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Duplicate Poker Forced to Close Down

Tags: Duplicate Poker, economic crisis, UIGEA.
Posted on 10 October 2008 by "M".

The online poker site Duplicate Poker launched their site about three years ago but are now forced to close down due to the current financial situation in the world. Duplicate Poker offered a kind of poker where all the players were dealt the same hands and the winner was the player that managed to win the most chips in that hand. The reason why the introduced this version of poker was to get around the UIGEA and offer a poker game that is pure skill.

On the website of Duplicate Poker they mention that they have been taking a hard hit due to the recent economic crisis in the US. All costumers will still be able to log in to their accounts and withdraw their funds.


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39 comments on "Duplicate Poker Forced to Close Down"

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» Duplicate Poker Forced to Close Down

 neutralnick12/10/2008 20:14:03 GMT
what was the way/ i only play 1 or 2 hour depositing 20$. I ask it back shortly after 2 weeks b4 they close. But i figured u had to be really agressive and coinflips preflop (i made 15$ really fast playing normally but somehow at my third game the opossite guy suck it me out in 1 game 3 hands! whit s hit) ? Well i wanna know what move u were mading there. Rarely but something by the way theres live tournament like this check it out on wiklepedia. I think u had to be agressive whit bad hands and take a shoot all the time, steal and some preflop chance whit garbage if u were behind. I felt it was a bad play to learn poker as am a 10 months player so i left it behind. Peace. Heart
 nevenche12/10/2008 21:23:20 GMT
very nice poker u need to know play it... you are not playing vs some1 on your table... u play vs some1 on other table and u all get same cards same flop same turn same river. it just depends how u play some cards and will opponent pay ur hand
 neutralnick12/10/2008 21:39:01 GMT
hey man b4 u write soething be sure u read Aww crap!

am asking the guy whit 30k what was the winning way to play it, simple as that
 badboybaz13/10/2008 02:10:26 GMT
I played at Duplicate Poker and to be honest I didn't like it that much, waiting for other tables to finish while yours was. i won't play there again unless they paid me loads of money....
 MANUEDO13/10/2008 15:46:17 GMT
Never played on this site.
But I ask a question: don't you think that there are too many poker rooms ? All of them have profits ? Of course not.
So how can survive ?
 LarryLaffer13/10/2008 19:20:19 GMT
i hatet that duplicate poker anyway. so slow and boring game there..
 crinkle0613/10/2008 20:29:24 GMT
i agree i found it a little slow and boring u didnt seem to know what was goin on
 acehighness14/10/2008 09:53:16 GMT
HMM .. thanks for letting me know, I was promoting their offer on my website ... time to kill that article
 GeneYuss15/10/2008 05:07:02 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Posted by wildduece32:
it was an awesome site i made over $30,000 there you just had to learn to play it right and it was a gold mine. It sucks they shut down.

There were 30.000 bucks at duplicate poker Shock It always looked as there were only players using the no deposit offer.

Maybe he means $30? I know it was easy to cheat on Duplicate
 asdSuora15/10/2008 11:24:47 GMT
umm... three years on and then just forced to stop
 boshman4415/10/2008 12:10:18 GMT
sounds fun wish id known about it before it closed
 mj35615/10/2008 12:19:07 GMT
I'm glad they have closed - there were only 500 max online at any one time. You had to wait ages for the s&gs.

And they say it pure skill? Yeah right.

Good riddance to bad rubbish!
 bighetti15/10/2008 21:41:32 GMT
It was a shame they have closed, I loved the style of their game.
 shokaku16/10/2008 11:38:11 GMT
Has anyone received a payout? Last what i heard of mine was a mail where they said they would process it. And that was a week ago. Confused
 doomdy16/10/2008 12:09:35 GMT
But the idea of duplicate wasnt bad Smile Smile
My dad plays his whole live bridge and at all high level they play same like duplicate so...... Smile Smile Smile
 GeneYuss16/10/2008 23:44:19 GMT
Has anyone received their money from Duplicate Poker? I replied back but nothing since for 10 days.

