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Bet and win with on World Cup Brazil!

Together with our sponsors, we are happy to announce that we will be running a World Cup betting competition during the 20th FIFA World Cup. The betting competition consists of five leaderboards; four weekly and one overall leaderboard. From the Mob Games section in your Mob account, you will be able to place your bets for free on the outcome of each game but also on the correct score. Each bet [...]   Read more » Bet and win with on World Cup Brazil!

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i have been out for a while and this is the first thing i see! awesome much!

hail bankrollmob, admin and all the back-room staff for organizing another great promo (on top of already being one of the best places around for "get sth fro nothing" dudes).
i have a clue that winners of this promos will be those who have no clue about football... great prizes, i wonder how is that 888 shirt gonna reach residents of great North Korea

This does look like a good promotion,so big thanks to BRM.This is also a good way for non football fans to get involved because of the way the scoring works.
Just looking at the stats from the last few world cups you can get a good idea of what the results tend to be,like around a quarter of all group matches ended in a draw and recently most games were won with low scores but is that because teams are better,teams tend to do the minimum to progress or in the last world cup there were complaints that the official ball was terrible for shooting?
A couple of big priced correct scores will be a massive boost up the leaderboard,or if you are trailing behind after a few games then some stategic betting can get you back in the mix. If you know little about international football,like I, or a lot this is a great contest to get your teeth into. Smile

Man such a great promo! I was considering depositing somewhere a few $$ to bet on the world cup games but once again bankrollmob saves me the money and the trouble Smile Thumbs Up

Already covered all the open bets and hopefully I'll hit some good results... went a bit over the edge in some of those trying to get a big score lol

Posted by pochui:
i have a clue that winners of this promos will be those who have no clue about football...

That should give me a distinctive advantage then Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Once again Bankrollmob u rock!!! Worship

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This is a great promo and i for one am looking forward to see how well i can do. I love my football and the World Cup is my favourite tournament of them all. Interesting to see who tops the leaderboard

Wow one badass competition, honestly i read it as using our current mobpoints and was a bit disappointing but i should not have been when i re read this post i saw they were free and we are getting great prizes for it. So good luck to all you guys playing, i hope i win some good prize and good luck to you guys, i have a liking for Brazil too win. Everyone does lol. Cheers nice promo BRM!

Posted by Administrator:
Posted by damosk:
Fantastic promotion BRM. Looking forward to joing in. I have a question though. The literature states free bets but each bet is 100 points! Have I got that right, that 100 points = free? In my world 100 points is of huge value of $1 so not quite free. Is this correct. I need I get my mob points growing !

The 100 points are not Mob Points. The points are just used to convert into leaderboard standings.

ADMIN. Thank you for the clarification. I did go back and re read it and have now bet for the whole of week 1.
I'm not the only muppett mobbit though who has misunderstood, but thank you for your awesomeness in hosting this promo.

Definitely (asPochui says).......All hail the mighty BRM!

It is obvious, that those aren´t mobpoints. Big Smile

If it were mobpoints, bankrollmob would be broke very soon. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Very nice Cool Cool Cool

Nice one Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Nice promotion Thumbs Up

GL all !

Cheers yeah we would all be broke lol. Anyway not gonna be able to watch the opening match of Brazil and Croatia, it starts at like midnight here and most of the matches in the world cup i would not be able to watch due to work tomorrow. So i am glad there is this game, and I put Brazil to win for my first bet. Cheers have fun guys watching the opening!

Good day .
This is a great initiative by brm. Its just awesome ... I have been watching that section not been active from the day it appeared. Its a great time they started this promo. Looking forward to win some out of this promotion .
Good luck everyone.

This post by senzatie has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
I'm so mad at this point. So i place a bet 1 that Brasil will win and wanted to pun 3 - 1 for Brasil. But then i asked my father what he think. He said it will be X or Croatia will win. So i've seen 1 - 2 for Croatia 999.99 Odd, it took my eyes on it ( i think that's what admin wanted, i don't think i'm the only one Smile) ). So i place my 2nd bet on 1 -2 for Croatia, instead 3 - 1 for Brasil Aww crap!
Next time i won't listen my father.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

Best of best, Spain will win the World Cup Worship


nice promo tnx BM

Hi Admin,

Just want to ask... Are the odds correct for the Columbia / Greece game? It looks like they are the wrong way around.

The best promo ever! so cool! and the new calendar it's pretty fun and colourful! the best promo! thanks Bankrollmob! I hope to get something! and good luck eveyone! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I see the interest on thsi bet game is huge so i guess it will be one of the biggest hits here on Bankrollmob Big Smile

I already placed bets on all available games, now lets hope for the best Smile

As always BRM rocks!

NEW: You can now delete your bets up to 15 minutes before the 'stops' time (kickoff).

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