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HighStakes: "Ziigmund" wins a $723,938 pot!

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Posted on 27 May 2009 by "T".

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Tom "durrrr" Dwan have now played the second biggest pot ever in online poker history! Both of them have had some really bad months with hundreds of thousands dollars lost almost every week, but still they didn't let the negative start of 2009 affect their game on the high stakes they are famous to play on.

Not long ago Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Tom "durrrr" played Omaha Hi $500/$1000 at Full Tilt poker. Always when these two play against each other, one can expect lots of action and enormous pots. This time it was a bit special as they were about to play the second biggest pot in online poker history. Not less than $723,938 US dollars was won by the Finnish poker pro "Ziigmund" after this hand versus Tom "Durrr" Dwan.


Durrr raises to $3000, Ziigmund re-raises to $9000. Durrr re-raises again to $27,000, Ziigmund calls $18,000.

FLOP 2Spade JSpade THeart

Both players' checks

TURN 2Spade JSpade THeart 7Diamond

Ziigmund is first out to act and he bets $54,000, Durrr raises to $216,000. Ziigmund goes all-in for $324,463, Durrr calls $108,463.

Ziigmund shows: JDiamond9Diamond7Spade8Club
Durrr shows: QSpade5Diamond8SpadeTDiamond

RIVER 2Spade JSpade THeart 7Diamond JClub

durrrr shows two pair, Jacks and Tens
Ziigmund shows a full house, Jacks full of Sevens and takes home the $723,938 pot.


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35 comments on "HighStakes: "Ziigmund" wins a $723,938 pot!"

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» HighStakes: "Ziigmund" wins a $723,938 pot!

 B1gfoot28/05/2009 09:46:06 GMT
Posted by Fisto:

And Durrr... his is it tilt perhaps. I don't find other explanation.

He is a DONK...a big fish donk...
 shokaku28/05/2009 09:51:20 GMT
Posted by B1gfoot:
He is a DONK...a big fish donk...

Mhh. A bit to successfull for a fish donk. But omahahaha may not be his best game.
 xxxbchxxx28/05/2009 10:50:50 GMT
Wow this is a serious amount of cash... Dam what could i do with that cash?
Hmmmmmmmm........... .... ..... i think id learn how to play Omaha and throw it all away od second pair with some much stronger draws on the board....LOL Confused
At what level of bankroll do you think loosing that sort of cash doesnt matter??
Boy its criminal really but i suppose its there cash so they can do what ever they like with it,,,,,,,,, Big Smile
 Bunny2528/05/2009 11:20:05 GMT
wow,very nice pot! i even wish to win a pot wich reached this size Big Smile
 Fakiry28/05/2009 12:38:27 GMT
durrr was very confident to bet that way. he had more outs on the turn but still was behind zigmund. durrr was flush draw, was also expecting a straight, and one of the few that couldn't come out...appeared. Its being difficult for durrr to begin to generate profits this year ...
 Davoodoo28/05/2009 15:40:10 GMT
Durr is going to be the next Stu Ungar
 shokaku28/05/2009 15:43:23 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
Durr is going to be the next Stu Ungar


Ungar was an unmatched tourney player, but not that good in cash games. Durrrr is more the opposite.
 Gottfriedx28/05/2009 15:56:13 GMT
just 1 word

 JFugger28/05/2009 18:41:58 GMT
Bad play from Durr in my eyes. Tilt? Zigmund played it all right. He could use it I guess, I railed him yesterday against Gus Hansen and he lost 72K in a few hands.
 Mefjoew29/05/2009 12:59:27 GMT
Very aggressive daring play from Durr that didn't turn out well because Ziigmund hit the nutstraight on the turn and improved on the river. Durrs play would have worked if his opponent has anything less than toppair topkicker. Against one pair he would have 17 outs.
 Endurx29/05/2009 14:04:03 GMT
bad play by Durrr, I cant undorstand why he played this hand this way there was so many mistakes that even my little brother would fold it
 GeneYuss30/05/2009 04:17:16 GMT
Strong play by Durrrr..If Ziigmund folded then no one would know about the nice semi bluff.. I would have tried to get it all in on the flop if I were Durrrr, the turn didn't help him at all.
 Dukbek30/05/2009 04:39:38 GMT
wheres my cut of the pot? Smile
 hugeego31/05/2009 14:31:01 GMT
Now that must have hurt!
 twini01/06/2009 02:31:26 GMT
you are too happy now

hehe i will take you money from you hehe
 hackeru01/06/2009 08:47:29 GMT
that really is serious money :O
 Ali_c01/06/2009 12:25:50 GMT
That is just sick. Shock
 DaineMudda01/06/2009 14:05:22 GMT
That is quite a big pot, I wish I'd won that Big Smile
 M4tt03/06/2009 09:03:25 GMT
i think that durrrr overplay a bit his hand.. but maybe he got his reasons and he knows better zigmund... sick for him
 Guiron03/06/2009 09:06:09 GMT
I think he was on tilt, but zigmund did the good thing.
 MickLR24/06/2009 02:07:13 GMT
Amazing play lol, why the hell he call with that hand?
 Javopoquer24/06/2009 02:13:32 GMT
oh my god, is a big pot, crazy people!! Big Smile
 xxxbchxxx24/06/2009 06:38:38 GMT
Wow thats sum put hehe
what could a normal dude do with that sort of cash.....
just about what ever they wanted... thats big house big car big holiday cash..... they are crazy players and thwey just dont care...good luck to them.
 FlPokerGal08/10/2009 09:14:52 GMT
You have to be sick in the head to play Omaha anyways. Especially for that much money.

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