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There is n need to play exclusively MTT. Just squeeze one-two in there, while you are playing
sng's, chasing a high win. But do so with money you can afford to lose, and that wont
mess with your brain losing them, since you want to be in a good condition for your sng's Smile

Not playing MTT at all is a solution also.

The thing about the MTTs is that when I first starten playing poker I was exclusively playing MTT. Then I moves on to cashgames and a little bit later I sent back to MTT and combined it with SnG. Most of my story can be found here on the forum so I won't go i to details.

Anyway, I was always moderately successful with the MTT format and got a few big cashes (well, big for me) and also won a few tournaments. Because of that I feel that I have the potential to earn some big money on that format but I don' t know if I can handle playing for hours and earning nothing... I could before when I had more time, but now I don't...

And that's yet anoher complete crap session... I just can't catch a break at all... I keep on just spewing my money away, that's just not working for me!! I lost $7 today!! It's just complete crap!! Tomorrow I'll pick a few MTTs and just roll with those, I can't handle another SnG session where I keep losing to the f*cking river and see my bankroll diminish more and more... I could just go on for ages about this, I'm so freaking angry at the moment!! As soon as I get in a good position, some bullsh!t happens and I lose.


Current stake: $1

Bankroll: $129.88
Number of games: 33
Number of cashes: 9
ITM: 27.27%

Total profit/loss: -$9
Average profit/game: -$0.27

Bankroll needed for next stake: $300

I'm probably gonna try to get my MTT game back to what it used to be and take a shot at the Monster Series when that starts! Due to how I work, I probably won't be able to play more then a maximum of 6 games for a total BI of $37.40. I'm really hoping that could be a tuning point for me since a good score in one of these games would help me out a lot!

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I wish you will find your good performance at MTT, but that's need process , I hope you will be patient when you haven't won prize in early few MTT. Maybe sometimes you will sleepless cause play MTT , don't worry about that, you still young..will not get problem. I often do that Smile .Good luck

Important thing is not to get stressed with your games, the hours you play etc.
This can have a negative impact at the end.
So play when you have the free time and feel comfortable.
At the end it is not a life goal, it is a poker one, which means you should have fun also.

Yes you are correct! I won't play any MTT tonight as I need to get to bed at a decent time, and since I can't handle the downswing at the jackpot games I'll have a go at another format that has proven to be good to me in the past: Double or Nothing! I'll do a 30 BI rule so I can play at the $2.20 level.

And my "good" runs continue... How is it possible to lose 4 DoN in a row!? At least 2 of them was due to flips that went bad and the other 2 was, in my opinion, just bad luck for losing when I was ahead... Stupid game -.-

In the end I lost 6 DoN in a row! That's it, I'm taking a break from poker! Don't expect me to be playing anything the next week, I can't handle this complete bullsh!t luck I'm getting lately... I need my bankroll for better things, I can't keep on losing it no matter what I do or play!

Edited by erru9107 (13 October 2018 @ 23:19 GMT)

Bad thing you ended up losing again.
A break might do some good and you can return a winning player.
No matter what if you are not having the luck with your side you cant go far.
At least with a small bankroll, where a long downswing can eliminate you.
Enjoy your break Thumbs Up

DoN almost same with jackpot, I and my friend ever grind , our conclusion was harder to make profit. In long term we just got break even or small profit. Just MTT is the best choice or cash game if you like . Thefly ( or another one ) tried 1 or 2 years ago. Deposit $300 and made profit more than $ 150, play 1.5 - 2 hours per day in less 1 year.

good decision ... Sometimes you need to pause the game ... To rest a bit for the brain ... to switch to some other actions ... and then with new powers and with a slightly different look at the game Poker ... Maybe you have will be the best game ... maybe .... I wish good luck in the game

Posted by mahdrof:
Posted by BeMyATMplz:

I have been a silent reader (if any) for a long time, but in this thread I just had to reply.
I do like your ambitions, however they are far from reality (which pretty much is the main reason why I even bothered logging in).

Hi Bemy, do you still play poker? Nice to hear from you.

Good luck on your poker journey erru9107! Smile

Hey, good to see you still around Tongue
I still play, but it's been a long time since I played on Stars (I play on Winamax and on Partypoker, mostly Double or Nothings).

Erru, your last post still makes it clear you look at the variance way too shortterm.
If you get upset about losing then, as someone said, play no MTTs at all. Playing MTTs, especially large fields, you will have a losing day at about 80% chance, even if you are better than average.
I saw you played DoNs. I remember you played them some years ago too. Why not stick to them (or why even more away?)? The DoNs on Party are so soft, up to the $5s at least, anyone who ever heard about ICM and that stuff grinds out a profit there.
I play DoNs on Winamax (I am 1st in the sharkscope leaderboard for DoNs this year at $2.01-$5), and can tell you losing 4, or 6 DoNs will happen over and over again. My biggest losing streak so far was losing 12 DoNs in a row (while I also won 16 in a row before too). Even at a low variance game like DoNs you should have like 60 buy ins as your bankroll, unless you are crushing super hard (6%+ ROI), then 40-50 buy ins is enough usually. Although I have the highest ROI of all Regs for the main limit I play, I often have breakeven stretches of 1K or a little more games. Usually I play something between 3K-4K Games per month though. However, to make actual steady profit, volume is always the key. Even as the best player in the world, playing 200 games per month, everyone can have a losing month.

