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WPT Marrakech: Christophe Savary wins an historic tournament

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Posted on 20 October 2009 by "T".

This time World Poker Tour visited Marrakech, Morocco, and created the biggest poker tournament in African history. Not less than 416 players signed up for the tournament, which had a buy-in of €4,500. The total prize pool landed on $2,450,223, and the first prize $563,551.

This historic tournament was however not won by a local, but instead by the Frenchmen Christophe Savary. Savary and Eoghan O'Dea came to be the 2 last men standing in the tournament. Both of the players had plenty of chips and it seemed like it could be a very long struggle for the win.

However, everything came to an end when Christophe Savary made his straight against Eoghan's top pair when both players went all-in on the flop. Christophe Savary received $563,551 for the win, and Eoghan O'Dea got $392,036 for the second place.

1 Christophe Savary $563,551
2 Eoghan O'Dea $392,036
3 Ludovic Lacay $245,022
4 Julien Arneodo $156,814
5 Adrian Marin $107,810
6 Benny Spindler $83,308


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5 comments on "WPT Marrakech: Christophe Savary wins an historic tournament"

 Plexo21/10/2009 02:32:56 GMT
Poker keep growing and growing. I want my bankroll doing the same ahhaha.
 SuperNoob21/10/2009 20:30:45 GMT
wonder what was the reason so many players came for this tournament in morocco, don't think there are too many poker pros in morocco
 MANUEDO21/10/2009 21:12:46 GMT
I think it's always good for poker growth when new players from different countries manage to win a big tournament like this.
Maybe next time I will be the next one Big Smile Big Smile
 thomas30dk22/10/2009 08:48:33 GMT
MANUEDO ... Christophe Savary is no newbie... He is a long time multi winning PRO
 Fakiry22/10/2009 13:42:14 GMT
I was reading this text and i was thinking "something must be wrong here: so, they payed €5K and the first prize was €500K?" Usually the relation bettween the buy-in and the first prize is bigger, right? Apart my maths thinking, nice prize for Christophe, got to go look to see if i know how was the last hand, its always exciting to read the last thing someone had to do to win a first prize (and sometimes they dont even get to do nothing special)!

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