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High Stakes Poker : AJ Benza to be replaced by Vanessa Rousso?

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Posted on 15 October 2009 by "T".

For 5 years AJ Benza has been the host and commentator for the TV show High Stakes Poker on GSN. The show has been a big success and also the show on GSN with the most viewers. Now the managers at GSN have decided that the show needs a new host and therefore AJ Benza has been fired. The new host is according to different rumors going to be the hottest female poker player right now, Vanessa Rousso. But this is still rumors and nothing has been confirmed by GSN.

When Benza got to know that they were going to replace him after 5 years, he had a big fight with his managers and also wrote about it in his blog...

"Last week, I had a conference call with a couple suits at GSN about the possibility of dropping me for a chick to work with Gabe Kaplan. (Sounds sexy already, but...).
I flat out told the guys who will remain unamed - oh screw it was Bary Nugent and David Shiff - that if you got the best pizza in town for 5 seasons, why try and add licorice to it? I also told them I am the guy who does my own publicity for the show because GSN has NEVER set up not even as much as a radio interview for me. So I scour internet poker sites and make myself available and - voila! - instant publicity."

"What really bugs me - and I'll be sure to tell this to Barry Nugent (who wants to have a lunch with me for other opportunities at GSN for me) is that I spoke to both Schiff and Nugent and I asked them if they were fathers. They jubilantly said they were. So surely they would know the hardships of losing a top-rated gig while raising little children in the process. (Oh and did I mention that I have a son who is a Freshman in college, So armed with my track record on giving GSN 5 seasons of a No. 1 rated show,I decided to hit them in the spot where it's supposed to make a father go mush.
I said...."Let's talk man-to-man and father-to-father." They said,"Absolutely."
I unashamedly told those two guys that if I dont get my gig back....."your basically putting a man and his family on the street. Is that what you want on your concience?"


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15 comments on "High Stakes Poker : AJ Benza to be replaced by Vanessa Rousso?"

 shokaku15/10/2009 09:38:33 GMT
A shame.

AJ and Gabe were a good team.
 Ali_c15/10/2009 09:44:32 GMT
really why? i liked aj and gabe both good commentators and funny. why will they replace them?
 Joe_Average15/10/2009 10:12:48 GMT
Why do those bozo's always think a hot chick attracks more viewers ( = more money)? Sadly enough, too aften its true. Now wait and see if she host as well as she plays poker. ( and if she can really drive that Lambo or has too buy a larger garage) Big Smile
 ih8usukouts15/10/2009 14:21:36 GMT
AJ and Gabe were a good team. Although she is a good player and cute, I think there was nothing wrong with the AJ/Gabe combo. Actually think they worked together pretty good
 Davoodoo15/10/2009 14:40:39 GMT
what the f ... I just hate when women comments on poker, will be fun to hear when she is criticizing antonius or phil iveys poker play.
 jevo15/10/2009 16:28:33 GMT
Yeah, AJ and gabe are a good team, there's a decenet chemistry between them, regardless of the fact they're reading off an auto-que most of the time.

I would only want to see vanessa on there if she removes one piece of clothing between hands Smile

 SuperNoob15/10/2009 21:34:41 GMT
Thats harsh for AJ, poor guy must be feeling so cheated.
Why remove the host when its going so well, if it was going bad don't think anyone would be bothered if he was fired.

 Jewcifer15/10/2009 21:42:41 GMT
Typical. I guess they asked A.J. to suck it and he passed... Vanessa fking Rousso? I could see it if she was going to play. I mean, isn't that what she does? All I ever see her in/on are P.S.'s commercials. I wonder what Gabe thinks about this? Oh well, I guess it's true what they say, nothing is constant but change. Need to tell A.J. to come to Texas. We can do a Low-Stakes, back-door poker-room show. Real people, real cards, real money... it's a diferrent game when folks are playing for light bills and similac. We can do the entire Texas back-road, poker trail. Question Evil
 Lutenatik15/10/2009 22:34:48 GMT
Why didn t the fat one with the bear left? That guy is a complete moron who thinks he s the best player in the world =p
 Plexo16/10/2009 01:37:57 GMT
I like the current commentators. I think Vannesa is a good poker player and she's really pretty, but for those reasons I want to see her in action, not talking about poker.
 DaneMitic16/10/2009 04:35:13 GMT
Her voice annoys the shit outta me!!!!!!!!! The worst decision they could 've made...... Evil Evil
I loved the show not just because of the nice actions at the tables, but also because AJ Benza and Gabe Kaplan were an awesome team. They always made it very enjoyable and funny, too.

zzz... I feel dissapointed. Thumbs Down
 MANUEDO18/10/2009 18:24:08 GMT
Don't have the possibility to watch this show here in Italy but I think that not always this kind of changes can apport good results.
It's true, Vanessa Rousso is beautiful and we know how much important is this in a TV show but I would think twice before changing a show that's working.
 shokaku18/10/2009 20:08:42 GMT
Posted by MANUEDO:
Don't have the possibility to watch this show here in Italy

The shows are usually quite fast on youtube or pokertube.
 parrix18/10/2009 20:49:23 GMT
I do not think that I represent one to the past or to the present, simply each one has a diferent style.
 Fakiry20/10/2009 14:47:31 GMT
It shouldnt be easy to watch his hard worked out throughout his carreer (and perhaps studies) place get picked up buy a young good looking chick "just because she won more than me playing that stupid game..."

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