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BankrollMob player wins $12,000 in Action Poker tournament

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Posted on 26 November 2008 by "K".

BankrollMob player at Action Poker, "Notkea", is probably in a happy mood these days - he won $12,000 in the "Players Choice" tournament at Action Poker yesterday, where he selected the prize of $12k prize rather than the APPT.

"Notkea" started his Action Poker career by taking up our free $140 no deposit bonus for Action Poker.

Congratulations - well done!

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42 comments on "BankrollMob player wins $12,000 in Action Poker tournament"

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» BankrollMob player wins $12,000 in Action Poker tournament

 marcopl27/11/2008 18:35:44 GMT
realy realy nice Smile I would take 12$ too...its for sure Big Smile
 mapleleaf527/11/2008 18:45:56 GMT
Congrats, and 12k for sure, can play many more satellites with that.
 polevaulter27/11/2008 20:59:23 GMT
Wow! Good decision to buy in that tournament. He risked his money, and he won. Nice job!
 hawkgman28/11/2008 01:14:13 GMT
12K here as well, simply because of value eqivelant to tournament buyin, if i had more money say 150K bankroll ( lol ) wishs, i would take tournament, but after winning i imaine most people just want to get the cash, unless they can play it as if it was a $100 satelite, if not try and play $100 satelite! still gonna have $11,900 left lol Dollar Dollar Dollar
 fresh780028/11/2008 01:25:05 GMT
 free28/11/2008 08:38:53 GMT
Awesome! Congratulations NOTKEA.
 CunteN28/11/2008 13:05:51 GMT
Gratz Notkea! Smile
 ryden28/11/2008 14:07:22 GMT
i will win a tournement like that
 gustlik05g28/11/2008 14:18:18 GMT
 Administrator28/11/2008 14:20:18 GMT
Posted by ryden:
i will win a tournement like that

Oh yeah? Why don't you put your money where your mouth is, then? Big Smile
 maddmikk28/11/2008 16:38:33 GMT
 sheva_peru28/11/2008 19:32:50 GMT
Well done!!
 biggibeld28/11/2008 20:00:31 GMT
Wow thats great! Good for u! All thanks to the Bankrollmob free bankrolls.. Just the best
 Borisska28/11/2008 22:30:29 GMT
 watoba28/11/2008 22:52:22 GMT
Congratulations GG man
 KidRitalin28/11/2008 23:09:13 GMT
Nice one! A bit risky, but awesome feat!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 mehulnisar29/11/2008 02:25:45 GMT
congrats buddy
 Sardoso29/11/2008 08:21:05 GMT
Great job! Worship
Next step one event of EPT? Blink
 BadBee29/11/2008 09:00:51 GMT
 doomdy29/11/2008 12:36:49 GMT
Ill also take the 12K for sure, its great boost for most of our BR i think Cool
 Vinyull20/04/2009 13:06:13 GMT
why not me
 fcumred20/04/2009 14:49:14 GMT
What would you have taken if you won the players choice:

WSOP main event package

APPT Sydney package


$12k cash

Interesting to see what you want?


I would love to say I'd take the cash, but my lifelong dream is to play in the WSOP so I am afraid it would have to be going to Vegas... Sod the fact I'd go out first day..Just the experience alone would b e worth it..

and I forgot to say congratulations to NOTKEA.

Its really heartwarming to know that success can be gained by good play and solid bankroll management.

 dlkiv20/04/2009 15:02:53 GMT
Wow this is an old thread but i wwould def take the WSOP main event package, after all as poker players we gamble so I would gamble on myself at the WSOP to end up in the money that was at least more than the 12k. Smile I think that if I did not take that opportunity then I would always wonder "what if" and I do not like to have regrets in my life. Blink
 lomax20/04/2009 15:34:36 GMT
Wow! very very nice! 12 k is a great result! Congratulation Blink NOTKEA great! lucky you and continue in this right way! Smile
 Joehahaha01/05/2009 05:19:17 GMT
lol grats that is awesome! Smile

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