"Dear geneyuss
Your request for a withdrawal of $11.43 was successfully submitted and is currently being processed. A notification will be emailed to you when your request status changes.

Thank you for your support of Duplicate Poker

Duplicate Poker Team"
 RIPStuNov2217/10/2008 15:39:34 GMT
I loved this site.
Any poker table that punishes donkeys is a GOOD thing.
Sorry to see it go.
 acehighness20/10/2008 10:55:37 GMT
ppl working at duplicate poker (like affiliate managers) now all work for other poker companies ... i bet you can say goodbye to your moneys Blink
 gaidys20/10/2008 19:46:00 GMT
intresting can my check still i can used it when i got that whats avoided ;/ whats would be sux 200$ :/
 tibore21/10/2008 02:19:42 GMT
SKILL... i thought it was all 100% luck
 umarplus28/10/2008 08:52:45 GMT
"Dear Player,

Sadly Duplicate Poker was unable to receive funding in the current economic climate. The way that it is currently set to go down is that we will be appointing a Trustee who will be in charge of liquidating the company's assets, paying the suppliers and refunding the players. We expect it to take about 2 months where all liabilities are collected and the assets liquidated, and then in the following months money is being paid out. All players will be paid by check without exception.

Please visit to submit your withdrawal request. All pending withdrawals will be considered along with the current request. The final payments will be evaluated by the Trustee.

The Duplicate Poker Team"

thanks for letting me know. enjoy my 30 bucks! =P
 AdrienD28/10/2008 22:08:27 GMT
"Any poker table that punishes donkeys is a GOOD thing."

This site didn't punish donkeys any more than other sites. In fact, in the tournaments it REWARDED donkeys.
I'll explain:
say you got 4-10 soooooted in first position at a full ring table when the blinds are low, now a normal non-donk would just fold right ? Well you do fold but you know that at the x other tables there is each time one player with EXACTLY the same hand who will have EXACTLY the same flop as you and if he makes more chips than you well you are more likely to be eliminated from the tournament! so let's assume that one of these players does want to play this soooooted junk and the flop comes TT4 !
You can pretty much guess that he will make some chips there and might jump ahead in standings because of his donkish call !

The funny thing is is that the site PUNISHED good play.
Say you got AK so you know that if there are 3 other tables then there are 3 guys who got AK too and will get EXACTLY the same board. You can reasonably assume that they will ALL atleast raise it up preflop or limp and see the flop. Most of them (in the low buy-in tourneys) will move all-in or flop a good hands likes aces up but might be up against a set, well then you ALL lose chips and probably the same amount too ! but if you win you win as much or maybe a little more than the others but not much, so the best play is to actually FOLD or play SUPER CAUTIOUS with AK since you cant take a real edge on the others if you do play it for your stack !

Same as the cashgames go, you get rewarded if you make more chips than the guy on the other table who got the same hands.
Say you decide to not play 92 offsuit and fold it, but the other player plays it and flop comes 999, he is obviously going to win SOME money and it will ofcours be more than you cause you folded it. Did you make a bad play by folding ?

All duplicate poker did was assure that everyone got the same fortunes at the same time, but if you fold a hand you can't really get lucky any more even though it might have been the right play.
 noobyfish28/10/2008 22:51:31 GMT
thanks i refered sb. to their room and got my CPL from them

US $125

maybe the reason why they close down?

who knows...
 pooya01/01/2014 10:30:26 GMT
never played in this room , i hope the recover their room anyway

never played in this room , i hope the recover their room anyway
 DaCapo7104/01/2014 15:55:13 GMT
I never heard about These poker room, but a lot of rooms come and go in the last years. It´s not easyagainst the big rooms and Network, but sometimes i don´t no why. There are a lot of nice Little rooms like yachting or terminal poker with nice promos.

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