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Posted by dozn01:
Posted by doomdy:
Great post Dozn01, maybe some off it is copy-paste but that doesnt matter.
+1 from TheDom Thumbs Up

yeah some of it is but had to edit it so i could post on this forum, still took me awhile to do thou Smile

copy and paste is not easy as its seems Big Smile

Did you find it all in one place or is it bits and pieces from all over?

If it's one place you might mention where you found it.

this has been very helpful thank you. you hear a lot of this termonology without really knowing what it is. this forum has been very helpful for idiots like me who think they know it all but really know very little Smile

Its good to know this info, mostly i have been playing pokerstars but it seems clients are benefiting countries while discouraging other countries. Subscribed to this post to keep up with changes though. Hope others may benefit of this info as well Smile

badcall there.
When you're not all-in opponents can throw in the pot with a raise
This is based on the strength aggression - one of the basic concepts in No Limit Hold'em. Doing all-in you have two ways to win the hand - opponents can fold or call, in which case you win the showdown. You must therefore do all in with more hands than you can call an all-in. If an opponent moves all-in it can put in a difficult position, not knowing if you can call with a weaker hand or you fold a better hand.

Very good post, I hope there are more people contributing so: D if we all contribute even a little bit or a grain of sand as it is said is for the benefit of all players ... I present here reading everything t try to understand the most That can do all this je

regards Cool Cool Cool

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yes indeed nightkid if we all contribute even a little bit or even a grain of sand to 6 year old posts then no thread will be dead for like ever and ever. not sure if this is good or bad, but i have a feeling that zombie apocalypse is really near and we have to be prepared for it.

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