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APPT Manila Main Event won by Wilson Lim for $243,324

Tags: APPT, Manila, Wilson Lim
Posted on 13 August 2018 by "T".

There were 1,364 player entries that participated in the APPT Manila Main Event ₱20 Million Guaranteed located at the City of Dreams Manila Resort and Casino. On Day 3 of the event, there were 41 remaining, and it was Wilson Lim who defeated everyone to claim the coveted APPT Main Event trophy, whopping first place prize money worth ₱12,970,000, and a PSPC Platinum Pass worth US$30,000!

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APPT Aussie Millions Main Event (LIVE UPDATE)

Tags: APPT, Aussie Millions 2014, Jason Mercier, Scott Seiver
Posted on 06 February 2014 by "T".

Day 3 of the 2014 Aussie Millions Main Event is currently on 75-minute dinner break. 48 players of 668 entrants will return after the break and play two more levels before calling it a day. There are still a few big names left in the competition, including Jason Mercier (picture - 250k chips) and Scott Seiver (600k chips), and all of the remaining players are now guaranteed to take home at least AUD$20,000 - with the chance of going all the way to the title and the AUD$1.6 million first place prize!

We will be back with a Day 3 recap in a few hours. Stay tuned!



APPT Auckland Main Event: Day 1a is in the books

Tags: appt, asia pacific poker tour, pokerstars, skycity auckland casino
Posted on 15 September 2010 by "T".

After a traditional Haka welcoming at SKYCITY Casino in Auckland, Day 1a of PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour kicked off yesterday. Eighty-nine players signed up for the first starting day and among them were Auckland Championships winner James Honeybone, New Zealand Poker Open Champion Jackson Zheng and APPT Auckland High Rollers Champ Kevin Clark.

But none of the ex-champs were among the 42 players who had chips left when the tournament manager called it a day. In the lead is Noah Vogelman with 128k chips, followed by John Harman and Tao Luo - both with 94k stacks. A bigger field of players are expected to participate today in the second starting day of the tournament, Day 1b.



APPT - Auckland: PokerStars Qualifier wins the Main Event

Tags: appt, auckland, Gerome Guitteau, main event, new zealand, Simon Watt
Posted on 19 October 2009 by "T".

Simon Watt, the 26-year-old software developer from New Zealand came to be the last man standing after that he had defeated a field of 263 players in the Main Event of APPT Auckland. Simon Watt's final fight for the first prize of NZD$209,000 was against the fellow PokerStars qualifier Gerome Guitteau, and it didn't take long before the final hand was about to be played between these two.

Gerome decided to move all-in with K[c]7[c] pre-flop and Simon called with 5[h]5[c]. Flop, turn and river didn't help Gerome's K[c]7[c] and Simon Watt took home the pot with his pair of 5's. Thanks to Simon Watt's win, the Main Event of APPT Auckland is once again won by someone from New Zealand.

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APPT - New Zealand: The Main Event is about to start

Tags: APPT, auckland, Daniel Craker, new zeland, pokerstars
Posted on 13 October 2009 by "T".

In a couple of hours the Main Event ($2,100 buy-in) of APPT Auckland, New Zealand, kicks off. Some of the notable players that already have signed up for the Main Event are Team Australia PokerStars pros Grant Levy, Eric Assadourian, Emad Tahtouh and Tony Hachem.

This is the second event of 2009 PokerStars Asia Pacific Tour, and the APPT crew believes that it will be a very successful tournament this year as well as last year when 306 players entered the main event and Daniel Craker won the first place prize $257,040.



APPT: 25-year-old Irishman wins half a million dollars

Tags: appt, Dermot Blain, pokerstars
Posted on 31 August 2009 by "T".

Dermot Blain, a 25-year-old ex-sales manager from Ireland, won PokerStars third season main event of APPT Macau. He won his entry to the tournament by playing a PokerStars Macau satellite. When he had made it to the final table he was in 7th place with just 507,000 chips. At this time no one thought he would stay in the tournament for long. The turnaround for Blain came when he eliminated the start of the day chip leader with A-K vs A-Q.

