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HighStakes: The new "unknown Swede"

Tags: full tilt poker, high stakes, Isildur1, martonas.
Posted on 28 October 2009 by "T".

A new unknown poker player has start showing up at some of the higher stakes at Full Tilt poker. The nickname of this player is Isildur1, and he/she is from Sweden, just like the other "unknown Swede", Martonas. Isildur1 uses a very, very aggressive style of playing poker, and he/she managed to play over 4000 hands in just 24 hours.

Unfortunately for Isildur1 was that he/she didn't run so well on the $200/$400 NL Hold'Em tables. The Swede lost around $500k in no-time and decided to change game to $100/$200 PL Omaha. There Isildur1 played against Haseeb Qureshi for a couple of hours and managed to win $400k, which eliminated the most of the earlier loss.

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12 comments on "HighStakes: The new "unknown Swede""

 blazingpf28/10/2009 11:44:54 GMT
wow, Isildur1 is a aggressive player indeed, i mean imagine playing 500k through internet, it must take tons of courage and trust, together with loads of experience.. interesting to see there are "big" players around, maybe this sounds normal to you guys, sorry coz im still a newbie to gambling online..
 Raggamann28/10/2009 17:21:40 GMT
i wouldn't be surprised if it is the same player as martonas, they did not play against each other or at the same time, right? and martonas also had a very aggressive style (and also lost money quickly). he wouldn't be the first highstakes player with more than one account (and i think full tilt has no problems with that, as long as he brings action to the highstakes).
 Mast3rKush28/10/2009 17:57:11 GMT
Thats pretty sick to have that much money moving in & out. These players from Denmark/Sweden and the likes of, sometimes give me some real trouble with there very aggressive styles & i always end up winning big against them or losing big.
 xxxbchxxx28/10/2009 21:05:36 GMT
Well Well Well, another high steaks player can only be good for full tilt.
It could be another pro from another site testing the water?
But 500K down Ouch'a'roony! that smarts.
PLaying at that level for an aggressive guy is dangeroousa LOL
 SuperNoob28/10/2009 21:33:49 GMT
now and then an aggressive guy comes, has some fun for a little while then losses too much to return back to lowstakes. maybe they could try a bit less aggressive strategy and stay a bit longer
 Lutenatik28/10/2009 22:26:49 GMT
Damn I'm sad i missed it cuz I'm always trying to see Haseeb Quershi play but he's always sit out! :
 NANACONDA29/10/2009 02:21:18 GMT
400k playing 100/200 in a few hours. Is this definitely correct. Thats 2,000 BBs or 20 full stack buy ins. Surely that can't be right?
 klopmand29/10/2009 05:12:23 GMT
Hassan Habhib!
 Combo4Super29/10/2009 15:07:43 GMT
LoL.. I think being agressive on poker is the only style sweden players play..
 FenoMeno29/10/2009 17:40:32 GMT
Smile Well, I also would be a player like him/her or others...a new "unknown hungarian" Big Smile poker player...but would miss that huge :S downswing... Smile
 s1m0nmp29/10/2009 17:45:36 GMT
It's good to see some new players playing at those stakes, but playing that aggressive, no wonder he lost that much
 Janiman30/10/2009 14:43:29 GMT
I haven't seen so many good Swedish players on FullTilt before...

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