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Well played anyway Jack, you are a credit to us

Nice try. I should be 30th if my 8.13 win of the other day had updated. Was going to make a final push today myself to see if I could hold on to that position. Seems pointless now.

Posted by cedricdedric:
I have nowt but admiration 4 the way you steadfastly refused to give in to donkmanship, your example is a shining beacon for those of our ilk intent on doing well in the poker scene, yer a credit to yer ma who would be proud of ya....gertcha Jack

LOL Big Smile

Well thanks everyone for the much needed supprot.
don´t know if it´s dedication or just plain stupidity, but I´ll give it a couple more shots.
Didn´t know they were still running today and tomorrow until paulparadis pointed it out.

I will post the remaining ""Episodes" in this thread.... LIVE ! Big Smile

$100 Freeroll 17:00
3.393 runners

2 hours into it and I´m in bad shape.
307 left and I´m 290th. Not good.
The big stacks keep raising pre-flop, so I can´t do much and have missed the flop enough times to have my chips dwindle to almost nothing.
Going to need a miracle here...


As predicted, busted out in 257th.
In 1 hour I´ll give it another shot.
Though it´s getting harder to stay motivated now.

Out in the 20:00 one as well now.
I think that was the last one for me cause I´m SERIOUSLY fed up now. Big Smile
Going to pack it in for tonight and stick to 6th.
Oh well.... beter next time.

Edited by IslandJack (28 February 2011 @ 21:15 GMT)

Had to work so followed up this evening on your details (Episode 6). It's still killer the way you presented each tournement and still stayed in the top 10. There will be another leaderboard next month so keep pushing up the ladder. Good Luck Island!

Where did the Leaderboard go?

I´m still playing in this last one tonight.
14th out of 100 left.

Don´t tell me it´s not going to count for february ! Shock
I got better things to do than rake up points for a new SLEEP! Confused

I figured that this one still counts for february because a full run goes from 06:00 until 02:00 the next day.

Man... do I play on or go to sleep?
Dilemmas dilemmas....

Congrats on your run at top spot Jack. A few months ago you seemed really discouraged about poker in general, but you showed in February that you have good skills to go that far in that many tournaments against so many donks and bingo players. You represented the forum members well, thank you! Worship Worship Worship

Thanks mahdrof, I´m enjoying the game again, yep! Big Smile

Last Episode:

So i was doimg well. 14th in my last post and that final table was getting close.

I get KK in early position (28.000 chips)
Blinds are pretty big so i make a 5x raise.
Guy behind me goes all-in with 35.000
The big stack on the button calls the all-in.

The guy behind me was a good player, but would have gone all-in with QQ JJ and any AK AQW AJ.
(I pegged him for AQ, he had AJ)
The big stack was Tourney Leader, and a complete idiot, on of those guys who´s luck just wasn´t running out yet.
I usually like to see a flop after a big raise with KK to make sure no A hits the board, but ovbiously had to call here.

Guy behing - AJ
Idiot -QJ
Me - KK

the flop hits....

Yep! the idiot did it again!
Out in 52nd.

I don´t think I really had a choice here, so I don´t think I can fault myself.
The guy behind me was really pissed off (with good reason), and the insults started flying. Big Smile

I had told this donk that he would NEVER get final table playin g this way, and of course he didn´t.
I´m used to it now in these Tourneys, but this guy was so full of himself, chatting himself up, while it was obvious that he was by far the worst player left in the Tourney.
Just goes to show that in huge fields like this, the morons DO get lucky regularly, and make it quite deep sometimes.

Anyway, that´s it.
It was kinda fun, but I don´t think I´ll try it again.
But then again, it´s who knows? Blink

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