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HighStakes: Finnish poker pros dominating

Tags: HighStakes, Illari Ziigmund Sahamies, Lady Mermalade, Patrik Antonius.
Posted on 21 November 2008 by "T".

This month's most successful players on the highstakes tables online are Patrik Antonius and Illari "Ziigmund" Sahamies from Finland. Patrik has won over $1.5 million so far this month and Illari close to $1 million.

But of course, when some players are winning this much money, someone has been losing big as well. "Lady Marmelade" is one of these players. He has lost around 1 million dollars this month.

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24 comments on "HighStakes: Finnish poker pros dominating"

 Buhl3r21/11/2008 15:52:33 GMT
:O omg, I hope one day see my name here on Top, winning $1.5 million too Smile
Gratz to Patrik Antonius
 p199421921/11/2008 16:13:27 GMT
Hyvä Suomi! Hyvä Patrik & Ilari! On ne äijiä pelaamaan!!!

(I commented in finnish these guys) Smile
 shokaku21/11/2008 17:17:06 GMT
Benyamine and Juanda are also big losers this month. But when some guys win others have to lose.

From the Fins only Lars Luzak is not running well this month
 MANUEDO21/11/2008 19:40:32 GMT
I don't even manage to wonder how can you win so much money.
These players are unbelieveble..
But, luckily, I won't ever play against them.... not to be the loser one.
 p0ker_pr021/11/2008 21:00:14 GMT
i always wish i win that much it's never gonna happen for me i only play online never live maybe i should start never no what can happen Big Smile
 weakminded21/11/2008 21:15:14 GMT
1,5 million Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar
one day I hope to make that kind of money, I just wonder how you can lose more than a million in one month Shock I mean that's a clear sign you should take a looooooong vacation.
 polevaulter22/11/2008 00:06:28 GMT
The question is that they have won the first million or they already had a few million. And playin high stakes is just fun for them.
 Buhl3r22/11/2008 01:00:27 GMT
yeh. If ou play big, you can win more... that's the way to go
 cyclonisz222/11/2008 04:15:20 GMT
very cool to hear, i didnt know finnish people had some shark poker players be careful Blink
 padod22/11/2008 07:15:33 GMT
ziigmund is a legend
 shokaku22/11/2008 11:21:34 GMT
Posted by padod:
ziigmund is a legend

Yep. But not only for the way he plays. Ziigs table talk is what makes him really famous. Tony G or Hellmuth are nothing against this Big Smile
 -nazze-22/11/2008 14:05:43 GMT
kyllä ei noista muista oo mihinkää ku pate viä ja ziigiki osaa nykyään holdemia ihan kunnolla
 Calmplay22/11/2008 17:21:08 GMT
They are too simply very serious players when it comes to High Stakes poker games, very aggressive, bluffing very well & really knows how to make people pay like Antonius always do Worship
 ADACTA22/11/2008 19:09:33 GMT
funny is that lady marmelade lost about 10mio allready on ftp, its this guy laliberte.
 Saint22/11/2008 20:49:35 GMT
Big Smile bloody fantastic.
 boshman4423/11/2008 12:07:50 GMT
all top players go up and down like this just got to make shore it more ups than downs
 hawkgman23/11/2008 21:51:29 GMT
have you seen the way ziigmud plays? its funny, he likes to raise ALOT , but hey he is still up this year, got to rate phil ivey highest though up $6.5 million this year and just taking down pots for fun! Big Smile
 Yukas24/11/2008 23:22:06 GMT
Hey russians also are having some success for example second main event winner is from Russia !
 jimmyviseu25/11/2008 18:30:26 GMT
i think i never will have 1 million in my all life....
and some guys get that in only one month....
 shokaku09/12/2008 16:01:11 GMT
Ziigmund down around one and a half million bucks in one day. Shock
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose ... big!
 doomdy09/12/2008 16:06:34 GMT
Yeah ziigmunt funny guy check this out Blink

Btw the last one... I think i see ziigmunt somewhere in the background but i am not sure Big Smile
 LarryLaffer09/12/2008 16:54:25 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Ziigmund down around one and a half million bucks in one day. Shock
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose ... big!

Yeah, but he had hangover that day
 shokaku09/12/2008 17:02:03 GMT
Posted by LarryLaffer:
Yeah, but he had hangover that day

You mean the amount of alcohol in his blood had dropped below the critical level? Blink

So he should not play when he is sober Cool
 xxxbchxxx10/12/2008 13:33:38 GMT
you gotta love this high stakes poker but mear mortals like myself have a long way to go ...

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