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Isildur1 wins big again

Tags: durrrr, full tilt poker, Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies, Isildur1.
Posted on 20 November 2009 by "T".

It seems like Isildur1 (a.k.a. The Unknown Swede) has no plans on giving up after losing $3,3 million to Patrik Antonius a few days ago. Because already the day after the big losing session he was once again playing on Full Tilt's high stake tables. This time Isildur1 took on Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies in heads-up and played his very best poker as he ended up winning $1,3 million in no time. This session must have meant a lot for Isildur1's confidence, and of course the high stakes scene will be much more interesting to follow with a player like Isildur1 who's not afraid of playing sky high stakes against the worlds best poker players.


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54 comments on "Isildur1 wins big again"

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» Isildur1 wins big again

 potripgirl23/11/2009 08:18:32 GMT
Jep, yesterday he was up 700k.

He won 600k from Dwan in the last session, so he is +1,3Mio$ now...
 Fogman23/11/2009 14:52:55 GMT
Isildur1 is so sick :O
 B1gfoot23/11/2009 17:25:18 GMT
Durrrr currently stands at -6.64mill peaking at +1.5mill, he has wasted 8.14mill this year, sick.
Will take a fair while to get that back.
Think Isildur1 should have had his fun and said lets call it a day.
Now with Durrrr good as broke he has no one to donk off with.
 shokaku24/11/2009 07:48:54 GMT
Isildur is back with a vengeance. Playing Antonius HU PLO at the moment, and he is now up 1,2 million after 2000 hands.
 ricki18624/11/2009 09:50:16 GMT
I know isildur he is a 19 year old who used to play on I poker under the name blom90 he normally used to play the highest stakes 200/400 dollar blinds on there this was about 4 months ago hadnt seen him since but lets put it this way he would laugh about losing 100k in a hand and would go in on j9 anything but he is a very good player though. Havent seen him on I poker for a while but im sure he also goes by the name theitalienstyle on I poker but withing the past few months he hasnt been on and probably because hes been playing on fulltilt.
 Mast3rKush24/11/2009 14:17:12 GMT
As of yesterday, Isildur standings vs the FT pro's are:

Vs Patrik antontius = -$3.6M
Vs Phil Ivey = -$2.99M
vs Durrrr = +$...??? Atleast up 4 mill on durrr... anybody know?
 SuperNoob25/11/2009 04:40:47 GMT
isildur is getting ripped by patrik he's just giving money he won from durrrr to ivey and patrik. don't know how long will this continue, he'll be done once durrrr starts winning again
 potripgirl25/11/2009 12:22:25 GMT
Isildur won 600k against PaA yesterday, and 200k from Ivey (i think) today

Its not over until its over Big Smile

Go Isi, gogogogogo ! Big Smile Tongue Big Smile Worship
 shokaku25/11/2009 12:41:10 GMT
Posted by potripgirl:
Isildur won 600k against PaA yesterday, and 200k from Ivey (i think) today

200k from Benyamine and 85k from Ivey. Played PLO against Benyamine and NL holdem against Ivey.
 Tchungpo25/11/2009 22:41:11 GMT
give this money to africa -_-
 jevo25/11/2009 22:56:47 GMT
Posted by Tchungpo:
give this money to africa -_-


 xxxbchxxx26/11/2009 00:11:32 GMT
I like the fact this guy is so low key....
If I was him i'd also want a little animinity for sure when every one knows you it must be cool but if you know people are talking about you trying to guess who you are thats funny..
Do you think he sits at home laugthing when he reads things like this...pressuming he is a brm
I wonder if any one will find out his true ID Question
 lazzy052726/11/2009 03:12:36 GMT
I have watched him play personally, hes very respected in my book. I sure would not have the balls to put half the money he has into a pot.
 Mast3rKush26/11/2009 05:28:01 GMT
Posted by Tchungpo:
give this money to africa -_-

Yes, end poverty & give me a piece of one of those $1M pots so i can stop playing 10NL & 25NL micro's with all the idiots who think that 84o is a good to cold call with & then push all in with bottom pair on Ace high board to pwn my AK with runner runner full house Aww crap!

& where is isildur these days, havent seen him playing on ft recently?? cashout maybe? got sick of being king of swings? Tongue
 mmmaaarrrccc26/11/2009 07:17:50 GMT
I hope Isildur sticks around for the next 6 months. The action is fucking incredible.
 shokaku26/11/2009 07:55:58 GMT
Something is wrong with Isildur today. He is playing 6 handed at the moment? One of the Dang brothers is playing there too. Don't know the other players.
 $k26/11/2009 09:26:39 GMT
this guy is messed up but i would liek to have his bankroll Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 shokaku26/11/2009 09:45:22 GMT
Posted by $k:
this guy is messed up but i would liek to have his bankroll Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile


Against Antonius now, 1000/500 PLO
 emi42028/11/2009 16:27:29 GMT
where do these players have the money from to play?
 shokaku28/11/2009 16:46:38 GMT
Posted by emi420:
where do these players have the money from to play?

From playing. Smile
 doomdy29/11/2009 09:43:21 GMT
Patrick Antonius big down last days, $2M and $1M Shock
 jevo29/11/2009 12:07:46 GMT
Hold the Press!

Turns out Isildur1 is the king of the elves.

Who would of thought. Big Smile
 cyber10/12/2009 14:18:09 GMT
Posted by bmobregaj:
i really hope this isildur1 goes busto soon

I really disagree, hope he stays in the spots loong time! Smile But I'd rather be there instead of him Evil
 susally116/12/2009 22:53:12 GMT
Its just a matter of time before he will go bust, no doubt about, only chance is to reveal who he is, write a book about poker (lol), or join some PokerTeam or such.

I btw have a suggestion for who he might be, in my country the IRS(tax) department is playing online poker to nail down people who win Blink That could be sick Big Smile
 teteban16/12/2009 23:54:40 GMT
These hotshots like isildur and dwan rely on a chaotic play that is extremely swingy...and they depend on players tilting off their money when they run hot...I don't see a long time before they go busto and rebuild again, and go busto again....

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