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David Benyamin speaks out

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Posted on 24 November 2008 by "T".

David Benyamin is a poker player from France that the most people probably associate with poker at the highest limits and also with some of the most popular poker shows on TV. Now in an interview made by a poker magazine David speaks out about playing poker at the highest limits, about the swings and how much money he has.

The most people probably wouldn't even dare sitting down at a poker table together with David Benyamin, as there is no higher stakes, higher swings and better poker players than where he plays. But the only thing that is important for Benyamin according to himself is that he's playing correct and that he doesn't take notice if there is $500 000 or $200 000 in the pot. He also says that it isn't an option to play anywhere else than at the highest limits.

DB: -"If I don't have the excitement, I don't really play" - "I have to have it or I play really bad"

David admits in the interview that his bankroll is not that big at the moment and that he is getting staked by friends so he can play at the highest limits.

DB: -"I might have a million dollars in my account but it's in six pieces. I own a sixth and five other friends own a sixth too. I have lost $500k pots, but because I only own a sixth of it I only really lost $80k. I wouldn't be able to a lose a million if my bankroll was $2m. I don't have tons of money, I have only a little bit."

David ends the interview talking about the importance of life outside poker.

DB: -"I am satisfied with my poker results but just need to work on the other things. I need to provide Erica with a steady boyfriend and a good life. Maybe she's not saying it because she loves me but she deserves to have a man who takes care of himself the way she does with herself. That's my number one goal."

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7 comments on "David Benyamin speaks out"

 shokaku24/11/2008 17:44:03 GMT
What a lame interview. Nothing about Benyamine no longer being a red pro at full tilt? Nothing about his plans to make a deal at another room?
 taavi1924/11/2008 20:55:28 GMT
LOL shokaku you are totally right.
 Yukas24/11/2008 23:27:45 GMT
Hey it`s something he wanted to say! maybe know he preffer to make his family right and then poker=)! Like in films he is working allday not even has time to play with his children think about it!!!
 sirthomas25/11/2008 08:31:44 GMT
Its guess its just small parts from the interview.
 hawkgman25/11/2008 12:15:34 GMT
Nah i agree interview is very boring and rather pants, the thing that caught my interest most was the "click here for a $100 dollar bonus" lol. That says something i think Big Smile
 polevaulter25/11/2008 13:31:42 GMT
He is very satisfied with his bankroll. But why? I don't know... Smile
 taavi1925/11/2008 20:24:55 GMT
Posted by polevaulter:
He is very satisfied with his bankroll. But why? I don't know... Smile

I guess poker is just his hobby and he is not playing it to make money, because he doesnt need to worry about that thing.

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