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Macau Hotel Casinos report High Bookings for Golden Week

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Posted on 22 September 2020 by "T".

Macau casinos are getting ready for a flurry of visitors this upcoming Golden Week holiday, the first in its history that will occur amid a global pandemic.

Due to travel restrictions and safety precautions brought about by the COVID-19 situation during the first half of the year, many establishments including hotel-casinos in Macau have witnessed a dramatic drop in visitor bookings.

Things are going to look bright once again because soon these Macau casinos will receive an influx of visitors thanks to the annual Golden Week holiday.

Established in the year 2000 as a way of boosting local tourism, Golden Week begins with China's National Day on October 1st. Most companies allow employees to take a paid leave worth three or four days, and add to that two days of the weekend, thus giving them lots of time to travel. Tens of millions of residents in the People's Republic take this opportunity to unwind and have fun with family and friends.

The State Council of China appointed October 1 to 8 as the official holiday time, which means not even the novel coronavirus pandemic can stop Chinese mainlanders from visiting the country's Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macau. Golden week is one of the biggest human migration events - roughly one billion people travel for vacation.

Macau has become a choice destination for many, as the enclave is the only area in China where commercial gambling is legal. Despite the possibility of contracting COVID-19, many Chinese residents are still booking trips to the world's richest casino hub.

Five Hotel Casinos Fully Booked
Macau's gross gaming revenue (GGR) has dived 81.6% from January through August, the six licensed casino operators raking in $4.5 billion. The overall visitor arrivals in Macau went down 86% year-over-year from January to July, as compared to the same timeframe in 2019.

Last month when the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) was reinstated, the entry restrictions into Macau therefore eased. This visa program allows mainland China residents to come and go without being quarantined in places such as the Guangdong province and Zhuhai.

With its 34,900 guestrooms, the occupancy rate in Macau was only 12.1% in July. While August also remains bleak, September and October are expected to bring some optimism to the industry.

In a Morgan Stanley survey, five out of the 23 hotels in Macau were already fully booked for the Golden Week period. These are Four Seasons Macao, a Sands China Ltd property; Morpheus at City of Dreams Macau, and Studio City, both owned by Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd; and the Ritz-Carlton Macau located at the Galaxy Macau resort, and StarWorld Hotel, two properties run by Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. All of these five-star hotels are located on the Cotai Strip.



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18 comments on "Macau Hotel Casinos report High Bookings for Golden Week"

 dule-vu22/09/2020 16:47:24 GMT
I am glad that life will back in macau and that they will work again as it was before,maybe not 100 %,but when you see that 5 hotels are fully booked,it says all!ofcourse people need fun,they need to party,to spend money and they had enough of restrictions!but we will see how this will affect on corona situation and will this change something in macau and china!
 geseco1223/09/2020 00:21:41 GMT
the millions in Macau abound, a lot of money moves there, I'm glad they open the casino aya, since it is a reference of high-level poker, surely there will be many people, always with the proper security protocols.
 dule-vu23/09/2020 19:03:31 GMT
they will still have problems with tourists from other countries.they will be scared to travel in china because of whole situation,espeically when colder times come in rest of world,but domestic people will come for sure to take this chance for some vacation and to spend some money on their games!
 CALICUL24/09/2020 08:20:38 GMT
A lot of money will run in these casinos of course and the benefits will be for most, because
some people play it for pleasure, not for winnings. This holiday is very big, if there are so many visitors who come with enough money. Very nice.
 damosk24/09/2020 13:54:20 GMT
I hope it all goes well for everyone who is thinking of visiting Macau for Golden Week and that the casinos rake in enough cash to keep going at this very uncertain time for many businesses and for those players who rely on live poker to fulfil their lives and finances. Wish i could be there but maybe I will have to win an entry before I get to choose to go there.
 dule-vu24/09/2020 20:14:24 GMT
I am sure that people from other countries will afraid to fly to china and they will not come their just to gamble,when they know that whole story about corona and all problems come from china!not from macau,but still,its same country!so this will affect in next months for them,but will be better then in was in last months,when they didnt had any tourist there!
 antonis32125/09/2020 00:02:10 GMT
The high booking of these hotels in Macau Area is good news , i hope all other hotels be full of customers these next days due to this special chinese Golden Week . I hope more Chinese come and stay at these hotels . gamb;es , have some fun , like before the crisis , ofcourse foollowing any instructuon the officers might instruct them there , and everything will be perfect . Visitors from othr countries , a littlr difficult to happen , I think .
 dule-vu25/09/2020 20:34:52 GMT
when you just read this sentence:Golden week is one of the biggest human migration events - roughly one billion people travel for vacation.
you can imagine that and how this is when this number of people travel in that period!no matter how organized they are as nation,you still have to make some problems in this days!hope that they will enjoy in that days of vacation!
 CALICUL26/09/2020 08:52:42 GMT
To be honest, this area is not too big but it can become full of tourists who will risk money at the casinos. Poker is played here for a lot of money and i don't think they will lose money. Covid lie has released people's access to game rooms.
 antonis32127/09/2020 22:32:46 GMT
I didn't know honestly about this golden weekly , I found out about it when I read the news article . So many workers , hndreds of millions with their families have spare time , being alloes from their factories , companies and businesses , to go on holidays , and this ofcourse is a boost to the the inner tourism , they visit ofcourse relatives but also I guess places they haven't been before or they have been and they liked .