It's important to have a little bit of fun with this poker thing. I play a lot of Omaha cash games, but when my session is over I always try and play a little microstakes jackpot SNG or 7 card stud. The cash I have on the table is miniscule and I enjoy those games, I always look forward to that part of my session. Good luck with your game

I really do know these things, I'm just in a state of mind right now where I don't have the energy or patience to take a big losing streak. I get too frustrated too fast and forget all about the long run factor. I think it's due to stress really.... My work is killing me right now, even on my free time I need to be working. It's only for a limited time, 3,5 weeks left! After that I might be able to settle down and start thinking more rational and get control of my emotions again.

I know the losing streaks can be long but the winning streaks can be too. Right now I need to minimize my losses and get potential for a big score short term. This means MTT play when I can find the time. I will most likely return to the DoN games when things settle down IRL. They are, as you say, really soft. The competition is mostly recreational players with no real strategy, easy to beat long term.

Really very good since you know your problem, so you can start thinking ,analyze and find out solution according your circumstances. Poker really need good preparation ( skill ,emotion, plan, time ,etc) if we want to be winning player. Wish you will find right line to build your poker career again Smile

very good.
Have you used any program, app or excel to control?
If you are using and can share I would like to know, I have controlled in spreadsheets in excel, but if you have a better way it is always good to find out a little about how it works
the data is well complete which is very good to go controlled development and sometimes know the time to stop
appreciate Cool

Take your break No need to rush it.
When you feel like it just start over. Dont let the time frame also stressing you.
Get whatever you can by then Smile
Play some freerolls with silly all ins, one after another to blow some steam.
You never know, you might win like that also Smile

Yeah I agree, whenever stress ILR outweights the rest, there is no need to play poker. Playing under stress is probably the worst you can do, and it doesn't make happy either. If you have a lot of work right now, do something more valuable with your freetime. Spend time with your family, or just be lazy and lay on the sofa, whatever. Tongue

Played some MTT tonight and I had the run of my life, for the first hour... after that my "regular" luck started to make itself known again. If someone had an out, be sure he would get it! If I had more outs then I could count, I never hit anything anyway. Seriously, on a board with an openended straightdraw and a flushdraw as well as top pair after the turn, I still didn't win cause he turned out to have pocket aces and I didn't hit any of my 20 outs that I had to beat him.

That type of luck just kept eating away on my chips and I only managed to recover about half of the money I put in. Lost $1.50 today. If I would have just had "normal" luck and didn't get f*cked on every significant hand I played, I would have been in a really good position to get at least one final table!

Anyway, we're getting closer and closer each day, soon I'll have a day when I don't get any of this crap thrown at me and then I'll make a good profit! Hopefully good enough to recover my losses the past few sessions.

Posted by erru9107:

Anyway, we're getting closer and closer each day, soon I'll have a day when I don't get any of this crap thrown at me and then I'll make a good profit! Hopefully good enough to recover my losses the past few sessions.

The day will come for sure, just patient and know it when its come Smile (many time I don't aware or don't know so chance to won big prize lost Sad ) Hopefully the day will come soon. Sad you got bad poker day too long, wish your lucky poker day longer Smile .Good luck

Have you ever tried playing omaha hi/lo.
That was the game that i started making money of. Wasnt doing well in holdem.
When i found this format, i managed to hit the cashier.
Playing there along with a cash back helped a lot to get paid.
Try a couple of sessions in micro buy ins. It may work out for you.

I've tried omaha but it really isn't a game for me. Thanks for the tip tho.

I played some more MTT tonight, faced a lot of bullsh!t as usual. I have no idea for how long this downswing is gonna last but I'm starting to get a bit frustrated about it! I just hope that it will be over before the Monster Series get started since I'm planning to take a shot at a couple of $11 MTTs. If I could score a profit in one of those it could very well send my bankroll over the edge and make sure I can buy really nice christmas presents Blink

Hi erru, my 2cents worth, you need to take a wee break, maybe drop down a level on mtt's just because the variance is so high and you can have a relaxed and relatively comfortable game, go out for a pint or two and forget poker, then do a little (say 2 hours) of poker study before coming back to the game. Then spend about an hour reviewing your game next day or straight away is all good, pinpoint errors or missed opportunities, work on those and how you can eliminate them from your game, next game on!

GL mobbers
3P out

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