1.88 billion). The accumulated revenue stands at MOP96.79 billion ($12.05 billion), up 263% year-over-year. 

The latest figures represent around 68% of pre-pandemic levels, driven by a spike in tourism levels during the summer vacation. In early July, the hotel occupancy rate reached 89% and is expected to still hover around this level during the vacation season, according to the head of the city's tourism office Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes.

The year-over-year growth from MOP398 million ($49.5 million) in 2022 to MOP16.7 billion ($2.1 billion) in July 2023 is because of the fact that Macau was in lockdown and casinos stopped operations for almost two weeks in July 2022 due to a Covid-19 outbreak.

A Bloomberg survey estimates that Macau gaming revenue for the entire year is likely to return to 62% of the pre-pandemic level. Gambling income generated from the mass tourist sector, the most important indicator of casino profits, is expected to reach nearly 90% of the pre-Covid levels this year.

For the year 2023, the government has set a target of MOP130 billion ($16.19 billion) in GGR. However, many analysts believe Macau is capable of generating as high as MOP168 billion ($20.92 billion). Analyst believe that nearly MOP60 billion ($7.47 billion) in gaming taxes will be collected in 2023.



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41 comments on "Macau Casinos report July as Best Month since Covid with $2.1B Revenue"

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» Macau Casinos report July as Best Month since Covid with $2.1B Revenue

 dule-vu14/08/2023 05:43:49 GMT
People will travel a lot there to play, to spend and to enjoy and whole macau will earn even more money in next moths! Whole situation about restrictions is over and now player can do whatever they want and this mean big profit for casinos! We will see news in next months!
 geseco1215/08/2023 15:53:44 GMT
That's right, there are no longer any restrictions, and everyone will be able to go and play without any problems, also more people from all over the world will go to Macao, and of course the casino will have much more profit.
 dule-vu15/08/2023 15:54:25 GMT
Billions of profit!
 geseco1217/08/2023 03:22:40 GMT
the biggest profits of live casinos are in the games of slots, roulette, etc., according to a report I have read is one of the main sources of income of that country and many others, that's why every year there are more casinos.
 dule-vu17/08/2023 04:44:21 GMT
They earn on every game! Can imagine how full casino are now!
 geseco1219/08/2023 16:07:48 GMT
these casinos in macao are full every day, many players come there from different places, also the casinos in las vegas are the most visited, every day they are recovering from what was the covid.
 dule-vu19/08/2023 16:09:35 GMT
Would be great to play live there!
 geseco1221/08/2023 00:19:48 GMT
the casinos in macao have huge amounts of money in income, every year they are having better results than in 2020 when they lost a lot of money due to the pandemic.
 dule-vu21/08/2023 00:21:03 GMT
They just didnt earn lot of money, but on other hand that money players didnt lose, so for them it was good!
 geseco1225/08/2023 04:04:54 GMT
always the bookmakers are the ones who win, but also those who play, of course a minority are those who take large amounts of money, in the end we all win, but not only money, but also fun and have a great time.
 CALICUL25/08/2023 05:47:42 GMT
people really deserve to play there. Good money...
 Kvinni25/08/2023 09:12:52 GMT
For a casino to make a profit, you need to buy it.
 dule-vu25/08/2023 09:17:19 GMT
How do you mean?
 geseco1226/08/2023 04:44:00 GMT
It seems that there is a new variant of covid, many governments are taking measures to deal with this disease in the best way possible, I hope it will be much less than the previous one.
 dule-vu26/08/2023 04:48:51 GMT
I didnt hear anything! Think that this empty story!
 geseco1227/08/2023 16:39:07 GMT
In my country they are already alarmed with the new variant, I hope it is not too much and they are not going to lock us up again, I hope this is mild, but we must always be careful not to spread this virus to others.
 dule-vu27/08/2023 17:01:31 GMT
Yeah right!
 geseco1228/08/2023 18:26:33 GMT
I hope this stops once and for all to enjoy the novelties of the street, casinos in particular are the most harmful when these types of pandemics come out, but little by little this has to disappear and return to normality.
 dule-vu28/08/2023 18:26:59 GMT
Everything already stopped months ago and everything is normal!
 geseco1229/08/2023 21:46:49 GMT
I hope this can be ending every day for the welfare of all people, there are countries where things are not as good as it seems, I hope they are always taking the necessary measures, a good day to all.
 dule-vu29/08/2023 21:47:36 GMT
Its over months ago!
 bowie198430/08/2023 03:00:20 GMT
Posted by geseco12:
the casinos in macao have huge amounts of money in income, every year they are having better results than in 2020 when they lost a lot of money due to the pandemic.

That's like every other industry except maybe the movie business, but they are on strike now anyway...
 dule-vu30/08/2023 04:51:47 GMT
Why they are on strike? Low salaries? It would good to read this kind of news also on brn, not just how big grow they have in macau or what new rules uk made for players and what restrictions they will have! But very interesting that they strike, so write us what happend there what they want! Very interesting!
 geseco1231/08/2023 00:23:47 GMT
why do you say they are on strike, so far I don't understand this news, I hope they will answer why they are on strike in macao, it is one of the biggest game industry.
 dule-vu31/08/2023 00:58:46 GMT
At least they are not closed because of covid or some other reason!

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