Tourism economy is boosted a lot , so I guess Macau will be able to be benefited by this , already some hotels are full , I hope more to follow and we have some good positive news in the following days , regarding the bookings in the hotels Smile
 dule-vu29/09/2020 12:01:52 GMT
china have that crazy week when they travel to see their families and you cant imagine how this looks!you can see that on tv,but you cant imagine number of trains,ariplanes and other trasportations that they use in that days!but its good that they have period in year where they can use lot of days on family!
 antonis32129/09/2020 14:03:05 GMT
Wow , I can only imagine . I tried to see some videos on you tube , got boered , all videos didn;t show the crowd , talked about hundreds of millions of people but crowd nowhere , bad videos . One was podcast , no pictures , no video of the person talking , nothing , I could have also made it Big Smile with 8.000 views , wow , fake video , 4-8$ you make easily , mmmmmm , yam , yam , yam , I think I am hungry now Big Smile The others 400 , 300 views , guess noone cares , lol .
 CALICUL30/09/2020 15:34:31 GMT
In every country are holidays and there come locals or tourists. These parties bring money and casinos take advantage of these opportunities to attract customers. Macau is the place where many great players make big games.
 antonis32102/10/2020 01:15:43 GMT
I hope this golden week do it's magic and people come to Macau and play there favorite casino games , have fun , entertainment , with their girllfriends , families , friends , or alone , I am sure they will find there interesting people , men and women to accompany them while they play , even these corona virus days , these isolation days , human contact is being made everywhere always , humans will not stop being humans , never !! Smile
 CALICUL02/10/2020 17:48:22 GMT
I read about Macao casinos that they had five months with almost zero wins due to the Covid 19 "pandemic". Golden Week will attempt a comeback starting October 1st. Celebration anniversary of founding People's Republic of China lasts eight days this year. They have largest gambling center in the world.
 geseco1216/11/2020 14:22:24 GMT
Macao is one of the places where more money moves by far in the casinos since there are quite a few millionaires who come to play high-level cash, professionals from all over the world go there, hopefully the security protocols are respected so that they do not find more infections and poker in the casino is not affected by that.
 antonis32117/11/2020 15:05:20 GMT
I would love to go to Macau once at least in my life , all these resorts , the caasinos , so many rich people , all this fun and entertainment you can get there , as ;long as you are willing to spend sth more for your pleasure , fun , entertainment , to discover new delights , Macau the capital of world gambling . And if you are good at poker , you can also win big from Asan whale businessmen , who play for fun !! Ask Ivey for details , lol.
 CALICUL18/11/2020 12:06:45 GMT
To be honest I would not want this to visit Macau because I have other preferences but I would like 3 strong online poker rooms that have good tournaments and satellites with many players / gamblers. I don't want to waste any more time to earn a few bucks becase tables are too empty...

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