When the table was down to heads-up, it only took Blain 4 hands to knockout his final opponent Mike Kim. Mike Kim, went all-in preflop with T-9 and got called by Blain who had K-T. The board ran cold for both players and Blain's King kicker gave him the win and $541,000. Mike Kim, received 385,000 for his second place.



APPT - Day 1c: Joe Hachem and other big names through to Day 2

Tags: APPT, bertrand gospellier, elky, joe hachem, pokerstars
Posted on 28 August 2009 by "T".

The third season of APPT Macua attracted 429 players who created a total prize pool of HKD $16,130,400 (2,081,092 US Dollars). All three starting days have now been played. First day saw a starting field of 119 players and 60 of them made it to Day2. Day 1b attracted 125 players, 55 of them made it through to Day 2. Day 1c saw the biggest starting field of all 3 starting days. Not less than 185 players took part this day. Day 1c also included the most notable names.

PokerStars Team Australia Pros Joe Hachem (Winner 2005 WSOP main event), Tony Hachem (Runner-up 2007 NZ Poker Championships) and Lee Nelson (2006 Aussie Millions Champion), Bertrand (ElkY) Grospellier (Winner 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) from PokerStars Team Pro: France, PokerStars Team Asia Pros Celina Lin (Winner Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon July 2009) and Bryan Huang (Third 2008 APPT Macau Main Event) all of them move forward from Day 1c to Day 2.

Out of 429 players, 196 players made it through to Day 2 of APPT Macua. The ones that will bring the most chips with them to Day 2 all come from Day 1b - Kristoffer Myhre from Norway (183,400), Peter Nielsen from Denmark (141,500), and PokerStars online qualifier Roel Pijepers from Netherlands (125,500).



APPT - Day 1b: Norwegian in the lead

Tags: APPT, bertrand gospellier, elky, joe hachem, pokerstars
Posted on 27 August 2009 by "T".

Day 1b of APPT Macau attracted a starting field of 125 players. Of these 125 players, 55 made it through to 2 Day of the tournament. 22 of these are PokerStars online qualifiers and 5 PokerStars Macau satellite winners.

The ones that will bring the most chips with them to Day 2 from Day 1b are Kristoffer Myhre from Norway (183,400), Peter Nielsen from Denmark (141,500), and PokerStars online qualifier Roel Pijepers from Netherlands (125,500).

Day 1c of the tournament will include a lot of familiar names. Joe Hachem (WSOP 2005 main event winner), Tony Hachem (Runner-up 2007 NZ Poker Championships), Bertrand "Elky" Gospellier (Winner of 2008 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and much more), Lee Nelson (2006 Aussie Millions Champion) any many more. Day 1c will for sure be the most interesting and action filled day so far of the tournament!



PokerStars: Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Tags: appt, Asia Pacific Poker Tour, pokerstars
Posted on 26 August 2009 by "T".

Day 1a of PokerStars APPT Macau event saw a starting field of 119 players. Only 60 of them made it through to Day 2. So far the tournament has been dominated by PokerStars and its players and online qualifiers. Not less than 13 PokerStars online qualifiers and 10 PokerStars Macau satellite winners will play Day 2 of the tournament.

In the lead after Day 1a is the PokerStars player Brandon Demes from USA. He will bring 102,200 chips with him to Day 2 of the tournament. In second place is PokerStars online qualifier David Steicke from Hong Kong with 82,300. Steicke is not a newbie in APPT Macau as he has won approximately $200,000 in the 2 previous seasons. In third place we find PokerStars satellite winner Jicheng Su from China with 82,000 chips.



BankrollMob player wins $12,000 in Action Poker tournament

Tags: Action Poker, APPT, BankrollMob
Posted on 26 November 2008 by "K".

BankrollMob player at Action Poker, "Notkea", is probably in a happy mood these days - he won $12,000 in the "Players Choice" tournament at Action Poker yesterday, where he selected the prize of $12k prize rather than the APPT.

"Notkea" started his Action Poker career by taking up our free $140 no deposit bonus for Action Poker.

Congratulations - well done!

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