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High Stakes: "patpatman" rumored to be Tom Dwan

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Posted on 29 May 2012 by "T".

The mysterious high-stakes player "patpatman" has been running extremely good on PokerStars nosebleed tables lately. In total, he has won $350k in the past two weeks (about 11,300 hands) and is already up over $1,1 million this year.

So who is this tallented player?
There are many suggestions circulating on the web on who "patpatman" is. However, it seems like most people think that it is Tom "durrrr" Dwan because the account is registered in Macau, China, where Tom Dwan goes regularly and participates in huge cash games. Besides that, "patpatman" likes to play deep at the highest tables and seems to master both NLHE and PLO. Also, he has been making some comments in the chat about current games in Macau.

source: highstakesdb

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7 comments on "High Stakes: "patpatman" rumored to be Tom Dwan"

 Fakiry29/05/2012 10:59:32 GMT
There are a lot of coincidences between patpatman and durrrr but this rumor only has to do with Tom Dwan’s fame. There are a lot of players in Macau that fit the patpatman profile and which have a wallet big enough to play in the nosebleed tables.
 pochui29/05/2012 12:04:28 GMT
shame on you dwan- don't even think of stealing my fame, i can officially declare that "patpatman" is me, i decided to up the stakes a bit from my usual .01/.02 nl, just sat down one day and thought for myself-enough i must show these "pro's" how the game should really be played- so took out a loan and went for it big time...
 mascona29/05/2012 13:26:43 GMT
Ok, I will tell you all truth: it's ME.
 sadamman29/05/2012 13:28:32 GMT
Tom Dwan's a lucky donk.
 TheMachineQC29/05/2012 15:38:22 GMT
Posted by sadamman:
Tom Dwan's a lucky donk.

Or he's a poker genius... Who knows... Blink Two things are fore sure though: he's got the money, and he puts his opponents on though decisions.

I don't have any idea who this patpatman is but I think Tom Dwan's style would be pretty easy to recognize.
 noonlion29/05/2012 17:03:43 GMT
to say he's a lucky donk is plain ridiculous - he's one of the best in the game at cash, probably second to Ivey.


as for the rumour - who knows could just be internet bs (most likely)
 kwasac31/05/2012 18:06:08 GMT
I was watching this player many times on Poker Stars and his play is outstanding.
Could be durrrr because since Black Friday Tom had nowhere to play high stakes online but at Poker Stars, i am sure he is one of those new misterious online players cos that is where he is THE BEST!!!

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