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lololol No wonder it looks so Old then aye!!! Confused Cool Cool Blink

Posted by B1gfoot:
I'm going to say it for him jessthehuman you did not post any data.

Hang on I did it wrong...

Posted by jessthehuman:
Posted by onlinejoke:
will you fuckkk off wanker at least i post data now fuckkk off your such a donk. THE HANDS ARE ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IN PRE

Lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt and you're not lying, although obviously you quite easily could have typed in anything you like, to support you crazy.. But let's say you're not lying, then you're just incredibly unlucky..

However, I suspect it is far more likely that you are lying..

I've never seen a large sample of HH that didn't match roughly expected outcomes.. If AA lost allin pre HU as often as you suggest, people would be on to it (and by people, I mean serious poker players, not looney-tunes like you).


You are such an idiot, I personally don't have enough HH data to prove anything one way or another. HOWEVER - there has been links provided to you already, of studies of over 1million HH and they have indicated there is nothing suspicious about the outcomes. When you saw these studies you just argued nonsense at them.

Don't you finally get it yet ? You are an idiot - seriously, that is all there is to this, you're just incredibly thick. It really is that simple, when you understand this, you need to quit poker and maybe look into getting work sweeping floors or some s**t, maybe McDonalds, I dunno, but you are not at all bright.

Put it this way 'joke:

Generally speaking, when I play poker, if I get all my chips in good, I don't expect to lose to some BS river card, I am not saying it never happens. But if I get it in for example AA vs QQ, I'm not thinking "any money a Q comes", I am thinking 'Hell yeh baby" whilst fist pumping like a madman.

If I get it in on the flop and my opponent has 2 outs, I am not thinking 'Pfft.. yeah, I know what the river will be.." once again - I am first pumping like a fucking champion and counting my chips.

I'm not saying I never get sucked out on, or have never had a bad day/week etc where it happens too much and drives me crazy.

But over all, if I get my chips in good, I expect to win and I usually do..

I think online joke - you probably just are not as good as you think you are, you say you crush live ? Online plays destroy live players on the online tables - live players might have a good table game, nice reads, etc. But online, you've got WoW converts grinding 12hrs+ a day, reading books, using HUDs, studying maths, etc. They completely OWN you. You suck and you need to leave this thread alone.

No one here likes you, no one cares what you have to say and no one agrees with you. So just F off.

You have nothing positive to contribute here, this is a forum for people who ENJOY online poker. If you don't like online poker, thats fine, not a problem. But here is a community of people who DO like it. You are 51 yrs old sweety, that is probably a bit late in life to still be getting a kick from trolling forums regarding hobbies that don't interest you.

So, seriously, if you don't enjoy online poker, can't beat the game, think the poker room is out to get you, or whatever. Fine. But just leave it alone, leave this place alone and go spend your time doing something you do enjoy OK.

You did not post any data. (fill here with random abuse)

For onlinejester, fully agree with well everyone who replies to you, but with reguards to what you posted it does read as follows.(post 54)

Posted by onlinejoke
I already proved nothing. Cant find any software to track from pre flop to river but then, I am a retard.
Again I will say why do I ignore proper tests.

I do have strawberry stats that I hand picked from field (hands only) 871 were strawberry's but 185 raspberry's which is about 82%. So far so good.

539 Pocket strawberry's went through a blender as other pickers ate theirs, leaving 517 strawberry's and 332 raspberry's. Over all the true odds of finding bananas in a strawberry field is 64%


I have requested a glass of juice that cover all aspects of fruit, but no pickers will make me a smoothy.

Again if the farmer was so honest at least one of these pickers would make some sort of fruit drink Sad

OT- my 2 is @ using shift, and ' is now ", how do I swap them back?

@B1gfoot hahahahahaha had me in stitches reading your edited version of his post, funniest thing i've read in should do this for all rigtard posts but dont just use fruits mix it up! i think this would really get on their tits and they might f**k off. but more importantly it will give me a laugh Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

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